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 @9H7V25R from Colorado answered…6mos6MO

Understand the country you live in via history, learn the history of your country and make out what you will about it, everyone has their own views of it, but do not force politics or believes of your own as this is a personal thing.

 @9H8NY8Y  from Nebraska answered…6mos6MO

Schools are meant to teach students about anything and everything that they may need in the future and to be an informed citizen of the US. This means that uncomfortable topics such as rape law and slavery must be taught in schools, no matter what some people may say.

 @9H8N22J from West Virginia answered…6mos6MO

I think schooling should just give facts, and let kids use those facts to make their own opinions.

 @9HCCT87from Virgin Islands answered…6mos6MO

People should be taught the history of their countries and be proud of their nation, but also understand the mistakes and crimes all governments commit against minorities and other contries. Also people should be taught to respect other countries and nationalities, everyone are humand beings and no one should suffer any prejudice.

 @9H7S37BWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…6mos6MO

It is important kids know that bad part of our history but also how we became to be

 @9H92L8W from Idaho answered…6mos6MO

Education should include an unbiased and all-encompassing view of the United State's past. This will allow for students to form their own opinions

 @9HBNLPW from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

 @9HBMYYC from Florida answered…6mos6MO

Understand the country you live in via history, learn the history of your country and make out what you will about it, everyone has their own views of it, but do not force politics or believes of your own as this is a personal thing.


It should shape the way people understand and use the word patriotism so people have a more accurate view of the matter.

 @9H8J5ZJ from Georgia answered…6mos6MO

 @9HCCBFV from Indiana answered…6mos6MO

It should play the role and allowing kids to understand that our country isn't perfect and believing that it is arrogant. Teaching all the good and bad in American history is what should make you a patriot.

 @9H99TNS from Iowa answered…6mos6MO

It should be able to give everyone an understanding that an American person, has the right to choose whether they want to be a patriot or not. Understand that there are other countries in our world.

 @9H97RXQ from California answered…6mos6MO

It should not really, you should be allowed to form your own opinions on patriotism and education shouldn’t shape that

 @9HCCBSQ from Florida answered…6mos6MO

Teaching both sides of what America has done throughout its history. Teach the crimes and victories of the country so they may have their own opinion and pride in their nation.

 @9HBYGMZ from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

There should be a sense of connection to ones country but not a nationalist obsession with it.

 @9H744Y3 from Kentucky answered…6mos6MO

Similar to what I said in my last answer, Patriotism should be a value on both sides.

 @9H8XKK3 from Texas answered…6mos6MO

Education should display the flaws of our government as well as what our country once was to see our progression as a country. Education should also not diminish other countries and portray America as superior.

 @9HBXFR5 from Missouri answered…6mos6MO

I believe they should play enough of a role to supervise and make sure everything is in order.

 @9H7KDK5Republican from Texas answered…6mos6MO

support what you have because other people would love to have the rights you have.

 @9HCB6R2from Maine answered…6mos6MO

I think education needs to be much more impartial, so that children learn about the negatives of their country as well as the positives, and so that they learn not to glorify things like wars and imperialism.

 @9H6SNX3 from South Carolina answered…6mos6MO

The formal education system should not have any role at all. An individual should determine their "patriotism" through learning the entire and complete history of our nation--the good and the bad.

 @9HBWRPHRepublican from Missouri answered…6mos6MO

Be honest and truthful but patriotism is a very important thing it's what keeps a nation together.

 @9HBYG2X from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

 @9HCC5TK from Florida answered…6mos6MO

Education, should allow a student to decide how patriotic they feel after learning the whole truth. It shouldnt be skewed specifically to make students more patriotic.

 @9H7FMX8 from California answered…6mos6MO

Education is meant to provide you basic knowledge, practical and critical-thinking skills for life; not to indoctrinate children for or against patriotism. Patriotism is a personal opinion and should be treated as such in schools.

 @9HC67F3 from New York answered…6mos6MO

Educating people of the actual meaning of patriotism and defining when it becomes more than that is imortant.

 @9HBPJ6Z from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

I think that students should be allowed to form their own political beliefs but I think spreading patriotism in school is not a bad thing.

 @9H749PX from Connecticut answered…6mos6MO

Education should give a broad sense of patriotism but leave room for criticism.

 @9HBNBJD from Pennsylvania answered…6mos6MO

Teach full American history and how important it is to be loyal to your country and not promote a strong left wing agenda


I think education should make someone proud of their country, but also encourage ideas of how to make the country better.

 @9H65494Reform from Iowa answered…6mos6MO

Education, after assessing the maturity of the students, should share the history that made us a global superpower, both the good and bad parts of it.

 @9HCBP5G  from Indiana answered…6mos6MO

I think patriotism is super important. We should be teaching our kids to love their country and take pride in the term American. I've been standing for the pledge every single day for 13 years, and as I've gotten older fewer and fewer people stand. That shouldn't be an option. We need to stand, not only to thank our soldiers but to say thank you to our country. NOT POLITICS, but the country that has stayed strong through lots.

 @9H87YG5Republican from Utah answered…6mos6MO

I think that we should instill a sense of pride in our nation and be teaching kids why our country is so special and great and how they can continue to keep it that way.


No one should be expected of patriotism just because they live in that country and we should share all sides of US History.

 @9H8L3TNIndependent from Kansas answered…6mos6MO

It’s should seek to inform individuals but not necessarily force it upon people.

 @9H9CRSDLibertarian  from California answered…6mos6MO

Education should make you aware of what patriotism is, but it should also make you aware of the other forms of government, so that we don’t get brainwashed into thinking one way. Education is just to inform.

 @9HBGXJFfrom Maine answered…6mos6MO

Limit it to a sense of pride and motivation to work for the betterment of society and not ideas of one countries supremacy over others

 @9HBYWQT from Pennsylvania answered…6mos6MO

It should tell the students about the good things and the bad things about the nation and allow them to figure out how patriotic they are after that.

 @9HBXFWX from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

Schools in the United States have a role to teach students how important the history of US is.

 @9H623S4from Maine answered…6mos6MO

I think that the students should be taught about it but that it should not be encouraged. The same goes for every political ideology.

 @9H998HY from Texas answered…6mos6MO

It is imperative that history and patriotism are taught and focused on in our education system. In order for new generations to fully understand and respect the United States, they must understand the sacrifices that it took to get here.

 @9H92RBK from California answered…6mos6MO

Each person should know the history of their nation and take pride in where they are. You should believe in where you live and the movements they take

 @9H97TZ3Republican from California answered…6mos6MO

The United States of America is an amazing country, and I’m blessed to live here. There are so many men and women who gave their lives so that WE can live free. Students should be taught that, to be thankful and honor and respect, those who have served, and what the flag stands for, the American Flag, not the pride flag. I’m not opposed to teaching about slavery, it is an important part of our countries history. But teachers must teach both the great and not great parts of our country.

 @9HCBNHX from Texas answered…6mos6MO

Education should make sure patriotism is understood and that individuals know what it means.

 @9H7QSCSRepublican from Indiana answered…6mos6MO

 @9H8ZLL7 from Georgia answered…6mos6MO

A big important role, so people can understand and think carefully about it.

 @9H7V8C3Republican from South Carolina answered…6mos6MO

 @9H6SBN5  from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

It should shape it in the way that it teaches people to question and still love ones own country while loving keeping their country honest.

 @9H7XVZJGreen from Texas answered…6mos6MO

Patriotism is indoctrination. No one should have an undying loyalty for government and the idea that you should love your nation indefinitely is the start of facism.

 @9H6SWC8 from Texas answered…6mos6MO

It should be taught as a concept but history must be as objective and evidence based as possible.


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