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 @9HBTFP9Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

The beginning of life starts at birth, but infants still need a lot of care and needs. Before a child starts their life, abortion is an option to many women, and I believe if a woman does not think she can provide for a child, it is her given choice whether she wants to keep it or not.

 @9H9W5ZX from Ohio answered…6mos6MO

Life begins at conception because any fetus has his or her own completely unique set of DNA. No fetus has ever done anything wrong, so therefore every fetus is innocent. The fetus is also human, so why should it not have the same constitutional rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as any other human being? The combination of this essence of humanity and the innocence it harbors give reason to prohibit abortion, no matter the reason. If, in the extremely rare case the mother's life is threatened by the pregnancy, it is extremely important that every measure, within reason, is taken to save both lives. This may include prematurely delivering the baby.

 @9H9X325 from Arizona answered…6mos6MO

Life begins when there is conscious thought. People are pronounced dead when the brain stops working so life should begin when the brain starts working. People can be dead with a beating heart therefore baby's are not alive if there is no brain function even with a beating heart.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington corrected…6mos6MO

  @CrowWatchingJustice party member  from Utah commented…6mos6MO

The concept of a body being a person without having the capacity for being in a state consciousness — a scientific term for dictating level of consciousness or death — ignores the existence and very importance of brain death, a living body with no human being within.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…5mos5MO

Using intelligence as a metric for determining who is and isn't a human being creates horrible implications for the living. If we draw the line for abortion with the level of intelligence of the baby, what does that mean for those among us with autism, Down syndrome, and all manner of horrible mental afflictions? Do these unhappy men then not have the inherent value the rest of us do? And shall we draw the line with the ability of the baby to feel pain? What then does that mean for those who are in the hospital, on morphine, laughing gas, or some other numbing substance? Is it justified…  Read more

 @Name-IrrelevantConstitution from West Virginia agreed…3mos3MO

This is one of the best defenses of pre-born life I've read. Very few pro-choice advocates really consider what kind of doors are being opened when you define human life using any other metric than...well, life.

I'll add to that to answer the common "we unplug life support patients" argument. A brain dead patient on life support is still protected under law despite having no conscious thought and being "non-viable" on their own, and the only person permitted to pull the plug on them is someone who that patient previously gave express consent to do that (medical…  Read more


 @9H9WY7BPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…6mos6MO

It is important to consider the rights of an unborn child because they don't choose to come to life. People should be responsible for their errors.

 @9H9VXFNDemocrat from Florida answered…6mos6MO

A baby needs to be a certain amount of months to actually be a baby. And there are different circumstances for different situations.


Life begins when there is conscious thought. People are pronounced dead when the brain stops working so life should begin when the brain starts working. People can be dead with a beating heart therefore baby's are not alive if there is no brain function even with a beating heart.


Where life begins isn't a scientific issue, as there are arguments for all sides, and the real issue is the life of the person carrying the child instead, as if the person dies the fetus dies, and even if the fetus survives, it will either die shortly after or possibly be subjected to the horrendous foster care system.

 @9HBWMJK from Maryland answered…6mos6MO

Let women do what they want. It is their body and their own life, not the government's. If the placenta can not show more consciousness than someone who is brain dead then it is not alive yet.

 @9HBWZWQ from Pennsylvania commented…6mos6MO

A form of life should not be considered alive until the heart starts beating and the lungs begin to work.

 @9HBSKMQ from California answered…6mos6MO

Life is created when the sperm meets the egg. God blesses that person with a gift from Heaven and they don't have the right to take that gift. There have been cases when a pregnant woman is killed in a car accident and the driver that killed them is charged with 2 manslaughter charges. The baby or fetus growing in the womb is a seperate life form and the mother has no right to take that life away.

 @9HBT6KQ from Maryland commented…6mos6MO

Abortion should be legal till 18 weeks. Sometimes the mother can take the life of the baby away, like in life threatening circumstances or rape and incest.

 @9HBS4LR from Washington answered…6mos6MO

I think it's more important to consider the rights of a mother since having a child can significantly hurt a mother physically, emotionally, and economically and if the child is put up for adoption, that will disadvantage the child in many ways.

 @9HBP9NH from Georgia answered…6mos6MO

i don’t think abortion should be illegal because we may overpopulate and some people simply can’t afford a child , we should have the option but also they could consider things like putting it up for adoption but i don’t think it should be illegal

 @9H9GY3R from Arizona answered…6mos6MO

the beginning of life is at birth, but the fetus is living. I would say that this is important because it gives the baby independence from the mother, but while it is still in the mother it is under the mothers control. I belive that their should be a limit to abortions after the first trimester, but before then it is the mothers body and the mothers choice.

 @9HBRQQWRepublican from Texas answered…6mos6MO

The beginning of life is the moment that the baby is conceived because you now are growing the life of a living organism inside of you.

 @9H9W7RB from Florida answered…6mos6MO

Life begins at birth, we have to determine if unborn children should have rights if they aren’t really alive yet

 @9HBVJY4Republican from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

Life begins as soon as there is a double line on the pregnancy test, I only believe in abortions in cases of rape,incest, or there is danger to the mother or the child otherwise i do not think it should be allowed.


The beginning of life is when you take your first breath and you are completely conscious and alive without the need of another human. When a child is in the womb, the mother has the right whether to keep it or not.

 @9HBNYRJIndependent from Florida answered…6mos6MO

I think the beginning of life is when the child is first conceived in the womb. This is important because unless we realize that children have the right to be born in a society ready to care for them. If we provide abortions, it'll take longer to pressure the government into providing better aid to lower-income families.

 @9HBSW54 from Florida answered…6mos6MO

Life begins when the baby breathes its first breath. People who reproduce should not be ignored in the treatment and medical care of their own bodies.

 @9HBSVXWSocialist from Texas answered…6mos6MO

Life is started when you start defining it as a 'baby' and not a 'fetus', or when the heartbeat starts. This is important because the pre-existing life of the person carrying the fetus is far more important than that of something that isn't even aware it's alive.

 @9HBQY7R from Michigan answered…6mos6MO

I believe that life starts around a month before the mother gives birth and that before that an abortion is still a good option, however, I think abortion should only be allowed if needed and should not just be a way to get out of pregnancy.

 @9H9WRZ3 from Maryland answered…6mos6MO

I would say life starts when a fetus could reasonably be viable outside of the mother, would normally would be around 24 weeks, as the lungs would collapse before then

 @9HBPNF4Republican from Kansas answered…6mos6MO

I believe that the beginning of the life of a child is when it is first conceived in the womb. I believe that it is important to consider the rights of unborn children because they are still human and deserve a chance at life.

 @9HBQDT6 from Utah answered…6mos6MO

I think that yes it is life but it is developing life, it is a fetus. It is not a baby until it is at least 6 months in the womb but if you plan on having it earlier on, you can call it a baby, that is your choice. Many things do not count a pregnant person as two people, especially early on in pregnancy, so other than with a doctor, it is not seen a a person with rights. It is important to consider when life starts to see how far abortion should be able to go in the span of a pregnancy.

 @9HBQY7S from Texas answered…6mos6MO

beginning of life is when their is a heart beat. i am pro choice but not every woman uses condoms and birth control etc, just so she doesnt have an abortion. she thinks she can do wtv and stiol have the option and she does. is it wrong? yes, but it is her body her choice

 @9H9Y7G3 from Colorado answered…6mos6MO

do you. we make mistakes. rather let an unborn kid die than grow up with a potential poverty life or abusive life.

 @9HBRV9H from California answered…6mos6MO

i agree with if you get pregnet than you should let it be born then either keep it or put it up for adoption however if the baby came to be do to insest or rape or if it puts the mother in danger than the mother should be able to abort the baby

 @9HBQ3SP from Pennsylvania answered…6mos6MO

I believe in abortions, but I have my limits. I don't believe a child should be aborted after the middle of the second trimester. This is because, to me, they are almost a full-grown fetus. I think that if there are severe complications with either the mother or the child, the child should be aborted. You can't give birth to a baby without a mother, nor would I want a child to grow up without a mother or in the foster care system. A child younger than the second trimester doesn't have any rights, can it talk, is it fully formed, no, can it vote and speak for itself, no.

 @9HBNZNV from Texas answered…6mos6MO

 @9HBRM2SRepublican from Texas answered…6mos6MO

The beginning of life is at conception and thats that. People should not have the right to decide the fate of living organisms turned humans lives. Just because the parents made a mistake doesn't mean the unborn child has to pay for that mistake with their life!

 @9HBPYJ4Republican from Minnesota answered…6mos6MO

Life begins at conception and all babies born and unborn should have the right to life and liberty.

 @9HBPZRF from Nevada answered…6mos6MO

I define it as when the baby is able to feel pain, that is when it's alive, and because if the child can feel pain then it would be immoral


Late into the second trimester. The fetus is just a clump of cells during the time most people look into getting an abortion, NOT a fully developed baby

 @9HBQV8SJustice party member from Tennessee answered…6mos6MO

Life is not defined by some loose term like conscious thought or if you are out of the womb, life is the existence of capability life is what you want it to be it doesn't matter if it's a clump of cells or not it's the fact that there is the capability for a new born, not that there isn't one yet that is why abortion is wrong you are robbing the capability of life from something which is the morally questionable part so what if it's your body you should not be able to lord the fact that they have not become life yet anymore than you should be able to murder someone

 @9HBQT3Y from Wisconsin answered…6mos6MO

Even though the child is not yet born, it is still a living being. Abortion is the same as killing any other human.

 @9HBPJ8T from Kentucky answered…6mos6MO

In the beginning of life, a child is just developing, and cannot think for itself until a few years after being born, therefore, when considering the rights of an unborn child, it should be up to the mother and only the mother as to what can happen, because both the mother and the child can lose their rights if a pregnancy starts to go wrong. And some rights don't even apply to the child until they can speak and think for themselves, such as freedom of speech.

 @9HBP6TC from Texas answered…6mos6MO

I think abortion shouldnt even be allowed no matter what UNLESS the girl was raped and got pregnant then i could see why but other than that never should abort if you cant afford it dont be running around messing around.


Life begins at conception. Abortion is the direct murder of a human being and it should be treated that way.

 @9HBPFG6 from South Carolina answered…6mos6MO

 @9HBQVDR from Massachusetts answered…6mos6MO

The beginning of life is when the heart is beating. The mother is only the carrier of the child. they are two separate lives and the life of the baby is just as important as the parents.

 @9HBTZN7 from California answered…6mos6MO

Life begins and ends with a heart beat. As soon as there is a heart beat abortion should not be allowed. Unless the person was raped.


Life begins with the positive pregnancy test. I believe that abortions are allowed when there's danger to the mother, product of rape, and if they're not mentally nor financially stable. But I also believe they're shouldn't be a law on abortions. Its the persons choice, not yours.

 @9HBPVP2Peace and Freedom from Kentucky answered…6mos6MO

Life doesn't begin until you are out of the womb. Some mothers aren't able to take care of their children so when they are born they'll go to an adoption agency, but not many people adopt anymore.

 @9HBQWZW from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

They are living, let them live, unless they were raped or insects or health recessindg.


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