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 @9GN5KWP from North Carolina answered…7mos7MO

No, but they should be kept somewhere safe like a migrant-specific shelter with all basic necessities provided until they’re thoroughly screened and cleared

 @9M4G5FW from Maryland answered…2wks2W

Yes, except for harmless refugees from persecution, and deport immigrants who incite hate or terrorism

  @9GSFFG2 from Massachusetts answered…6mos6MO

No, but increase background checks for immigrants coming from countries with totalitarian governments or high crime rates.

 @9GQFBJM from Massachusetts answered…6mos6MO

No, but there should be a deeper vetting of visas and those entering from that country to prevent potential terrorists from entering the country

 @9MFBRSL from North Carolina answered…6 days6D

No, but they should be held somewhere safe with all basic necessities provided until their background check is complete and they’re cleared for entry

 @9MDZCV5 from Utah answered…6 days6D

The government should allow people to come through to escape not because the person felt like moving.

 @9MCT2K7 from Michigan answered…1wk1W

Yes, but let's put some focus on that and support th families of those who helped our Veterans in Iraq and Afghanistan. Translators, etc. Use some common sense in screening them.

 @9MBQZ8B from Kansas answered…1wk1W

i think banned is a strong way to put it, they'll just be denied until we can further identify who they are

 @7ZGWLJF  from Washington answered…1wk1W

No, but we should limit how many immigrants can enter the country and should prioritize children, the elderly, disabled, and women then men.

 @9M8GFX4 from New York answered…2wks2W

no matter the country, people can become a threat to their or our society. The protection should stay the same, while also giving them support upon entry

 @9M2VW7Nfrom Maine answered…2wks2W

The government should be banned from screening out terrorists until it improves its ability to designate high risk countries.

 @9LZW386 from Florida answered…3wks3W

Yes but there needs to be a procedure to verify who they are, and who they’re connected to. If any connection is found to known terrorists they should be sent back to where they came from

 @9LZQ7MQRepublican from Florida answered…3wks3W

Yes, unless they can prove that their life or livelihood is in immediate danger in their current country

 @9LZ33GQPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…3wks3W

The government should not ban them from entering the country, but should do a background check before they do.

 @9LYWK2M from Alabama answered…3wks3W

No, but they should undergo heavier screening and background checks to ensure they are not affiliated with any terrorist group.

 @9LVHW47 from Tennessee answered…3wks3W

They shouldn't be banned but they should have their background checked before coming into the country

 @9LVHQ5QIndependent from North Carolina answered…3wks3W

Immigrants from high risk countries who are fleeing those countries should be able to enter the US, but their should be security screenings and backgrounds checks to ensure that the person being allowed in is not a threat

 @9LV9KJVIndependent  from New York answered…3wks3W

They shouldn’t be banned but they should be placed somewhere safe while the government does background checks

 @9LSWJTC from Georgia answered…3wks3W

Yes, and we should return to the pre-1965 immigration laws that prohibited immigration from anywhere outside of Europe or East Asia.

 @9LSMM43 from Missouri answered…3wks3W

They should focus on being able to successfully rule out the high risk immigrants rather than making a whole country that could have skilled workers and surgeons and doctors pay the price

 @9LSCYMTRepublican from Arizona answered…4wks4W

No, everyone is different and should be treated with the same courtesy in the process as someone from any other nation.

  @Hailstone from Massachusetts answered…4wks4W

No, as long as they will be required to undergo background checks to ensure they have no connections with any terrorist organizations.

 @9LRVG43 from Maryland answered…4wks4W

Yes, except for verified refugees from persecution, and deport immigrants who promote hate and terrorism

 @9LRJBWW from California answered…4wks4W

No, instead they should go through thourough screening and mackground checks before allowing them into the country.

 @9LR4WJN from Florida answered…4wks4W

Instead of outright banning them, do an intensive background check to make sure they have no affiliations or connections to terrorist and cartel groups.

 @9LLPLST from New Jersey answered…1mo1MO

Immigrants should have to be logged into the system ie Ellis Island kind of idea upon entering the country.

 @9LJY92KLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1mo1MO

No, it is wrong to use fear to justify discrimination in humanitarian situations, if anything it brings the terrorists more sympathizers

 @9LJF3ZH from Oregon answered…1mo1MO

No, they should just take their photo id and fingerprints to put it in the system to track them down

 @9LJCJP6Republican from Maryland answered…1mo1MO

Yes, and deport immigrants who promote hatred for Jews, Israel, and the US and promote terrorism, and denationalize those who came under false pretenses

 @9LHZPDW from California answered…1mo1MO

After a slight background check, and important factors such as having a family. They should be allowed to come to the US.

 @9LHGJD2 from Kansas answered…1mo1MO

No, because if they cant cross to get away from a life they don't want we are stopping them from that freedom but there is some safety that could be added

 @9LGLSBX from Washington answered…1mo1MO

No, they should just get a photo id and their background from them and then put it in the system to track them down

 @9LGC733Republican from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

As long as they have extensive background checks to see their past and their history if clear come on in

 @9LGB96G from Minnesota answered…1mo1MO

I think they should do the screening as the people enter the country, but only allow a certain amount of people to enter at a time.

 @9LG94HL from Michigan answered…1mo1MO

This is a difficult question, we don't want to assume that the entire high risk country is filled with potential terrorists, but we can rightly assume that there are some...

 @9LG7G92 from Minnesota answered…1mo1MO

I believe that people from high risk countries should be watched surveyed, not banned. if the country is one we're fighting we should let civilians come in, and if they may be potential terrorists than they should be surveyed.

 @9LD2CVJ from California answered…1mo1MO

Yes, unless they are being targeted for helping the U.S. government and are in danger (eg. Afghan interpreters)

 @2H4XQ2KDemocrat from New York answered…1mo1MO

No, what is a “high risk” country; there are more domestic terrorist in America than any international threat.

 @9LBW8KRWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

yes because there is a pretty good chance of someone being a terrorists and we might not be able to tell if they are or are not.

 @9LBW8C9Republican from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

no but when we find immigrents insted of just sending them back to where they came from we should give them the option to and from that we can do like a background check on them but also giving them a chance

  @JW-StamperConstitution  from Wisconsin answered…2mos2MO

Yes, both those who have helped us in battle zones need to be brought to the USA and their families protected.

 @9L8V33G from California answered…2mos2MO

Immigrants should have the right to enter the country no matter their background. To protect this country, the process of immigration should remain lengthy, but not too complicated.

 @9L7QVBC from Florida answered…2mos2MO

no but the immigrants from high risk countries should be highly screened before being approved entry

 @9L7Q9V3 from North Carolina answered…2mos2MO

Not banned, but they should be kept somewhere safe and humane with all basic necessities provided until their asylum claims are processed

 @9L7N2XG from New York answered…2mos2MO

Yes this is protected by the U.S. Constitution in order to protect the safety of the American citizens.

 @9L74XYW from Indiana answered…2mos2MO

They maybe shouldn't be allowed in with the general public, but they should have a place to go where they don't have to worry about whatever it is they're fleeing from

 @9L74N5JRepublican from Indiana answered…2mos2MO

I don't think that immigrants should be allowed into a country unless they have the legal paper work and want to become citizens for the right reasons.

 @9L74FFC from North Carolina answered…2mos2MO

Not ban, but they should be kept somewhere safe and humane with all basic necessities provided until their asylum claims are processed


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