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No, but decriminalize drugs that offer medicinal benefits such as marijuana

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No, but increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation

@98JZKDC  from Maryland agreed…4wks

No, but increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation

I absolutely agree. I consider myself to be socially liberal, but my one outlying belief is around marijuana and other recreational drugs, even the "less dangerous" ones. All drugs pose a risk. However, we absolutely do need to remain empathetic and supportive of those impacted by addiction, and increase government funding for community-based rehabilitation and prevention programs.

@4Q4842Pfrom California  answered…2yrs

Drug addiction is a mental illness, not a crime. We have Alcoholics Anonymous, which helps people take back their lives, why not have the same thing for drugs?

@4VXP5HTfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Only if we summarily execute those who sell to people under age 25. (So brain fully develops. Marijuana should be legal over age 21.

@4Q4C63Lfrom Nevada  answered…2yrs

Yes, but level harsh penalties against the user if they hurt someone while under the influence.

@534HTJKfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Yes, legalize everything

@98JZKDC from Maryland disagreed…4wks

No, but increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation

What do you mean by "everything"? Are you including substances such as cocaine, heroin, etc.?

@534HWNPfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Instead of jail time there should be mandatory rehab, and parole for that same as jail. They are still using in jails, so that only perpetuates the problem.

@4THMGRMfrom Connecticut  answered…2yrs

Yes, but drugs can also be used as weapons (i.e. as poisons), and hence should be controlled. Recreational use should be legal.

@4S6KBRMfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

No, we have a drug problem in this country and it's not likely due to the fact that people just want to break the law to use drugs. That being said, making it criminal is only costing tax payers money in retaining individuals that made poor choices, but are still susceptible to using when they are free, if we spent the same amount ensuring that people recover and educating others on the dangers and effective ways of coping with life, then we'd all be better off. One bad decision shouldn't ruin your life, but it should turn it around.

@4Q8CTVCfrom Utah  answered…2yrs

I believe that if you have nicotine and alcohol legal then why not other drugs. But I would prefer that recreational use of any and all drugs, including tobacco and alcohol be prohibited. I do think that medical use of all drugs should be expanded.

@8H96Y52 from Rhode Island answered…2yrs

Yes, and free people currently serving time for nonviolent drug offenses, and expunge nonviolent drug charges from criminal records.

@8HQ7NMCIndependent from Minnesota answered…2yrs

@4S68HTKfrom Washington  answered…2yrs

@4Q89XTPfrom California  answered…2yrs

Yes, but selling, transporting or supplying drugs should be illegal. The point is to not punish drug users, the real victims of drug abuse.

@98X9TLF from Illinois answered…11hrs

Yes, and legalize all drugs. And highly regulate businesses that would sell these drugs. Keeping very close eyes on their inventory to prevent illegal exports/imports. And require 50% of net earnings to be paid to the government. With this money used to publicly fund free drug rehabilitation centers.

@98WZP3V from Arizona answered…2 days

Yes for most but not all drugs. Also, to reduce sentences for those already serving time and are non violent offenders.

@regularjake55 from Minnesota answered…2 days

@98WQF25 from Missouri answered…3 days

I believe that we should research drugs more be for we decriminalize them

@98W86GY from Missouri answered…4 days

Yes, but the consequences for any illegal activity should be stronger, weather for rehabilitation or prosecution depending on the activity.

@98VVNTR from Nebraska answered…4 days

Yes, therapy and rehab should be forced on people in prison so they don’t go back to the street to continue to abuse drugs numbers of drug related crimes would be able to go down

@98VN5KP from Massachusetts answered…5 days

Criminalize and tax the sale of drugs without licensing and liability insurance, use will drop on its own after that.

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

Yes, release all non-violent prisoners w/ drug charges and encourage states to open more addition treatment centers, public health drop-in centers, and expand drug courts to every county, accessible by frequent and reliable public transit

@98V765PGreen from California answered…6 days

No, but decriminalize drugs that offer medicinal benefits/low death rates such as marijuana and and increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation

@98TXMK4 from Tennessee answered…6 days

No but not al drugs need to be band and there should be an increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation

@98TK9WVIndependent from Virginia answered…7 days

@98SP83W from Washington D.C. answered…1wk

Yes, and provide resources for safe injection spaces as well as addiction treatment

@98SMQFM from California answered…1wk

Yes, but only if there are proper regulations put in place (for example, only in the privacy of one's home.)

@98SLCB7 from Missouri answered…1wk

Decriminalize marijuana and release those currently imprisoned. Everyone gets 2 years probation. If you're in prison two years and under, you're free to go with no probation.

And absolutely increase government spending by a billion dollars for addiction treatment purposes nationwide.

@98SHXT5 from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

@98SHNBM from Kentucky answered…1wk

Yes but only legalize marijuana for medical uses in all/most states

@98SHMP5 from Missouri answered…1wk

@98S4ZQV from Alabama answered…2wks

Yes, but increase studies and funding towards the effects of addiction to many substances (including legal ones) We should not be focused on hunting addicts or alcoholics just because of the intoxicant they are using as a way of stopping the use of any drug

@98S3K2V from Florida answered…2wks

Yes, but illegal drug users should be referred to treatment centers instead of prisons.

@98RSRSX from West Virginia answered…2wks

@98RRGK9 from Michigan answered…2wks


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