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@98PJ69P from Utah agreed…2wks

The U.S. should not withdraw from the Paris agreement because it's an amazing agreement dedicated to bettering our planet. Some may argue that we should leave because other Countries are not holding up their end of the deal. I disagree with this because just because they are doesn't me we should. We agreed with it, and we need to stick with it in the end, at least, we can say we tried instead of giving up simply because that is what everyone else was doing.

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@8DGDGGV from New York answered…2yrs

No! It is hurting the US that #45 pulled us out of the Paris Accord. The US needs to be in the Paris Accord, as it is a group of smart, caring nations who want to protect our environment. Right now glaciers are melting, there are wildfires in California, tropical storms are more frequent & are more dramatic. We need to work on this as a nation, and with other countries.

@98WKM6N from Indiana answered…10hrs

I believe that the idea is genius, however we shouldn’t withdraw, but merely try to gain the same standards for all countries.

@98WJDR4 from Ohio answered…11hrs

No, but impose more strict restrictions for carbon emissions for all countries

@98WFD8K from Georgia answered…13hrs

I am not educated enough on this issue to have a yes or no answer.

@98WDMC7 from New York answered…14hrs

@98W3FGN from Wisconsin answered…1 day

Every country should be held to reduce their carbon emissions at equal values, but the U.S should not leave

@98W2Y32Libertarian from Iowa answered…1 day

@98W2GLS from Illinois answered…1 day

@98VXW6XRepublican from Texas answered…1 day

@98VVK6S from Illinois answered…1 day

@98VRNN7 from Kentucky answered…2 days

@98VRDT3 from Virginia answered…2 days

@98VK9PV from Idaho answered…2 days

Countries like the U.S are not responsible for most of the carbon footprint and greenhouse gasses. poorer countries like Venezuela are.

@98VK2J7 from California answered…2 days

No, because we have a standard but also find ways so that other countries hold to them too.

@98VHZWK from California answered…2 days

Yes, the United States people, governing body, and as a leading world power should take steps towards a greener world on their own accord and lead by example as well as not limit themselves through agreements

@98VGTL9Republican from California answered…2 days

@98VC427 from Kansas answered…2 days

No, at least not until there is a better system to hold other countries accountable.

@98V67PK from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

@98V2WZ6 from New Jersey answered…3 days

@98TZVJHRepublican from Texas answered…3 days

@98TYBWRGreen from Florida answered…3 days

Even though the other countries arent pulling their parts in helping the environment we should still do ours cause even a little bit of recycling can go a long way

@98TV6DV from Arizona answered…3 days

No, but seek to update it to hold other countries to the same standards

@98TTLWLIndependent from Massachusetts answered…3 days

@98TSDDR from Washington answered…3 days

@98TS768 from North Carolina answered…3 days

I feel that climate has changed fro 2015 so we should appropriately alter the agreement

@98TS377 from Iowa answered…3 days

@98TL2RS from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

No, however the United State should negotiate with the other countries to either decrease the U.S. carbon emissions restrictions or increase the restrictions on China and India.

@98TJS4X from New York answered…4 days

@98TCKBW answered…4 days

No, but they should push harder to hold equal standards and be willing to leave if they aren't


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