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@9TSNYYTVeteran from Utah commented…5 days

Increase, but only after our deficit is drastically reduced

Our country is currently the most powerful country in the world, but that may not be the case for long. The increasing threat of China emerging as a superpower on the world stage, the resurgence of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of terrorism in many countries, the hostilities of North Korea and Iran, etc. all require US intervention. The last time the US refused to get involved in World affairs was back at the end of WW1. The US, UK, France, and Italy defeated the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire. The US was the country that…  Read more

@9FPD89ZDemocrat from New York answered…8mos

@9FQH4CYIndependent from North Carolina answered…8mos

@9FVW9KGSocialist from Nebraska answered…8mos

i feel that it depends on the circumstances like if we were in a war then yes but if we are in a peace period i fell that the amount they are pending is fine unless the people of our country are struggling

@9G2WB8KDemocrat from Washington answered…8mos

@9TTBRHQConstitution from South Carolina answered…5 days

They should be increased or decreased based on whether or not we are at war. If we are at peace, decrease. If we are at war, increase.

@9TT9YRTConstitution from Kentucky answered…5 days

@9TT2CVZWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…5 days

Increase, but only if the money is not always coming from the citizens' taxes.

@9TSVRFFConstitution from Oklahoma answered…5 days

i think it should be somewhat increased because other countries are starting to spend more and enhance their military might

@9TSTHV8Constitution from Oregon answered…5 days

Decrease, but only by a little and put the funding towards schools for better education.

@9F8LWXRRepublican from Iowa answered…8mos

We need a strong military. We should pay our military people more .they should not struggle to support Their families like they do now. We should make sure we have the weapons that we need to protect our country and others that want our help . We do have waste in the military that could be cut . So cut back where things can and should be cut .make sure we have a very strong military and pay them a living wage .

@9F8KYPPConstitution from New Hampshire answered…8mos

The government should eliminate all military spending and all standing armies dismantled.

@9F8KBD6Women’s Equality from Maryland answered…8mos

Decrease, and it use weapons linger rather than selling them off to police forces

@9F8JS37Peace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…8mos

Increase veteran benefits, but don't increase spending overall.

@9F8HYMHSocialist from Ohio answered…8mos

Money should be diverted from unnecessary war spending to focus on VA benefits, homeless veterans and other services.

@9F8GGWMPeace and Freedom from California answered…8mos

Neither, but the government should increase military spending efficiency.

@9F8G293Socialist from Maryland answered…8mos

@9F8F8YTVeteran from Kansas answered…8mos

Lots of money wasted in the DOD. A strong military is important, but we must do better with the defense funding we have before increasing anything.

@9F8DN9XRepublican from Louisiana answered…8mos

Bring the troops home and spend money fixing the damn country!

@9F8DCWPWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…8mos

Increase to get fire planes And to have training in case the president refuses to leave.

@9F8C26TWomen’s Equality from California answered…8mos

Neither, we just need to put the money in the right places.

@9TW8XB9Green from Oregon answered…2 days

Keep the nation safe but no more increases in military spending. I'm anti war but feel bad for the millions of homeless veterans. If military spending increases, why aren't the vets getting the mental help they might need to function afterwards? They fought and fulfilled their duty to the government and i think its only fair the government helps them get settled back home. War is cruel and damaging to both sides. Stop spending on weapons and try creating more diplomatic solutions.

@9TVK94FWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…3 days

Not a dramatic increase, but enough to make sure our men and women are protected

@9TV5L2RWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…3 days

I think more spending can be put to other things that will make the country better.

@9TV4CCMWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…3 days

@9TQQYDSDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…1wk

@9TPBKFJWorking Family from New Jersey answered…1wk

should fix the spending so its not spent on over budget and things that dont work

@9TLQTBLPeace and Freedomfrom Ohio  answered…2wks

Increase Nasa Budget, reduce spending that helps war happen.

@9TLMRWBVeteran from Indiana answered…2wks

@9TLFWLHWorking Family from New York answered…2wks

It depends on what is being spent and what it is being spent on

@9TJFPNDWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2wks

Military spending should just be enough to protect against invaders rather than going out and causing problems.

@9THXC32Peace and Freedom from Colorado answered…3wks

I want to decrease but at the same time no because we need a army

@9THPS98Constitution from Florida answered…3wks

@9TGSZBQRepublican from Ohio answered…3wks

Let's assess that after we end foreign entanglements and activate the citizen militia.

@9TFP3VWDemocrat from Iowa answered…3wks

Keep the current level but update what programs it's allocated to for the 21st century.

@9TFCQ22Veteran from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

Neither, but reduce the force to have more funds to improve the care that is given to service members and their families.

@Marc-NelsonDemocrat from Maryland answered…3wks

I'm not touching that with a ten-foot pole. I wish it was more equitable comparatively, but our military-industrial complex is the backbone of our brand of capitalism.

@9TCTC9HConstitution from California answered…4wks

They need to find better ways to allocate the money they have

@9TCP9NTWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…4wks

Military spending is important because multiple countries rely on us for almost all of their military support.

@Oren-KlopferSocialist from Massachusetts answered…4wks

Decrease, and drastically reduce its military presence abroad

@9TBYKF4Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…4wks


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