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@93GXLNM from Virginia answered…3mos

Streamline current spending and get rid of wasteful spending and only add funds accordingly

@93SGY5Y from Washington D.C. answered…3mos

@8DPG3BXIndependent from North Carolina answered…2yrs

@95YX98VIndependent from Washington answered…3hrs

@95YWVTB from Texas answered…3hrs

Keep adding money every now and then but too much spending causes inflation

@95YWTBQ from Virginia answered…4hrs


@95YWN8G from Wisconsin answered…4hrs

@95YTPKB from Washington answered…6hrs

We should stop sending the money to other countries and instead use it for own own countries needs this would help reduce spending while still giving our military what it needs

@95YT6ZF from Pennsylvania answered…7hrs

Each soldier, regardless of their position, should be given a fair salary so that he/she can support his/her family with food, clothing and security.

@95YQT5W from Texas answered…9hrs

@95YMXGTIndependence from Minnesota answered…11hrs

@95YLTLK from Utah answered…12hrs

@95YH8ZB from Texas answered…13hrs

they should have an equal amount that goes to the military and the rest of the goverment or states

@95YGY3WRepublican from South Carolina answered…13hrs

They should do what they need to but be reasonable with the things they buy. They don't need to buy to buy

@95YFL4TIndependent from California answered…14hrs

Decrease, instead spend more on what's good for the environment because America is one of the most contributors when it comes to carbon emission.

@95YFKRMIndependent from California answered…14hrs

I think it should stay the same and Increase or decrease depending on the situation.

@95YF54B from Virginia answered…14hrs

Decrease, by reducing waste in their budget including cost plus contracts

@95YDYW7Independent from Georgia answered…14hrs

They should decrease the military spending by a somewhat hefty amount due to the fact that as we progress further into the future we continue to head into a time of peace without war, so they wouldn't be that much need for the government to put so much money into the military and they should take some of that that money and put it towards our education and healthcare.

@95YDS9V from Nebraska answered…14hrs

It depends on how much of it we use wisely. Likely decrease, but I would need more info.

@95YCCVD from California answered…15hrs

Decrease dramatically and end all imperialist activity in foreign countries.

@95YB989Democrat from South Carolina answered…15hrs

@95Y9LYZ from Virginia answered…15hrs

decrease the deficit and only increase spending during dire global situations after said deficit is decreased.

@95Y9GPR from New Jersey answered…15hrs

Its good right now but if we go into war or into a war scare then increase.

@95Y98D6 from Oklahoma answered…15hrs

Military spending should depend on the current circumstances. If the world is ever running smoothly, it should be decreased and when one or more countries are causing problems and being aggressive, military spending should be increased.

@95Y8MMS from Kansas answered…15hrs

I’m unsure how much the military budget is compared to prior years and so cannot answer adequately

@95Y88XYIndependent from North Carolina answered…16hrs

Government military spending should be transparent to the public and what we use in military spending should be able to be blocked by the public

@95Y87NV from California answered…16hrs

Some spending should go to supporting Ukraine and similar actions.

@95Y7WZF from Oklahoma answered…16hrs

Depends on whether or not our country is being threatened or not.

@95Y7FKQLibertarian from Iowa answered…16hrs

Increase if they can prove the cost is worth it and is doing something substantial to help our military be more efficient.

@95Y6C7Q from Arizona answered…16hrs

@95Y4XWY from Missouri answered…17hrs

@95Y48MG from Connecticut answered…17hrs

@95Y3ZJC from Arizona answered…17hrs

I feel that the Military gets a lot of money that they use irresponsibly.

@95Y39SN from Virginia answered…17hrs

@95Y27YK from Georgia answered…18hrs

it doesnt need to be increased and some of it could probably be used in other areas

@95XZ72J from Pennsylvania answered…18hrs

i think its good how it is we are 1 of the largest ad most powwrful.

@95XYBFV from Tennessee answered…19hrs

Military spending should be altered according to the conflict and rise of risk from other nations and or militias

@95XXVDC from Florida answered…19hrs

@95XXJFG from Virginia answered…19hrs

I believe the government should pay our soldiers more for risking their lives for the safety of our country. Athletes for example gain millions a year for their athletic abilities.


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