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@93GXLNM from Virginia answered…5mos

Streamline current spending and get rid of wasteful spending and only add funds accordingly

@94MQMFT from Virginia answered…3mos

Streamline and get rid of wasteful spending and only add funds accordingly

@93SGY5Y from Washington D.C. answered…5mos

@97ZYHMD from Texas answered…7hrs

They need to fix the military and give it a more locally transparent idea. Current military makes us look weak and scattered in thoughts and beliefs. Pathetic really. I used to think that stuff was badass, not so much anymore.

@97ZY74T from Florida answered…8hrs

Decrease, and use the funds to support programs that aid citizens

@97ZY4FH from West Virginia answered…8hrs

@97ZXLY4 from Georgia answered…9hrs

Decrease, we should budget our taxpayer money toward other issues.

@97ZXLMG from Missouri answered…9hrs

@97ZX5V5Socialist from Maryland answered…10hrs

Decrease and reinvest the funds into other societal needs (infrastructure, healthcare, education, etc)

@97ZVYXP from Texas answered…13hrs

Reanalyze military spending and reapportion spending to necessary needs.

@97ZVWTF from Florida answered…13hrs

the focus should be on defense only and the budget should be adjusted accordingly

@97ZVTNQ from North Carolina answered…13hrs

Increase, military spending needs to be increase for protection of our national borders and interests not to be the world police

@97ZVMJG from North Carolina answered…14hrs

@97ZVKSD from Virginia answered…14hrs

@97ZTDVV from Washington D.C. answered…16hrs

We should spend as much as we need to to keep our weaponry state of the art and our troops prepared.

@97ZT73R from Virginia answered…17hrs

Streamline current spending, get rid of wasteful spending and determine what the military really needs. Only add funds accordingly

@97ZSCZ3 from Nevada answered…19hrs

The money should go towards the troops and less towards the military industrial complex.

@97ZS79T from New York answered…20hrs

A strong military is important. Investing in mental health and environmental issues (as it drives global instability) are also important.

@97ZS5BFLibertarian from Virginia answered…20hrs

Decrease but make it so that the state's national guards are more funded

@97ZRD58 from New York answered…1 day

@97ZQ5DH from Missouri answered…1 day

Perhaps we should examine the current levels of government military spending and weigh the strategic costs of increasing or decreasing spending.

@97ZPJB7Democrat from Virginia answered…1 day

Decrease if it is affecting the economy or is it adds more to inflammation

@97ZN823Democratfrom Washington  answered…2 days

@97ZMVZC from Illinois answered…2 days

The amount of spending is fine, but it should be all to protect the United States, and not be given to any other country.

@97ZMQJQ from Missouri answered…2 days

Decrease, only increase when planning on going to war or helping allies.

@97ZM7B5 from Minnesota answered…2 days

The quality of equipment and training in the military should be increased, but the population of the military should be reduced.

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…2 days

(Full disclosure, I am still a member of the KY Army National Guard) Increase what we pay our service members and fix the damn VA.

@97ZJSKN from Indiana answered…2 days

Decrease, but only by $200M. Regulation needs place on what they spend on. More funding for people and innovation, not ammunition waste.

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…2 days

(I cannot truly give an unbiased answer as I am still a member of the Kentucky Army National Guard.) Increase pay and benefits for service members and fix the damn Department of VA.

@97ZHDS7 from New York answered…2 days

I do understand the need for the military funding, but it does not need to be super extreme, other things need more funding

@97ZCS79Libertarian from California answered…3 days

We need to reduce the waste spent in the military budget. I would not mind increasing spending if it is needed to keep our military the strongest in the world.

 @@Jason2024 from California answered…3 days

Decrease,; I have nothing but respect for veterans, but we still need to keep our country's military base away from other countries. Endless nuclear wars and globalism are neoconservatism at their finest!

@97Z5WSL from Texas answered…4 days

Our military should be FULLY funded, but military spending to support Ukraine & other foreign actions should end immediately

@97Z2BKYRepublican from Wisconsin answered…4 days

Decrease spending till women are out of combat roles and LGBTs are no longer being advertised as a mockery of the U.S. military.

@97Z255S from California answered…4 days

@97Z23BZ from Mississippi answered…4 days

The U.S. Military should always be the creme of the crop of the world militaries... However, with a near trillion-dollar spending budget, most of that is surely not being used. Sure, a couple hundred billion maybe, but not over seven hundred billion dollars. Plus, we are in MASSIVE debt. We're spending money we don't have on our military.

@97YYXQ8Independent from Oregon answered…4 days


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