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@93GXLNM from Virginia answered…6mos

Streamline current spending and get rid of wasteful spending and only add funds accordingly

@94MQMFT from Virginia answered…3mos

Streamline and get rid of wasteful spending and only add funds accordingly

@93SGY5Y from Washington D.C. answered…5mos

@985Q2CR from North Carolina answered…10mins

the government should adjust it to fit the requirements so the military doesn't spend too much or too little at any time

@985MLG2Peace and Freedom from Virginia answered…1hr

I think they should keep on spending to an extent. They should just simply pay less then what they already pay.

@985LDH6 from Virginia answered…2hrs

Decrease, but we can use the money to go into other aspects such as education.

@985KGH6 from Arizona answered…2hrs

If the military is portraying irresponsible spending, then they should decrease military spending. If they're responsible with the money given to them, they should increase it WITHOUT oversharing.

@985KCCM from Oklahoma answered…3hrs

There should be reporting on what the spending is being used for, and inspections should be carried out to ensure the funding is well used.

@984Q2TLDemocrat from New York answered…3hrs

The Government should focus less on buying more weapons and focus more on housing homeless veterans.

@985J3PS from Ohio answered…3hrs

Increase, it’s not like we’re paying off our debt anytime soon

@985HK3V from North Carolina answered…4hrs

Military spending needs to be less wasteful. That would then allow more money go where it needs to.

@985HJMH from Wisconsin answered…4hrs

The government should adjust it's spending to decrease spending on useless facilities and rework the funds to decrease our deficit.

@985GRRW from Texas answered…4hrs

@985GNVT from North Carolina answered…4hrs

It depends on if other nations who rival us are as well. It also depends at what expense would the spending result from.

@985FTM2 from Missouri answered…4hrs

@985FHRJ from Wisconsin answered…4hrs

@985BYG2Republican from Virginia answered…6hrs

I think that it should be increased because they are fighting for our country so they deserve to have more money to pay for weapons and anything else they might need.

@9856CP9 from Maryland answered…12hrs

Increase but toward the pay and benefits of the service members only

@9853VMD from California answered…17hrs

@9853MZL from Texas answered…17hrs

Neither as long as it's going to the US military and not foreign countries military.

@98529TYRepublican from Tennessee answered…19hrs

I feel that if it is to protect the ones that give us our freedom in the first place then yes. But I do not think that they need to do an outrageous amount of spending.

@984Z74NGreen from California answered…21hrs

@984XDLB from Washington answered…23hrs

just slightly decrease and send the decreased amount to school programs

@984XC8GDemocrat from Illinois answered…23hrs

Neither im satisfied with the current amount of spending but relocate the money to paying workers

@984WWYZ from Nebraska answered…23hrs

I think that they should increase military spending. because they sign up to up their live on the line for our country. I think that they should get more benefit after they leave the military.

@984WHFMRepublican from Indiana answered…23hrs

They should increase military spending in terms of investing money into helping veterans and increasing pensions.

@984VXKN from Colorado answered…24hrs

@984VG8M from California answered…24hrs

@984T55J from Illinois answered…1 day

@984SQ2VIndependent from California answered…1 day

for how much debt were in I personally think we should cut down on spending and build more on how we could make more

@984S9X5Republican from Alabama answered…1 day

@984S9SG from Alabama answered…1 day


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