Yes, but respect Israel’s sovereignty and do not dictate how it should interact with its neighbors
No, we should be less involved
We should give equal support to Israel and Palestine.
No, we should not give aid to any foreign nations
Yes, and with more aid and support
Not the current administration
Yes, and increase funding in order to move our embassy to Jerusalem
No, cut all support and aid

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Unique answers from America users whose views extended beyond the provided choices.

 @8FYWRDH from Georgia answered…4yrs4Y

 @59X5S8Bfrom New York answered…4yrs4Y

No!!!!! We have issues in this country that should be addressed!!! We have children who go hungry every day!!! Why do we have charities that raise money to feed hungry children while we are sending billions to foreign countries??? We need to butt out of Middle East issues!!!

 @95LCGPT from North Carolina answered…2yrs2Y

No, but we should give our full support to Palestine in it's struggle against Jewish supremacism and the so-called "Jewish State" of Israel.

 @4WTM6RPfrom Maine answered…4yrs4Y

It pisses me off that we give Israel full health coverage for its people but we say we can't do that here. Am an active duty military wife with a grown son who cannot afford dental benefits and high priced medication but there's so many who balk at the idea of lowering our country welfare system. How is this acceptable? Wtf is wrong with people? They are clearly ignorant.

 @4SB5FC7from New York answered…4yrs4Y

This country is in serious debt. How the hell do we have money to give other countries when we don't have money for our own people? Which countries came to our aid during Hurricane Katrina, for example? America is like the dorky loser kid in school that gives the big kids his lunch money & cookies just so he can have "friends." Stop giving everyone money we don't have to give!!! Care about America for a change!

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