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 @9MZC9HC from Minnesota answered…7hrs7H

The government should implement policies that make land and home ownership realistically attainable for the average Amer…

 @9MZC778 from Virginia answered…7hrs7H

No, but repeal any laws, zoning, etc. that prevent it.

 @9MZC778 from Virginia answered…7hrs7H

Government should neither incentive nor disincentivze its construction. People should be able to build what they want o…

 @9MZ7QKH from Ohio answered…10hrs10H

yes as long as it is being used for people who actually need it

 @9MZ7PGV from California answered…10hrs10H

Yes, on condition they like citizens obey all laws of a public property, and if given proof of unsafe, or corrupt partie…

 @9MYT56T from Kentucky answered…16hrs16H

Designate homeless encampment spaces/campgrounds with Shower and Restrooms, trash pick up and Security.

 @RWM1999 from Texas answered…17hrs17H

Yes, but I would prefer the local and state governments do this

 @9MYMGYN from Georgia answered…18hrs18H

Yes, and the definition of affordable needs to be based on no more than 1/3 of income.

 @9MYMGYN from Georgia answered…18hrs18H

Yes, based on the circumstances that led to foreclosure. High income families the made risky investments should not be…

 @9MYMGYN from Georgia answered…18hrs18H

They should only incentivize the construction of the conversion of existing abandoned properties into high density housi…

 @9MYMGYN from Georgia answered…18hrs18H

Yes, but on a sliding scale, with the subsidy disappearing with an individual income over $100K

 @RobinHoudefrom Georgia  answered…19hrs19H

Yes, and take measures to discourage the use of housing as an investment in general

 @RobinHoudefrom Georgia  answered…19hrs19H

No, green space and park requirements would undermine housing density and would likely restrict access to those green sp…

 @9MYFTRJ from Ohio answered…20hrs20H

Yes, as long as the subsidies are repaid, like the 2008 subsidies.

 @9MYDFG7 from Texas answered…21hrs21H

This was and has been implemented as housing projects in big cities that quickly fell apart due to banking usury and rac…

 @9MYD4XR from California answered…21hrs21H

No, they should not be allowed. But alternate sheltering / social assistance options need to be provided to them. Perhap…