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There are no lands up for grabs anymore, yet hundreds of thousands of acres sit completely unused and unprotected, all over this country. Everyone needs to lay their head somewhere at night, but not everyone has the ability to fit in with society. Those people have nowhere else to go but our streets, where they can at least get a little public assistance or beg for money.

@97T78V6Republican from Alaska commented…2wks


There should be a sponsorship organization in the United States ( like a compassion international Christian ministry where you can adopt and send money to take care of a child in Africa) where we can adopt a homeless person and sponsor them so they can get care. .

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Yes, and create more social programs to provide free food, clothing, and medicine

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Homeless should get a voucher to get free clothes at a Second hand store one time a month. Do you know how many clothes are thrown away or end up in landfills. Way to many. Give the clothes to those in need.

@94Z37B4 from North Carolina answered…3mos

No,but create better housing and shelters to prevent encampment on public property.

@8XQ33R9 from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No, but create more social programs to provide free food, clothing, and medicine

@984DNQT from South Dakota answered…17mins

@984DB5F from Michigan answered…2hrs

No, but more government spending should be allocated to providing space for homeless individuals to encamp

@984D79GIndependent from North Carolina answered…3hrs

No, but the government should increase funding for more resources for homeless people

@984CZ74 from North Carolina answered…3hrs

No, they shouldn't be allowed to sleep or encamp on public property, but we should create more options and opportunities for them.

@984CSRH from New Jersey answered…4hrs

Yes, as long as there are designated areas for them to camp or sleep at.

@984CS67 from California answered…4hrs

@984CQ9BProgressive from California answered…5hrs

If they are mentally ill or addicts, they should be provided support to help ease their transition. If they’re iconoclasts who are being problematic for the sake of it, treat them on a sliding scale of criminal offense. Usually being scared straight is effective.

@984CKJGJustice party member from California answered…5hrs

No, But create more social programs to provide food, clothing, and medicine, aswell as shelter,places where they can legally camp.

@984C9DM from West Virginia answered…6hrs

No, and create more social programs to provide/improve free food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.

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@9849SWP from Florida answered…9hrs

No, but just ban them from heavily trafficked spaces like sidewalks and storefronts. Allow them to stay in less populated public spaces.

@9849LBDRepublican from Florida answered…10hrs

It depends. Especially in regards to location. Rural or suburban all matters.

@98497JC from California answered…10hrs

no, but provide more social programs to provide food, clothing, and medicine to help them.

@984922B from Texas answered…10hrs

@9848PP7 from Oklahoma answered…11hrs

yes, if they have the money to get a house but refused to get it then they should be criminally charged for such acts as we give them money for being homeless

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…11hrs

No homeless person has the money to afford a house...that's literally part of the reason why they're homeless.

@9848GVS from Hawaii answered…12hrs

i think they should only be allowed to find shelter on public property unless the government helps with lowering the cost of living.

@9847XZH from California answered…12hrs

Its their choice if they want the help or not if they do then good of them if they don't then oh well their loss use the resources on people who want the help

@9847MSWSocialist from California answered…13hrs

No but they should make shelters for the homeless and have food and medicine and etc. so that way the homeless don’t sleep on the ground or in the cold.

@9847H2DSocialist from Texas answered…13hrs

No, and this is an irrelevant way of addressing and solving homelessness

@9847BHX from South Carolina answered…13hrs

No, but provide designated places for them to go (and hopefully get back on their feet)

@98479YK from California answered…13hrs

@98475H7 from Connecticut answered…13hrs

@9846QYJ from California answered…14hrs

@9846NH5Republican from Iowa answered…14hrs

I think it depends on where, if it's a public park with kids around then no but something like sleeping or camping in a fully abandoned building should be fine.

@9846KQY from Texas answered…14hrs

No, and instead try and focus on making the available shelters much better.

@9846F4G from California answered…14hrs

no, but uf there are no available shelters that means there should be more implemented, so until that happens I believe it is okay for homeless people to encamp wherever because they have nowehere to go.

@98468TWfrom Florida  answered…14hrs

No, it lowers property value of an area and makes citizens uncomfortable. I believe public shelters and services should receive adequate funding.

@98463NR from California answered…14hrs

In general, no, but there could be very valid reasons as to why they have refused the available housing that should be listened to

@9845ST4 from Kentucky answered…15hrs

@9845SQJ from Kentucky answered…15hrs

If they simply refused then no, but under certain circumstances, maybe there isn't enough room for their whole family or they've had negative experiences then yes

@9845PT6 from California answered…15hrs

I think homeless people should be taken into care because most of the time they cannot just get better they need help.

@9845LJM from Colorado answered…15hrs

@9845BTV from North Dakota answered…15hrs

yes, but no, if they go and just live on the property and take care of it and keep it clean then i feel yes. But if they go and just make a mess then they should be thrown in jail for a limited amount of time.


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