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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@984945L from Kansas answered…6mos

Yes, increase tax incentives for clean energy development and use, implement a carbon tax then gradually deregulate

 @lemans3427Republican from California disagreed…3wks

implement a carbon tax then gradually deregulate

Interesting idea. However, a carbon tax would disproportionately affect low-income families and small businesses. They would have to pay for the increased costs of goods and services as companies pass down the tax to consumers. Additionally, deregulation has proven to be effective in industries such as energy. For example, after the deregulation of the energy industry in Texas, the state saw a significant increase in the use of renewable energy sources. What do you think could be a possible solution to this issue?

@985HMZS from North Carolina answered…6mos

@984378N from Wisconsin answered…6mos

Create regulations for the countries giving the greatest contribution to the issue and enhance alternative assimilation practices.

@9842STCConstitution from Wisconsin answered…6mos

The places they should focus on is India and China, where the majority of the CO2 emissions come from.

@9BWJSZ6 from California answered…4wks

Yes and no, global warming is a natural occurrence, yes as in let's find alternative sources, but do not take my gas car, and let's stop using solar its ineffective.

 @lemans3427Republican from California disagreed…3wks

et's stop using solar its ineffective.

While it is true that global warming is a natural occurrence, current scientific evidence suggests that human activity, such as burning fossil fuels, has significantly accelerated the process. Solar power is actually a very effective alternative energy source, especially in areas with high levels of sunlight. For instance, countries like Germany and China have been able to generate large amounts of electricity through solar power.

But I agree with you that there should be a balance between environmental regulations and individual freedoms. It is important for the government to find ways to incentivize people to switch to alternative energy sources, rather than just banning the use of certain technologies. What do you think could be done to encourage people to switch to cleaner energy sources?

@98QHHYW from Georgia answered…5mos

No, we cannot handle other countries that are creating a large issue in climate change as well.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…5mos

@98PMLJZ from Arizona answered…5mos

China and India need to reduce their impact first.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…5mos

Why do we need to wait for other nations to do things? We control our own actions, not others'...

@98KPGW7 from Arkansas answered…5mos

Global warming is a natural occurence, but human carbon emission isn't helping, so urge alternative energy production, but understand it getting hotter is natural.

@98KRW8JPeace and Freedom from Colorado commented…5mos


global warming isnt natural gradual changes in the amount of C02 are but very very small amounts.

@hleeonlinefrom Utah  answered…5mos

No, America is too concerned with climate change and not concerned enough about toxic pollution and water usage

@98JKP9Y from Ohio answered…5mos

yes but only for stupid amounts of pollution

@98KRW8JPeace and Freedom from Colorado commented…5mos


its little bits of polution happening many times like driving cars and such that effect this

@98JB5Z4 from Texas answered…5mos

The government should be very limited in funding and regulations. Give more power to the states. People will be more free.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…5mos

Isn't the entire problem caused because certain people are freely polluting and whatnot? That's literally the kind of thing that regulations are designed to stop people from freely doing. You literally *shouldn't* be "free" to contribute to further climate collapse...

 @Joseph-CreedIndependent  from Pennsylvania commented…6mos

Honestly, I feel that we should use more environmental regulations, but not go to the extreme. Plus, this will also be good in the long-term since renewable resources will be far more profitable and effective than non-renewable ones.

@989NZ4P from New York answered…6mos

No but regulations to stop polluting the oceans with plastic but climate change isn't as bad as the media depicts it , amd the world naturale changes climate and temperatures over time

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…6mos

The entire point is that it's getting progressively worse, that's why scientists are literally begging leaders to make immediate changes before it continues to get worse, and although the earth's climate naturally changes, literally all evidence clearly shows that human intervention has greatly exacerbated the problem, likely beyond repair. To deny human-caused climate change in 2022 is simply denialism at best.

@97ZF78R from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

 @Typical-Transhum…  from California commented…8mos

Yes, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production

Yes, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production

@98XN3N8Women’s Equality from Missouri answered…4mos

Yes, while climate change is a natural occurrence we as a population have sped it up and reversed it. By doing this we are harming the natural process that Earth has to rejuvenate itself and allow for new growth. There is more to be done to further prevent the downfall of our planet than society knows.

@9865KMXfrom Maine  answered…6mos

Yes, and provide incentives for alternative energy production and criminal prosecution for companies that destroy the environment.

@984G4WF from South Carolina answered…6mos

Yes tax carbon emissions and provide more incentives for alternative energy production.

@984C8WX from Missouri answered…6mos

I find it hilarious that individuals who fly private planes across the nation for a meeting that could be held over the phone, like to berate the public for driving a car. Remember we are the problem, not them.

@984B6QD from Maryland answered…6mos

Yes, and tax carbon emissions, provide more incentives for the development of clean energy, fund climate resilience projects, and phase out fossil fuel usage in energy and transportation as quickly as possible.

@9842RF9 from Missouri answered…6mos


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