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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@5DVLBZWfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

This question is wrong, as the real problem has always been corruption/cronyism and failure to enforce property rights. Regulations are written by cronies more to the benefit of polluters than to our environment or property owners. Regulations have actually made it harder to sue those who harm our shared/un-owned resources, stealing property value, health and life.

@4YRY8PGfrom Nevada  answered…2yrs

government needs to regulate the pollution of the planet, not just for climate change; saving the planet is unnecessary, the planet will save itself. However, humans are capable of making the earth inhabitable for themselves.

@58T9LTQfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Shame on us all if we do not!! Religion and politics talks about God. I can't believe this is how we show our gradituid for all the beauty bestowed to us on this planet. We are the Caretakers. Religiously this is an abomination to God to treat this world and all living creatures and each other so badly. Doing the right thing is to at least make an effort in thanks to Grace. For all

@4YTBLYBfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Yes, but not for climate change. I think that is unfounded for several contradicting reasons from both sides of the issue. However, the human toll through cancer causing agents is alarming and should have been addressed with more importance years ago.

@8QRY9YRGreen from North Carolina agreed…2yrs

Yes, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production

Our views are very unaligned but I agree that cancer causing factors are also a big deal when it comes to regulations.

@4YXF23Xfrom New Jersey  answered…2yrs

Climate change is the single most impressive issue today. Govt measures should include education of youth and climate change deniers. Furthermore govt. should stop subsidizing animal agriculture which is responsible for serious greenhouse gas emissions

@4YW99PVfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

No evidence that CO2 is the dominant factor. Climate has changed relatively little in the past several decades. Almost all predictions for the amount of change have been wrong.

@98KRW8JPeace and Freedom from Colorado commented…3wks

@58T9633from Montana  answered…2yrs

I view global warming as a consequence for our actions because of my religion. We have done it to our earth. We spend pointless money on it, but the government never says how we are going to solve it because there isn't an answer.

@58CYBXXfrom California  answered…2yrs

There have been five ice ages and warming periods within the 60 million years. It is a very complex problem.

@98KRW8JPeace and Freedom from Colorado commented…3wks


yea those were natural and happened over millions of years. within the last 100 years climate change has been as bad as a natural 8 million years

@98WS83DConstitution from Delaware answered…2hrs

No, not until we have the technology to make it less of a financial burden

@98WQJJD from Washington answered…6hrs

@98WQ5RQ from Utah answered…7hrs

No, educate the people/businesses and let them make decisions themselves.

@98WP3VHLibertarian from Idaho answered…8hrs

The government should increase spending on nuclear to prevent large amounts of plastic waste and other discharge. But climate change is a natural occurring events.

@98WL947 from Michigan answered…10hrs

It depends on the intention. If it's going to impact the citizens then no.

@98WKLGCWrite-In from Illinois answered…11hrs

@98WKG8V from Nevada answered…11hrs

@98WJW9DIndependent from Tennessee answered…11hrs

Yes, but be very careful not to damage industry too much.... Only go green when we can afford it. I think we can, but I'm just a stupid kid.

@98WGBJB from Pennsylvania answered…13hrs

@98WGB47Republican from Illinois answered…13hrs

i think we should have stricter laws for certain things but but for cars i think we should it the same because your not gonna fix the issue by going fully electric

@98W7T6Q from California answered…1 day

Have more government spending to find alternatives instead of regulations and tax carbon emissions

@98W7LCH from Tennessee answered…1 day

No, this occurs naturally but we need to be consistence of our actions in different ways.

@98W7488 from California answered…1 day

@98W4MGVRepublican from Wisconsin answered…1 day

Yes, but not too many regulations to the point people are unhappy.

@98W42J4Republican from Iowa answered…1 day

I think they should increase regulations on some things but they have to haven a valid reason

@98W2LKP from California answered…1 day

yes and no, it's natural but also can be prevented from littering, cutting down too much trees, taking homes away from animals.

@98VZRDZ from Tennessee answered…1 day

@98VYDPVRepublican from Wisconsin answered…1 day

Doesn’t really matter, it’s impossible to stop climate change globally.

@98VXMBC from Delaware answered…1 day

Yes, eventually, but right now we do not have the technology to make it efficient

@98VWX49 from New York answered…1 day


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