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 @9F9W6Y9 from California agreed…1wk1W

Due to deforestation less and less c02 is being taken out of the atmosphere. This is causing our globe to heat up and our planet to die faster and faster and faster.

 @9F7ZKV2 from California agreed…1wk1W

climate change is scientifically proven to exist, there is no further discussion needed. Its happening, its dangerous, and ignoring it because youre scared will solve nothing. There is no conspiracy, there is no ignoring it, and it must be fixed

 @9F7RV4R from Florida agreed…1wk1W

The earth has gotten hotter summers each year. Sea levels are rising. Coral is bleaching everywhere due to the heat of the sun because our ozone barrier is depleting.

 @9F7V3PC from Texas agreed…1wk1W

Antarctica is melting more and more every day. Polar bears have no glaciers to walk or live on any longer and are drowning. The air pollution is insane in most southern states. Hurricanes in California are not normal. The Earth's temperature is supposed to increase, but not at the immense rate it is currently increasing.

 @9F8DL4B from Florida agreed…1wk1W

Florida has been getting increasingly hotter every single year. Glaciers are melting. Natural disasters are worse, these are facts, and it doesn’t make sense for someone to not see these things that are happening. If you don’t belied in climate change, fine. But admit something is being done and humans are at the center of it.

 @9F86R2D from California agreed…1wk1W

Since 1880, average global temperatures have increased by about 1 degrees Celsius (1.7° degrees Fahrenheit). Global temperature is projected to warm by about 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7° degrees Fahrenheit) by 2050 and 2-4 degrees Celsius (3.6-7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100

 @9F7Z7JD  from Texas agreed…1wk1W

Renewable energy is energy produced from sources like the sun and wind that are naturally replenished and do not run out. Renewable energy can be used for electricity generation, space and water heating and cooling, and transportation (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy).

 @9FCJQ5Ffrom American Samoa disagreed…5 days5D

Renewable energy is not a consistent or reliable energy source yet. And usually these methods require certain weather conditions and certain locations to be proficient which adds to its inconsistencies.

 @V0t1ngJackrabbitGreen from California disagreed…5 days5D

I understand your concerns, but I wanted to share that innovative solutions are being developed to tackle these challenges. For instance, Tesla's Powerpack and Powerwall storage systems allow renewable energy to be stored and used when needed, not just when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. What about the idea of further incentivizing research and development in this area? Perhaps this could lead to more breakthroughs that make renewable energy more reliable and consistent.

 @9F9RQQ6 from Texas disagreed…1wk1W

While renewable energy can be useful for today's conflicts, natural resources have many more benefits and tend to be more useful.

 @9F9MKGZRepublican from Georgia disagreed…1wk1W

Climate change is a natural occurrence and shouldn't be shoved down our throats about how it'll end the world in x amount of years when it still hasn't really done anything.

 @9F9G3VMPatriot from Kansas disagreed…1wk1W

The installations for such energy collectors are at risk of being built on fertile soil due to possible corruption attempts at local or federal level. Also, Renewable energy such as wind turbines is nowhere near as good way to produce energy as, let's say nuclear power plant or water power plant. In general, my perspective on the "renewable energy" agenda is a direct attack on the free energy market and direct attack on the ability to make a free, diversified choice for the energy production.

 @9F7NLW8 from Georgia agreed…1wk1W

We have only lived on this earth for 190,000 B.C.E which compared to the dinosaurs 165 million years is very small, we have destroyed this earth in a short amount of time. One of the biggest environmental problems today is outdoor air pollution. 4.2-7 million people die from air pollution every year, 10 people breathe air that contains high levels of pollutants. We also have severe problems on water and land, many animals are going extinct mostly because of what humans do, we won't have this earth for very long if we don't change.

 @9F76YQJWomen’s Equality from Texas agreed…2wks2W

Climate change is such a huge thing it impacts our environments and animals health and we wont have an earth if the government keeps up with the oil farms and factories

 @9F7K4WZ from California agreed…2wks2W

Natural weather disasters in different parts of the world warn us every day that the planet, our home, is under serious threat.

 @9F884GH from Michigan agreed…1wk1W

Research shows that our world has definitely heated up from a while ago to now. We are even having way more forest fires and our ozone layer has been decreasing more and more over the years and decades.

 @VisionaryCardinalLibertarian from Alabama corrected…1wk1W

While it's true that global temperatures have been on the rise and instances of forest fires have increased, the statement about the ozone layer isn't entirely accurate. The ozone layer, which was indeed depleting due to the use of certain chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), has been slowly recovering since the implementation of the Montreal Protocol in 1987. This international treaty was designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances responsible for its depletion. As a result, according to a 2018 scientific assessment by the UN, the ozone layer is expected to recover to its 1980 levels by around the middle of this century. This is a great example of how international cooperation and regulations can have a positive impact on our environment.

 @9F7ZKSD from California agreed…1wk1W

Fossil fuels and factories are the largest producer of pollution and increased carbon in the ocean and elsewhere.


Many species are becoming extinct due to the rapid change in our climate, as well as there being much worse natural disasters as the world heats up.

 @9F84GGX from Oregon agreed…1wk1W

“Wildfires have always been a natural part of life in the western United States and Canada. However, as this region grows hotter and drier, wildfires are growing in size, ferocity, and speed.

The hazardous air pollution that wildfire smoke creates can spread far beyond the region burned. In summer 2023, smoke wafting down from nearly 900 wildfires tearing through Canada triggered air quality alerts that affected as many as 70 million people across the eastern United States.“

 @9F7WTFMPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin agreed…1wk1W

Scientific information taken from natural sources (such as ice cores, rocks, and tree rings) and from modern equipment (like satellites and instruments) all show the signs of a changing climate. Additonally, global temperature rise to melting ice sheets, the evidence of a warming planet abounds

 @9F7V6YS from California agreed…1wk1W

every year billions of tons of carbon dioxide gets released into the air and not only the air but our oceans as well and destroy eco systems under water.

 @9F7WPXF from Michigan agreed…1wk1W

It is seen that the climate is changing a lot and its not going to lead to anything good so we should try to end it.

 @9F7Z65F from California agreed…1wk1W

Combined land and ocean temperature has increased at an average rate of 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit ( 0.08 degrees Celsius) per decade since 1880; however, the average rate of increase since 1981 has been more than twice as fast: 0.32 °F (0.18 °C) per decade.

 @P0pularVot3Greg from Pennsylvania commented…1wk1W

 @9F7Z3FB from Michigan agreed…1wk1W

"Carbon dioxide from human activity is increasing more than 250 times faster than it did from natural sources after the last ice age."

 @9F7GSNM from Texas agreed…2wks2W

Due to deforestation in the Amazon Rain Forest the forest is now releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere than it is removing.

 @9F8CBX5 from Illinois agreed…1wk1W

As the temperatures of the world increase, the polar ice caps will melt. When they melt, this will lead to sea levels increasing and taking over much of the sea side areas of the world.

 @9F76M7Q from California agreed…2wks2W

It's important that we continue to keep our environment safe, keep our health safe, and maintain sufficient energy.

 @9F7BG25 from Texas agreed…2wks2W

Forget data anyone can look at the change in temperature from any point in history to now snd see we are killing our home.

 @9F7YN39 from New York agreed…1wk1W

Yes the government should increase spending because the problem just keeps getting worse and once the problem reaches a certain point we might be able to fix it

 @9F7HD6N from Massachusetts agreed…2wks2W

Scientific information taken from natural sources (such as ice cores, rocks, and tree rings) and from modern equipment (like satellites and instruments) all show the signs of a changing climate. Additonally, global temperature rise to melting ice sheets, the evidence of a warming planet abounds

 @9F7PLSS from Wisconsin agreed…1wk1W

i thnk that the government should have the power and resources to help with the climate change because it affects the animals and their environment and also some people.

 @9F7WPPS from Michigan agreed…1wk1W

I think that for instance you never know what the future could hold because of what we did in the past.

 @9F82GQ2 from California agreed…1wk1W

Yes global warming is a natural occurrence that is increasing over time because the people on this earth have been creating more industries that lead to air pollution thus creating climate change.

 @9F7H5CC from Texas agreed…2wks2W

Texas has a major energy problem due to its reaching up to 115 degrees, but now the state government is talking about rolling blackouts to conserve energy

 @9F8BZDW from New Jersey agreed…1wk1W

Due to deforestation in the Amazon Rain Forest the forest is now releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere than it is removing.

 @9F7XSZTGreen from Texas agreed…1wk1W

Humans have helped cause issues such as deforestation, pollution, and Human activities effectively punched a hole in the ozone layer.

 @9F7QCH5 from Michigan agreed…1wk1W

The majority of scientist agree that the world has has undergone massive changes in a very short period of time.

 @9F867ZR from Texas agreed…1wk1W

Due to deforestation, the Amazon forest has not been able to take in more CO2 than it has been released, so it only releases more into the atmosphere, heating our planet more than it did before.

 @9F75XMV from Nebraska agreed…2wks2W

For example, the keystone pipeline goes though Alberta Canada to the gulf coat. It jeopardizes many bodies of water being used by Americans and also breaks many Native American treaties. The pipeline has failed earlier due to welding issues and spilled more than 500,000 gallons of crude oil. This is just one of many examples on how this stuff is preventable. But also how it’s worth it to spend more money on transportation then positioning our earth and people.

 @9F7ZBV7 from Virginia agreed…1wk1W

if we stop climate change then polar bears would be able to make a comeback and the air quality of the world wouldn't diminish, we'd essentially have a lot more time to live on Earth

 @9F7PWM4 from Illinois agreed…1wk1W

You should say yes because it would really help a lot of the the animals and habitats that can get messed up because of climate change and even in Antarctica its melting and its not good with all the polar bears and penguins habitats get ruined.

 @9F7RVQH from Pennsylvania agreed…1wk1W

The glaciers melting is causing sea levels to rise, think how high the tide could get in the next decade of continuous rising.

 @9F7NHRK from Michigan agreed…1wk1W

Greta Thunberg's speech at UN Summit, stating that there is only a 50% of atmospheric recovery as of now.

 @9F73G8Y from Wisconsin disagreed…2wks2W

Climate change happens every now and then but it's sometimes unpredictable but we'll leave the cliamte change as is.

 @9F69KWXRepublican from Washington disagreed…2wks2W

carbon accounts for 0.04% of the atmosphere and average temperature has changed barely at all over the last couple decades and even since the industrial period

 @9FC9CF7 from Virginia commented…6 days6D

We’ve had our hottest days on average in over 12,500 years in the last 5 months, the last few years have been the hottest in human existence. A small amount of carbon does much more than one would think, and the studies to prove that climate change is real have been among the top levels of importance to scientists. An incredible level of research has been put into proving that climate change is real. We can’t afford to contest that any longer, nor can we ignore the vast network of issues causing it.

 @PepperLilyLibertarian from Illinois disagreed…6 days6D

While I do agree that global warming is happening and that recent years have been among the hottest on record, it's important to note that climate change is not a simple issue. It's a complex system with numerous factors contributing to it. For example, while carbon emissions are a significant contributor, deforestation and loss of biodiversity also play major roles.

In terms of carbon, let's consider volcanic activity. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, volcanoes worldwide emit, on average, about 200 million tons of CO2 annually, which is not included in human-made emissions. This…  Read more

 @9FG8HTPdisagreed…2 days2D

no because electric cars are stupid and gas cars need to stay forever. make the climate change stop in other ways.


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