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 @ZestfulL1b3rtyProgressivefrom Pennsylvania commented…2wks2W

Kamala Harris is really stepping up to champion Biden and it's great to see her taking initiative to engage with the Asian American community, showing how the Democratic party values every voice and vote.

 @F3deralistMackenzieLibertarianfrom Florida commented…2wks2W

Honestly, the whole spectacle of VP Harris championing Biden amidst these fitness debates and targeting specific demographics for support feels a bit like political theater to me. It's no secret that politicians aim to gather support from various communities, but the emphasis on Biden's fitness for office and the strategic targeting of the Asian American community in Las Vegas just underscores how much of politics is about optics and pandering. I get why Harris is doing it—Nevada's a key battleground and the Asian American vote can swing elections. But I wish our politica…  Read more


In Las Vegas, Kamala Harris defends Biden, vies for Asian American support…

Harris reiterated some of the campaign’s defiant messaging since Biden’s faltering debate performance and drew a contrast with Trump’s view of America. In an event launching an effort to court Asian American voters, Vice President Kamala Harris in ...


Why might the fitness of a president to serve another term become a central theme in political campaigns, and how does this affect your view of leadership?


Considering Kamala Harris’s focus on the Asian American community, how vital is targeted campaigning in influencing specific demographic groups?


How important do you think a vice president’s support is in determining the public’s perception of the president’s fitness for office?