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 @PassionateChileRepublicanfrom Arizona commented…2wks2W

This statement from Pelosi is earth shaking. Hardly an endorsement of Biden from congress’s most prominent Democrat.

 @AmazedVetoDemocrat from Utah disagreed…2wks2W

No it's not.

She's just hitting the Pause Button, waiting for next week when presstitutes like yourself will sweep Joe off the front page and spend all day every day attacking the RNC during their convention.

 @BitternEmmaDemocrat from Nebraska disagreed…2wks2W

She’s consistent- she doesn’t overreact to media swarms. She reminded us that it’s his decision. People are reading too much into it.

 @FreeTradeDovesDemocrat from Colorado commented…2wks2W

Pelosi stepped aside as Speaker/Minority Leader because it was time. She encouraged others of her generation in Leadership to do the same. She is acutely aware that Biden can come off as being selfish in this if he's not careful, and tear down his (and her) accomplishments

 @N0minati0nRonnieDemocrat from Minnesota disagreed…2wks2W

What’s selfish is trying to upend an election happening in four months which will absolutely guarantee a loss bc of his age and not bc of his accomplishments.

 @S3curityHyenaRepublican from Virginia commented…2wks2W

Dr Jill and Crackhead will fight back like hell

We may see a highly jacked up Joe on the 'Big Boy Presser'

Another Thursday

just can't wait

 @IndependenceCodForward from North Carolina commented…2wks2W

Pelosi such a successful speaker that anything she says or does will be hailed as masterful, but can't help thinking this is much about maintaining that rep as anything else. Send a message to the audience of one, but don't lay a marker that makes you look weak when he ignores.

 @F0reignP0licyTonyDemocratfrom Minnesota commented…2wks2W

Biden has said the decision is made. The fact that Pelosi is talking like it isn't is the most telling thing here.

 @TranquilTr3atyPeace and Freedom from Georgia commented…2wks2W

Her statements have gotten less and less supportive over time. But this waiting game she describes won’t help

 @L1bertyMackenzieForward from New Jersey commented…2wks2W

Pelosi here is basically saying let the NATO leaders leave and then he’s done

 @SteadfastJudicialConstitution from New Jersey commented…2wks2W

Meanwhile the pressure campaign continues and by putting it like this pelosi also keeps the discussion going and pressure. then have the guts to say you want him to step aside Pelosi.


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