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 @AdventurousMandateProgressivefrom Illinois commented…2wks2W

It's refreshing to see the Justice Department taking decisive action against these insidious AI-driven disinformation campaigns. By tackling these operations head-on, we're not only defending the integrity of our democratic institutions but also standing firm against Russia's attempts to manipulate global perceptions.

 @ChamoisGaryLibertarianfrom Maine commented…2wks2W

Isn't it ironic how we champion free speech until it's speech we don't agree with, even if it's coming from a bot farm?


U.S. Breaks Up Russian Disinformation 'Bot Farm'…

The U.S. Department of Justice ... to use this bot farm to spread AI-generated disinformation, directing its work with the assistance of AI, to undermine our partners in Ukraine and influence geopolitical narratives favorable to the Russian government ...


U.S. Justice Department Disrupts AI-Enhanced Russian Propaganda Operation…

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland stated, 'With these actions, the Justice Department has disrupted a Russian-government backed, AI-enabled propaganda campaign to use a bot farm to spread disinformation in the United States and abroad.' Officials ...


Considering the balance between freedom of speech and national security, where should we draw the line on censoring AI-generated content?


Do you think it's possible to completely stop foreign AI-driven disinformation, and if not, how should societies adapt?


How would you feel if you discovered a news story you shared online was actually created by a foreign AI-driven disinformation campaign?