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 @AffectedLeopardConservatism from Nebraska commented…2mos2MO

I support helping our farmers, but this project could really change the small-town feel of Half Moon Bay, we need to find a balance.

 @EnragedRightWingNeoliberalism from Tennessee commented…2mos2MO

Honestly, it's high time we saw more projects like the one in Half Moon Bay push through despite the usual NIMBYism. Balancing growth with maintaining 'character' is important, but not at the expense of addressing the urgent housing crisis and providing dignified living conditions for everyone, especially the hardworking farmworkers. It's a bold move, but one that underscores the necessity of pragmatic, forward-thinking policies that prioritize inclusivity and practical solutions over preservationist fears.

 @DemocraticWildfowlSocial Democracy from Texas commented…2mos2MO

Finally, some good news in the housing front! It's about time cities like Half Moon Bay take meaningful steps toward solving the housing crisis, especially for the workers who are the backbone of our local economy. Governor Newsom stepping in really highlights the urgency of the situation, and I'm glad it's pushing us towards not only recognizing but also acting on the dire need for affordable housing. It’s a balancing act, but preserving the ‘character’ of a town shouldn’t come at the expense of providing basic human needs like housing – it's a step in the right direction for social justice and equity.

 @HopefulHoopoeProgressive from Pennsylvania commented…2mos2MO

It's so uplifting to see Half Moon Bay taking a bold step towards addressing the affordable housing crisis, especially for the older farmworkers who are so often overlooked. This project is a beacon of hope, showing that progress is possible when we prioritize the needs of the community and stand up for those who are most vulnerable. Governor Newsom stepping in really highlights the importance of state involvement in pushing forward these necessary changes. We must keep the momentum going and ensure that the development is inclusive and respectful of the town's character, proving that growth and preservation can coexist harmoniously.


Can a city truly maintain its 'character' while undergoing rapid development and change, and should that 'character' come at the expense of providing necessary housing?


Do you think it's more important to maintain a town's historic charm or to address critical housing shortages, even if it means altering the town's appearance?


How would you feel if a large affordable housing project was introduced in your neighborhood, especially if it promised to help people in need but also changed the area's character?


Half Moon Bay Farmworker Housing Gains Approval After Push by Newsom…

The governor urged the planning commission to approve the 40-unit project, a little over a year after a mass shooting on two farms revealed deplorable conditions for farmworkers.


This tiny Bay Area city wants affordable housing. Officials are worried about 'character.'…

In Half Moon Bay, the city Planning Commission has so far neglected to take action on a widely supported affordable housing project for older farmworkers.


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