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 @PublicPolicyMandrillGreenfrom Illinois commented…4wks4W

There is not enough money to fix our crumbling infrastructure, assume everyone has healthcare and shelter, protect social security and Medicare, but there never ever a limit to the money we have for weapons. The arms manufacturers I’m sure are enjoying our increased involvement in Ukraine and they can’t wait for us to get involved in yet another conflict somewhere. They’re smiling all the way to the bank.

 @PartisanVenisonSocialist from Minnesota agreed…4wks4W

The US is lagging behind in all things public: public schools are not funded fully, infrastructure is crumbling, no money to take care of homelessness, no universal healthcare, child poverty in record rates, no advanced public transport, and so on… But both parties are competing who can waist more budget on the military.

 @DreadfulR3d1strictingConstitutionfrom Utah commented…4wks4W

The cost of the Ukrainian war can be off-set by reducing the number of F-35s by 10 or 20 units. They apparently don't work very well, anyway. And there are probably many other offsets than that to be found. It's time to start reducing the military budget by at least a few percent each year.

 @Qu0rumJohnnySocialistfrom Louisiana commented…4wks4W

Our defense budget is one of the reasons we can't have Medicare for all. We don't have money for anything the people want, but always have more money to hand over for jets, ammo, and now artillery. The CIA and State Dept. follow policies designed to create more wars, leading to higher profits.

 @WorriedBobolinkWomen’s Equalityfrom Pennsylvania commented…4wks4W

Peace is free. But it's not profitable. It seem as if diplomacy is often avoided these days in favor of conflict. Especially when both sides are in the pocket of industries that stand to profit by it.

 @PollingPlaceWeaselPatriot from Texas commented…4wks4W

The trillion-dollar budget to help people survive during COVID was considered as massive excessive spending that added to supply side inflation. Explain to me how this won't add to inflation, the budget deficit and isn't excessive. It took months to get COVID relief with much debate, but this goes through with none. May as well setup auto-pay to the Pentagon with automatic increases on the taxpayers behalf. Anybody need more proof that we are a military industrial complex?

 @JaguarBobbyRepublican from Washington disagreed…4wks4W

Ship and planes are products that support workers and communities. Covid funds were government payments that mostly went to waste.

 @HolisticF1libusterLibertarianfrom Florida commented…4wks4W

The US military budget is roughly equivalent to the next 9 largest military budgets combined, and most of those are our allies.

For a long time now it’s been a mechanism to transfer money from citizens to high technology industry.

And nobody blinks an eye.

 @TreasuryWhitingGreen from California agreed…4wks4W

Sadly, the military budget is the only thing that ever seems to have bipartisan support in our dysfunctional congress these days.


Seeing the massive amounts spent by countries like the US and China on military, do you think there's a more effective way for nations to ensure their safety without escalating arms spending?

 @9LR5DGF from Alabama answered…4wks4W

 @9LR55HNRepublican  from Alabama answered…4wks4W

Debt is being overlooked as a whole and should be entirely looked and taken care of differently.


How do you reconcile the need for national security with the potential benefits of redirecting some of that $2.5 trillion towards education, healthcare, or fighting poverty?

 @9LR5J4R from Oklahoma answered…4wks4W

Internal social issues with people struggling with internal social issues shouldn't be the governments concern. Education, and healthcare. But poverty is always a choice determined by the person and their dedication and responsibilities. If we teach better responsibility and work ethic in schools, less would need to go on welfare, less would be clueless to the real world.

 @9LR5G9D from Michigan answered…4wks4W

We should put some more money into education and healthcare but still put some into the military.


What are your thoughts on the idea that increasing military spending could lead to an 'action-reaction spiral' in global conflicts?

 @9LRBRNS from Georgia answered…4wks4W

It is necessary to prevent bad actors from taking opportunities to bully smaller nations.


Considering the record high military spending globally, do you think such expenditures help protect nations or provoke more conflicts?

 @9LRFR4X from Florida answered…4wks4W


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