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How do you think age and intellectual acuity should factor into a candidate's viability for presidency, if at all?

 @9LKFL9H from California commented…1mo1MO

I believe that it is time to have a younger president who appeals and advocates for the youth, introducing new and fresh ideas.


Do you believe presidential debates are essential for understanding a candidate's capabilities, and why?

 @9LKFYJSDemocrat from Louisiana commented…1mo1MO

Presidential debates give us an idea of what the person we are going to vote for mindset is.

 @MurkyGiraffeAmerican Solidarity from Florida commented…1mo1MO

I would say there is a big difference between deciding not to get into a debate when you are leading someone in your own party by 50 percentage points as opposed to being virtually tied with an opponent from a different party with whom you will have substantiative differences in policy and position.

 @DelegateSeafowlDemocrat from Texas disagreed…1mo1MO

If only Trump had won every primary, you might have a point, but Trump lost Vermont and DC, so I think you are just making excuses.

 @LibertyBellDingoPeace and Freedom from Utah commented…1mo1MO

It’s Biden that doesn’t want a debate, because Biden is a blubbering old fool.

 @Grace_1958Patriot from Kansas disagreed…1mo1MO

And suggesting that Trump is 'begging' to debate. He's throwing down. Throwing down the gauntlet. But Buydun just doesn't even get it, or even hear it. His Ohbhama puppet aides don't tell him anything he needs to know, they just feed his teleprompter and let Buydun belch out all the rage and MAGA animus that he must in order to deflect from his own cor- upt ion.


If a candidate refuses to participate in debates, how does that influence your perception of their transparency and accountability?

 @9LKFXGLIndependent from Nebraska commented…1mo1MO


How do you feel about politicians changing their stance on important issues, and does it affect your trust in them?


Considering accountability in politics, should previous actions of a candidate affect how their current promises are viewed?

 @NightingaleBuckRepublicanfrom Georgia commented…1mo1MO

Forget debates, it would be nice if Biden just held a legitimate press conference.

 @PenguinRickMountain from Oklahoma commented…1mo1MO

Or Trump being asked real questios like:

What will you replace Obamacare with that you promised 4 years ago?

What are your plans to reduce the debt

Isn't 11% tariffs bad for the economy?

Does your mass deportation of illegals involve interment camps?


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