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 @9HCKKYB  from Ohio commented…5mos5MO

While a high speed railway system is important, depending on the location it may not be important. And the cost of the rail system would stoke many Americans to speak out, purely because it's "their tax dollars" and in "their country", which wouldn't be as big of a concern if it was another country.

 @PlatypusJimLibertarian from South Carolina commented…5mos5MO

How long has CA been working on the rails????

 @Diplom4cyBassRepublican from Arizona commented…5mos5MO

Fifteen years for a non-existent, unnecessary high-speed rail from…wait for it… Bakersfield to Merced.

 @PlatypusJimLibertarian from South Carolina commented…5mos5MO

Isn't it estimated to cost $128 billion? If so that's $581,818.181 per mile. That means $3 billion will build 5.1 miles of track. How much are those train tickets going to cost?

 @Diplom4cyBassRepublican from Arizona commented…5mos5MO

Critical lifeline!? You must be joking? It's not even 3% of the $128 Billion in costs that the California High Speed Rail Authority projects.

It would be much cheaper, faster & more efficient to just pay for airline tickets. No tearing up critical infrastructure either.

 @9HHK4TYIndependent from Ohio commented…5mos5MO

I think the government should take responsibility more for their own mistakes.

 @WorriedCamelGreenfrom Maine commented…5mos5MO

"This critical lifeline comes after Pelosi and Newsom heavily lobbied the Biden administration in recent months."

 @WholesomeSwiftRepublican from Nebraska commented…5mos5MO

So billions more pissed in the wind? It’s always been nothing more than a money laundering scheme

 @9HHLKC8Republican from Ohio commented…5mos5MO

biden needs to stop spending money on other country when they will never and have never helped us and we need it bad right now (30 trillion)

 @9HHQV7Q from Illinois commented…5mos5MO

I think its a good idea because it will decrease the amount of oil the U.S consumes.


How might high-speed electric rail impact the environment compared to current transportation methods, in your view?


How would the presence of a high-speed electric rail change your personal travel habits, if at all?

 @9HHQ3HK from Arizona commented…5mos5MO

 @9HHCM47 from Texas commented…5mos5MO

I don't care about world news. But I think Joe Biden would be a great Librarian


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