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No, and mandatory diversity training should be banned

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Yes, and all schools should require mandatory diversity training

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No, diversity training should be encouraged but not required

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Yes, and immediately expel any student that displays racist behavior

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No, only private schools should be allowed to require mandatory training

 @9KKJ3CD from New Jersey answered…2mos2MO

Schools should be encouraged to promote diversity but should not be allowed to teach superiority or inherent racism

 @99LN2FJ from Oregon answered…1yr1Y

 @99LPPZF from Illinois answered…1yr1Y

NO just teach your kids that everyone is equal were all human and no one is perfect

 @99LDJMH from Virginia answered…1yr1Y

At the end of the day it's telling us how to act. If people want to discriminate, they'll learn quickly that that behavior isn't tolerable anymore.

 @9MDD3XT from Texas answered…1wk1W

yes, in public schools, and penalize behavior to an appropriate degree. Private schools should be incentivized financially to do this. It should be obvious which institutions do not want diversity taught as a norm—but it is an American value and should be taught in schools.

 @9MC5XW7  from Michigan answered…1wk1W

I believe there should not be diversity training for students, students should learn about diversity

 @9LVH98Z from Connecticut answered…3wks3W

In any instance where there is an act of discrimination heavy reprimandation and mandatory training for a set amount of time.

 @9LF6CXQ from Washington answered…1mo1MO

Mandatory diversity training should be implemented, though according to each level of schooling, and more intently to those who are committing discrimination.

 @9LCNZK5 from Washington answered…1mo1MO

a lot of kids commit acts of discrimination daily in schools witch I don't think a lot of people are aware of but it is a big problem in schools all over the nation so I feel like they shouldn't teach that but they should make it not a normal thing to say

 @9DPDZBG  from New York answered…2mos2MO

No, only if the mandatory diversity training is shown by evidence to improve outcomes in terms of discriminatory acts or implicit bias

 @9MFRRD6 from Arkansas answered…5 days5D

No, it shouldn't be mandatory unless someone commits major acts of discrimination or continues committing minor acts (ex: not insulting a person of foreign culture, but if they do it over the semester or do any larger acts like physical violence)

 @9M6VV84 from Illinois answered…2wks2W

kids aren't inherently discriminatory should be taught that people are equal and free to do as they please

 @9LY3SH7Peace and Freedom from Ohio answered…3wks3W

i feel as if people should be mature enough to already not be racist, it should't be taught to not be racist. If people aren't able to do a be surrounded by people of all race without feeling hatred o anything they should remove themselves or keep it to them selves. but i guess yea

 @9LM9CL7  from California answered…1mo1MO

Something worth considering, especially in areas without much diversity (to prepare them for the real world)

 @9LLW5YW from Iowa answered…1mo1MO

No, I think that diversity training can have inverse effects than wanted. By teaching the future of America that people are inherently different it causes more divisive thinking. If we want to move forward as a country and try to overall reduce acts of discrimination, we need to learn to think of each others as equal by not thinking of differences in race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation at all.

  @JcawolfsonIndependent  from Pennsylvania answered…1mo1MO

No, diversity training should be encouraged but only required for students that commit acts of discrimination

 @9LJMH9Y from Michigan answered…1mo1MO

All schools should be private, then they can choose what to do. If folks don't like the requirements at a specific school they can find one that aligns with there beliefs

 @9L6F7CTSocialist  from Florida answered…2mos2MO

If kids are forced to sit through training of other kinds, they will see diversity training the same way. Just another factor of life to give you more information about other people. I think it should be a class taken instead.

 @9KC7KKX from California answered…3mos3MO

Yes, they should get exposed to different perspectives and problems in the world without bias or prejudice.


I'm impartial with diverse students training, the federal government controls some state to make it accessible to minorities including whites; and make this training as an requirement and optional depending on parts of country is at.

 @9JZ3MFT from New York answered…3mos3MO

I think diversity training should be a program/course offered to college students as an elective, and give colleges the choice to offer it or not.

 @9JXVC9R from California answered…3mos3MO

No, instead, put more focus on the histories of other countries and on pre-WWII history. The cirriculum is biased towards the late modern and contemporary eras, and does not do justice to the histories of the world. I'm not saying get rid of US history, I'm saying we need a LOT more history courses than English courses.

 @9JMRHK7 from Arizona answered…4mos4MO

What on earth is mandatory diversity training for student? Why would students need that? Or is that accurate history which I think that everyone needs?

 @9J36S7C from Illinois answered…4mos4MO

Yes, but only if always regulated and put through change and supervision to make sure it's intents are morally true. Ex. Make sure children are not conditioned to believe negatively/ believe that all are not equal.

 @9HSGSGP from New Jersey answered…5mos5MO

Add general tolerance awareness to anti-bullying awareness programs in schools. Only have mandatory diversity training for K-12 public school in reaction to tragedies in the community. There should be mandatory training for college freshmen though,

 @zackrspv  from Colorado answered…5mos5MO

Yes, but only in the guise of Critical Race Theory and it should be voluntary and with parental permission.

 @9F8MGYB from Mississippi answered…8mos8MO

 @9F56K6ZLibertarian from Utah answered…8mos8MO

 @9F2H5ZT  from New York answered…8mos8MO

 @9DRGWJN from Texas answered…9mos9MO

 @99LQ96CDemocrat from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

I believe that these ideas should be brought up into school unless it is gender or sexuality, teaching these things would bring more kids wanting to be transgender, etc.

 @99LN84Z from Florida answered…1yr1Y

 @99LMTKDIndependent from Oklahoma answered…1yr1Y

 @99LM4CQ from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

 @99LJKFW from Louisiana answered…1yr1Y

I believe that schools should do diversity training but not make it mandatory

 @99LFW2R from Minnesota answered…1yr1Y

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 @99LF3YW from Indiana answered…1yr1Y

Diversity training? If we are all equal and have the same features, why call it diversity training?


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