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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Increase for large multinational corporations but lower for small businesses

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@95DR529from North Carolina  answered…5mos

Lower for both large multinational corporations and small businesses.

@98XNN2X from New York answered…2hrs

@98VZGKQ from Indiana answered…4 days

I do not believe the taxes to be a major issue, but the loop holes should be gotten rid of.

@98VRDT3 from Virginia answered…4 days

@98VD2ZW from Minnesota answered…5 days

@98TYHZ4 from Texas answered…6 days

@98TC7KS from Arizona answered…1wk

There should be a base flat rate of taxes on businesses and then this flat rate should be increased based on regulations, type of industry, and type of transaction.

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Lower but reform off-shore income and accelerated depreciation loopholes

@98SHTM4 from North Carolina answered…1wk

@98S89BV from New York answered…1wk

Taxes need reformation. I support a consumption tax or VAT with some exemptions

@98S5WTV from Florida answered…2wks

Keep current rates for large multinational corporations but lower tax rate for small businesses and eliminate deductions and loopholes for both.

@98S2WJWSocialist from California answered…2wks

Abolish the corporation tax and drastically increase the income taxes on the rich.

@98R86TFDemocrat from Virginia answered…2wks

Lower, but eliminate deductions and loop holes. Also, lower for small business but maintain loopholes for small businesses.

@98QFR9B from New York answered…2wks

Lower the corporate tax rates for corporations as they are the ones that employ workers and make good investment to the economy

@98Q4NS7 from Texas answered…2wks

Raise and force companies that try to move or outsource to stay in the country

@98Q4JX7 from California answered…2wks

Lower or adjust to permit fair trade and the government must have authority to prevent cutthroat capitalism and protect its citizens from criminal activities.

@98P9ZZR from California answered…2wks

The tax rate should be adjusted according to the sales and size of the corporation.

@98NVJ3P from North Carolina answered…3wks

@98NG3YFRepublican from New York answered…3wks

@98NBDPK from Indiana answered…3wks

Taxes should be individual, not based on corporations. They're already paying taxes in their profits.

@98MZW3N from Iowa answered…3wks

trying to overly tax them would only have them raise their prices and hurt the consumer but eliminating loopholes is always a good thing to do.

@98MPFSCDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

@98LSLB3 from Michigan answered…3wks

@98LDQDP from New Jersey answered…3wks

Increase for large multinational corporations but lower for small businesses. Eliminate deductions & loopholes.

@98LCM4L from Florida answered…3wks

Tax the profits instead. It'll help provide that tax payment from corporations without causing lack of investors from an increase on international investors.

@98KPSKX from Tennessee answered…3wks

@98KBVV2Republicanfrom Maine  answered…4wks

Keep the current rate for large multinational coporations but lower for small businesses

@98JCD8V from Texas answered…4wks

Raise, and eliminate loop holes while only keeping deductions that benefit the public interest

@98J6NCLCommunist from New York answered…4wks

Raise on all private industry, byt nationalize all industry if possible.

@98J3N9H from Washington answered…4wks

Corporations simply should not exist, and things should be collectively owned

 @Drd1176 from Kentucky answered…4wks

IF 10% is good enough for Jesus then it oughta be good enough for Uncle Sam!

@98HR27XLibertarian from Maryland answered…4wks

@98HQXKY from Texas answered…4wks

Raise and don't let them leave and raise tariffs and put embargo on china

@98HQVZB from Minnesota answered…4wks

@98HM5QGIndependent from Texas answered…4wks

It depends on the business, the industry, the performance, the focus, how they effect their consumers, etc. Of course, I generally agree that major corporations should receive higher taxes than smaller ones all else equal.

@98H8HV7 from New Jersey answered…1mo

Raise, but they also have to regulate the prices. No point in raising the taxes if the companies can just pass the expense off to their customers.

@98H3TSW from Colorado answered…1mo

Increase to pay off the debt and decrease once we have a surplus of money so they can do their work with as much money possible.


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