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 @9FH77ZK from Idaho agreed…2 days2D

A flatter corporate tax code, with fewer deductions and loopholes, may disproportionately benefit larger corporations with the resources to navigate complex tax regulations. Smaller businesses that rely on certain deductions to remain competitive could face disadvantages, potentially reducing economic diversity and stifling innovation.

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 @9F7N5LXfrom Guam agreed…2wks2W

Look at OECD countries data, lower corporate tax rates lead to higher corporate tax as percent of GDP.

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Increase for large multinational corporations but lower for small businesses

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Keep current rates but eliminate deductions and loop holes

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Lower, but eliminate deductions and loop holes

 @9FH77ZK from Idaho disagreed…2 days2D

While simplifying the corporate tax code by lowering rates and eliminating deductions and loopholes can seem like a sound idea, it may not necessarily achieve the intended benefits and could exacerbate certain issues.

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Remove taxes on corporations and tax shareholder dividends instead

 @8LYMN8ZIndependent from Maine answered…3yrs3Y

Lower for small businesses, raise for big businesses, eliminate deductions, and loop holes

 @95DR529from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

 @8HJRBDY from Colorado answered…3yrs3Y

Lower as long as the money the company gets in tax backs gets used in the economy to create more jobs

 @8HJQJ38 from Colorado answered…3yrs3Y

There should be an increase depending on the corporations current economic health.

 @9B8JWDG from Texas answered…6mos6MO

 @944MJ7B from Florida answered…1yr1Y

Raise for large multinational corporations but lower for small businesses along with eliminating deductions and loop holes

 @8FK3FMF from California answered…3yrs3Y

"Lower on small and midsize businesses, and raise on big and large corporations, and tax shareholder dividends and on stock buybacks." (Submitted stance by user)

 @9D2NND6 from Washington answered…2mos2MO

Raise for large multinational corporations but lower for small businesses and tax shareholder dividends

 @98MPFSCDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…9mos9MO

 @9D8LF34 from Washington answered…1mo1MO

Abolish tax on capital, replace with tax in rents.

 @9D8LF34 from Washington commented…1mo1MO

Replace all taxes with a tax on economic rents. Rents, in general, may slow the economy, contribute to inequality, and are an excellent source of revenue with out imposing a deadweight loss on the economy.

 @96JVK6B from Michigan answered…11mos11MO

Lower, except in the event they relocate jobs outside the US in which they should be punished.

 @959K74L from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

Lower,but for both large multinational corporations and small businesses.

 @8NN9YCL from Texas answered…3yrs3Y

Taxes should be proportional to income/profits. Close the tax loop-holes for the uber rich while giving incentives for creating jobs and investing in the local communities. The country needs a tax reform to give lower income people a much needed break and introduce a reasonable and fair amount of tax to people based on their earnings/income with the richest taxed at a higher weight.

 @96L89MX from Michigan answered…11mos11MO

Lower, but eliminate loopholes, & punish those who relocate outside of the country.

 @8Z2WLJ4 from Illinois answered…2yrs2Y

Eliminate corporate taxes as they are really taxes on the people, since corporations will raise prices and/or lower wages and benefits to compensate.

 @8P2MDFD from North Carolina answered…3yrs3Y

 @8NS264C from Kansas answered…3yrs3Y

Doesn't matter. Some corporations would probably just move that tax to their employees.

 @8NRB5WP from Connecticut answered…3yrs3Y

Eliminate loopholes for all businesses and individuals Increase rates for big corporations Decrease for small business

 @8ZJH5GHLibertarian from Ohio answered…2yrs2Y

 @8QRVVHN from Pennsylvania answered…3yrs3Y

 @8C4Q6CXRepublican from Texas answered…3yrs3Y

What kind of question is this? Don't we like the readily available goods we all receive? Don't we all enjoy the technology and ease-of-access these CORPORATIONS afford us? We should not stifle them.

 @8CNM93J from Texas disagreed…2yrs2Y

Increase for large multinational corporations but lower for small businesses

Higher taxes for them means lower taxes for you, and they already make more money than they could ever dream of using.

 @9FC3N23American Solidarity from Texas answered…1wk1W

 @9FBWY6Q from Tennessee answered…1wk1W

Raise their taxes, eliminate loopholes, ban lobbying, and strip the rich of all their power

 @9F9YB4D from Florida answered…1wk1W

 @9F9LZ94 from Missouri answered…1wk1W

Raise the tax rate for corporations, eliminate deductions and loopholes, and increase the tax rate for large multinational corporations, but lower the tax rate for small businesses

 @9F7SNL5 from California answered…2wks2W


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