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@9XLJP4GPeace and Freedom from California answered…7 days

No, but they should be subject to significantly more restrictions

@9XHBYZ5Constitution from Tennessee answered…2wks

No, it depends on the severity of the reason they are on the no fly list for.

@9W9ZBPQWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…2mos

Yes, I hate guns outside of hunting wildlife and defending homesteads from predatory animals.

@9VVHKVVSocialist from Washington answered…2mos

No, this is a slippery slope that will eventually deny peoples' rights without due process

@9M5WXFQTranshumanist from Indiana answered…12mos

No, and we need to improve the gun/ammo buying process with stronger background checks, psychological tests, and training

@9M2Y5QFGreen from Minnesota answered…12mos

@9LTMRM8Veteran from Tennessee answered…12mos

No, but yes if the ones on the "no fly list" have committed crimes that are unconstitutional.

@9LPT5XLWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…12mos

What are the requirements to be placed on the no fly list. If a person as been PROVEN to posses the requirements based of their actions and history. My answer would be yes

@9LJLFGZDemocrat from South Carolina answered…12mos

Yes, but only if they are not dangerous to their surroundings

@9LJ6J5FVeteran from New Jersey answered…12mos

@9L5CJG5Republican from Texas answered…12mos

@9L4ZM63Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…12mos

It depends on their reasoning for being put on the no fly list, and plus this would probably be unconstitutional to deny someone's rights without due process, and also depends on whether they used a gun before or not, and in what way.

@9KXL4X4Republican from California answered…12mos

No, people can be placed on no fly lists by accident, and may not be aware of it.

@9KRLQ83Veteran from Virginia answered…1yr

There should be more of a background check on people on a no-fly list, but they shouldn't be outright stopped

@9KLG59HDemocrat from California answered…1yr

It depends on the reason they are on the no-fly list. People convicted of violent crime should be banned from purchasing guns and ammunition.

@9KBSZB8Working Family from Illinois answered…1yr

No, but look more into why they are on the “no fly-list” and base it off of that record

@9JR29P4Republican from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Yes, if they shouldn't fly because they are suspected terrorists then they shouldn't be able to buy an semi-auto or automatic weapon.

@SatironyIndependent from New York answered…1yr

Only if they are background checked and found to be a suspected terrorist.

@9H2D6LVWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…1yr

I feel that I do not know enough about this topic to contribute an answer.

@9GZCYMMRepublican from Missouri answered…1yr

why are the on the no fly list and does it have anything to do with guns? Too broad of a question.

@9FXZDC6Republican from Florida answered…1yr

Yes but only if there is a method to be reviewed and removed from the no-fly list for those cases where someone is flagged incorrectly.

@9FVQJJVWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…1yr

If they are on the “no-fly list” they should have due process decided if there place on the list and there request to receive a gun is valid and does not endanger anyone.

@9FDV39HVeteran from Kentucky answered…1yr

No. The federal government should have no power to tell someone what kind of firearms they may or may not purchase. Discretion should be given to local lawmakers and firearms dealers.

@9FBHNVVTranshumanist from Florida answered…1yr

Depends on why you are band from flying. If there was violence or a terrorist threat then you shouldn't be able to get ammo or a gun. Now if you had a issue that involves you needing a service animal and your service animal was denied access to you and you ended up with anxiety attacks and they band you then you should be able to buy a gun as long as you are mentally stable.

@9F8L8R3Green from Maryland answered…1yr

No, the no-fly list should be banned, as it is does not have due process.

@9TXZ3TXDemocrat from New York answered…5mos

@9TRMWSWVeteran from Texas answered…6mos

no cause last I read, you can sometimes have the same name as the other person, error of individuals, and cause it can be placed there by the word of mouth

@9TG8STJWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Only until a no-fly list screening process is improved for accuracy and includes due process and it's beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person is too dangerous.

@9T28BJBWomen’s Equality from Iowa answered…7mos

Yes, but only if they have been charged and found guilty of a felony in federal court. The no-fly list itself shouldn't be the sole or primary determining factor

@9SLFRXZWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…7mos

No, not unless their reason from being banned would be constituted as criminal/ seriously dangerous

@9SKTSTCDemocrat from Illinois answered…7mos

No, and the no-fly list must be improved for accuracy and to include due process.

@9S59BMXIndependent from Connecticut answered…8mos

The no fly lacks due process and needs major reform before this rule can be implemented

@9R7MGW6Transhumanist from Minnesota answered…10mos

@9R7ML7GConstitution from Michigan answered…10mos

Any and all control of armaments as per the 2nd amendment is a violation of your 2nd, 8th, 9th and 14th amendment.

@9R2NKKDVeteran from New Jersey answered…10mos

People with ties to terrorist groups or are suspected to be a terrorist should be banned from buying guns and ammo.

@9QDYCBWLibertarian from North Carolina answered…11mos

No, no adult should be banned from purchasing guns and ammunition

@9Q6RPRGRepublican from New York answered…11mos

On the edge, it is indeed a slippery slope that will lead to the govt to take away our guns but at the same point if you are deemed too dangerous to get on a plane you shouldn’t have a gun.

@9NX3Z3TVeteran from Arizona answered…12mos

Suspected terrorists should not be allowed entry into the country.

@9NMVRDKPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…12mos

@Imani-MurryLibertarian from North Dakota answered…12mos

If an individual seller wants to refuse to sell to a person, that seller has the right to freedom of association.

@9MX98N9Progressive from California answered…12mos

The "no-fly list" is a small section U.S. government Terrorist Screening Database. No one in the database should be allowed to purchase a firearm. yet, any individual how is on the list should have a legal course of appeals through the courts to be removed from the list and have the right to purchase restored.


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