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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, it is unconstitutional to deny someone’s rights without due process

 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  agreed…5mos

No, it is unconstitutional to deny someone’s rights without due process

If you're going to keep me off planes, I better get a really good reason from you.

 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  agreed…5mos

No, it is unconstitutional to deny someone’s rights without due process

The reason he's on the list may be bunk, so he shouldn't lose his rights unless proven.

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, if the government considers you too dangerous to board a plane you should not be able to buy a gun

@93ZRL6SLibertarian from Utah disagreed…6mos

Too many innocent people have been placed on Do Not Fly lists because their name matches someone else that is a person of interest. The list is asinine.

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, but not until the no-fly list screening process is improved for accuracy and includes due process

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, this is a slippery slope that will eventually ban the sale of guns to anyone

@587QZFYfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

The Constitution is for our protection..not for the protection of suspected terrorists. If someone is on the "no fly" list... they need to prove themselves innocent/safe. I agree this sounds like it is against "innocent until proven guilty" but do we want innocent until you kill 200 people ?

 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  disagreed…5mos

No, it is unconstitutional to deny someone’s rights without due process

We shouldn't go "Minority Report".

@8YDCCSQ from North Carolina answered…1yr

Depends on what they were put on the No-fly list for and I believe the nofly list should be improved for accuracy and includes due process.

@98ZKKPM from California answered…4hrs

@AWeiseyyy24Republican from Minnesota answered…1 day

Depends on why they’re on the no-fly list. If they’re suspected for terrorism, why are they suspected for that? Getting why they’re on the list would determine that answer.

@98YJVRY from Colorado answered…2 days

Banned from assault rifles and military grade weapons, not ammunition

@98XFJ2G from New York answered…3 days

@98W86RQ from California answered…7 days

@98W598JLibertarian from California answered…1wk

@98VZGKQ from Indiana answered…1wk

@98V8MRHfrom Maine  answered…1wk

No, the government is too controlling and will use this to control anyone they don't like. After banning them from doing that, they might expand what they can ban people from buying.

@98TPGKJ from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Yes, but that is taking away a civil right so it might be hard to go through with

@98TPDMD from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

@98TMB4M from Washington answered…1wk

@98T6HVF from Iowa answered…1wk

I feel that any person should be banned if they can not go over seas for any reason.

@98SS9XTDemocrat from Montana answered…2wks

Depends on why they are on the no fly list. If it is for something dealing with weapons then yes

@98QJ2SW from Maryland answered…2wks

Depending on what they did to get themselves on the "no-flight-list".

@98P4FYC from California answered…3wks

Yes with due process and only if you are considered too dangerous to own one you shouldn’t have one on a plane.

@98NP8WQ from Nevada answered…3wks

Yes, if the government does a screening that shows the person is a potential threat

@98MMR7HWorking Family from North Carolina answered…3wks

Depends, some people get banned from planes for reasons that do not make them dangerous but others do and they should not be allowed guns

@98MJB3R from New York answered…3wks

@98M6NPH from Utah answered…3wks

Yes, but not until the process is improved for accuracy, includes due processing, and a chance for future appeal

@98LDCB6 from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

@98KBSMGPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…4wks

@98KBB6W from Illinois answered…4wks

Yes, if they are on the no-fly list due to unlawful use of guns and/or ammunition

@98JL67C from North Carolina answered…4wks

No, but the gun company should be notified of those on the no-fly list

@98HTNDJ from North Carolina answered…1mo

@98HS4HC from Nebraska answered…1mo

No, aside from the fact it is unconstitutional to deny someone's rights without due process this is a slippery slope that will eventually ban the sale of guns to anyone

@98HM5QGIndependent from Texas answered…1mo

The "no-fly list" and any hypothetical "no-purchase list" should be made separate entirely for the fact that the two may be independent of each other if only in an esoterically limited capacity. If there were a place in which the two could be decided together, then it would be worth having that. At the same time, there are many other classifications to sanction people as necessary that are worth consideration.

@98H72M9 from New Mexico answered…1mo

No, it's unconstitutional without an outside party's approval for a proper license.

@98DY9HQ from Illinois answered…2mos

Literally anyone can end up on that list for no reason, absolutely not.

@98D2DV9Peace and Freedom from California answered…2mos

@98BV6PB from Wisconsin answered…2mos

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

Yes, and include those convicted of domestic violence and other violent crimes

@98B9YTH from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

I would need to learn more about this list; I am aware of how security enforcement on planes is often unfair/racialized.


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