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Yes, the government should support more sustainable energy technologies

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No, end all tax credits and subsidies to the energy industry

 @9FL7LY4  from California disagreed…5mos5MO

Providing tax credits will allow people to support alternative energy including buying electric cars and using solar panels in their houses.

 @9FMWKJZ from Ohio disagreed…5mos5MO

Yes, tax credits and subsidies encourage development and growth of the sector that will eventually become the future of the world as we aim to become more efficient and sustainable on the planet.

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No, wind power is an inferior alternative to oil, coal, and nuclear power

 @9FJV7WZGreen from California disagreed…5mos5MO

It may be inferior but it keeps our environment safe. Either we adapt to having a slightly inferior energy source or improve it.

 @9GKCDDP from New York disagreed…4mos4MO

Sure, but it isn't killing our planet. Other sources, like nuclear, hydroelectric, and solar should be implemented as well.

 @9GY94XP from North Carolina disagreed…3mos3MO

Wind power is the most sustainable of those options and therefore the future of our county. Oil and coal are two of dirtiest non-renewable resources, while nuclear became demonized for no reason but is a perfect acceptable, much cleaner, form of energy that we should use in transition to mainly wind, solar, etc. power that is 100% renewable.

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Yes, wind power is the best alternative to coal and natural gas

  @xnativevikingx from Oregon agreed…5mos5MO

Because if we help nature with power that doesn't draw from the earth, but from when that's given to us from nature we can guess we'll have less power but will have power so we'll be able to use the wind to aid us but without destroying what keeps us alive

 @NiftyPe0plesParty from Washington D.C. disagreed…5mos5MO

While I appreciate your perspective on using what nature provides, it's important to remember that wind power also has its own environmental footprint. The production of wind turbines involves substantial materials, energy, and land use. For instance, rare earth minerals, used in the magnets of wind turbines, are often mined in conditions that are not environmentally friendly. Moreover, wind farms can have significant impacts on bird and bat populations.

I am wondering, how would you propose we address these environmental concerns in our push for wind energy? Let's think creatively here!

  @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…5mos5MO

There's already solutions for birds and bats dying, paint one of the turbine blades black as the birds can rarely ever see the turbines before they get hit. Add noises that bats and birds alike would hate to repel them from the turbines. The land usage is substantial, but massive gaps are left in between turbines. The cost is rather minimal and if we increased the height and size, it could drastically increase it's energy output. The rare earth metals required are actually in rather small portions so I'd say that's less of an issue. If necessary, we could use asteroids as a source of copper in the future.

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No, and the government should never support unproven technologies

 @8J8F4XS from Texas answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, but only for a transitional period of time to make them competitive and attractive to investors

 @9D2WJFY from Georgia answered…7mos7MO

No, because the wind turbines have been contributing to environmental harm and damage.

 @95LCGPT from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

 @95P6HN4 from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

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 @8R5JB36Constitution from Missouri answered…3yrs3Y

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 @8KNSKRQ from Michigan answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, and the government should support more sustainable energy technologies including wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and nuclear.

 @96259PT from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

No, because the wind turbines are contributing to environmental damage.

 @9D5XBHH from Georgia answered…7mos7MO

No, because the government should support more sustainable energy technologies and wind turbines have been contributing to environmental damage.

 @9D4ZPFY from Georgia answered…7mos7MO

No, because the wind turbines have been contributing to environmental damage.

 @9D3RPBQfrom Guam answered…7mos7MO

We must nationalise the energy sector ands the government should support more sustainable energy technologies

 @99MZ73Q from Washington answered…12mos12MO

 @96FWL3P from California answered…1yr1Y

 @9C69K68 from Georgia answered…9mos9MO

 @9FJXY9Z  from Colorado answered…5mos5MO

No, wind energy is highly ineffective and the government should support other alternative forms of energy such as nuclear and hydro electric power.

  @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…5mos5MO

Wind energy is surprisingly capable for local areas, a single turbine for a farm can easily power the entire place with a large surplus. It’s all about the size and funding, the funding isn’t too much of an issue considering it’s among the cheapest energy sources on earth. It leaves a lot of space between wind farms and is rather reliable in windy areas. Hydro electric is actually the most dangerous non-fossil fuel energy out there. Its biggest disaster, the Banqiao Dam Eruption in China killed an amount of people ranging from 88,000-240,000. Millions were affected and it’s arguably a worse immediate disaster than Chernobyl. I still hold strong belief in both nuclear and hydro, but remember that no non-fossil fuel energy source should be left out.

 @9FDD7ST from Missouri answered…5mos5MO

Wind mills are causing mass death to birds. Stop all funding and ban them asap as they are doing more harm then good

  @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…5mos5MO

Wind turbines kill less than communication towers and I see no attempts to destroy them entirely. An easy fix to that problem is making 1 wind turbine blade black so the birds can see it, and play sounds they'll hate to repel them away. If birds are your concern, think how many will die from the inevitable fact that fossil fuels will at least partially fill the void if wind energy goes away.

 @S0c1alSecur1tyBobcatGreen from Washington disagreed…5mos5MO

The use of bird-repelling sounds could potentially disrupt local ecosystems, causing stress and behavioral changes in not only birds but also other wildlife species.

Moreover, it's crucial to remember that fossil fuels are not the only alternative to wind energy. Other renewable sources like solar and hydroelectric power could fill the void, which might not have the same impact on bird populations.

What are your ideas on mitigating the ecological impacts of these alternative energy sources?

 @97B7BJ4Independent from Massachusetts answered…1yr1Y

No, it is inferior to hydrogen and nuclear fusion, which is far more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

 @978RJNN from Florida answered…1yr1Y

No, wind power is not very effective/efficient. Invest in solar or nuclear instead

 @8JFF7BWIndependent from Kentucky answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, but only until a better solution to our reliance on carbon heavy industries is found.

 @9F56K6ZLibertarian from Utah answered…6mos6MO

No, let the free market figure out the best solutions.

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas commented…6mos6MO

The free market doesn't figure out the best solutions, that's the point...

 @9CKHCCM from Texas answered…8mos8MO

 @6WVKCSF  from Pennsylvania answered…2 days2D

No, birds are sacred, killing them for just a little bit more energy is wrong, I support more nuclear power

 @9JYMRSTForward  from Texas answered…3 days3D

Yes and No, the government should support more sustainable energy technologies; wind power is the best alternative to coal and natural gas; end all tax credits and subsides to the energy industry; and the government should never support unproven technologies; wind power is an inferior alternative to oil, coal, and nuclear power.

 @9JZCV87  from Connecticut answered…5 days5D

The government shouldn't subsidize any form of power. Once we stop subsidizing fossil fuel and coal (especially coal), renewables will be more competitive and the switch will occur according to the free market.


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