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Yes, the government should support more sustainable energy technologies

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No, wind power is an inferior alternative to oil, coal, and nuclear power

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@984CSRH from New Jersey answered…2hrs

Yes, as well as water and nuclear power as well if it hasn't happened already.

@984CFC2 from Oregon answered…4hrs

Yes, but wind power companies should be required to pay higher taxes than other industries after reaching a certain amount of profitability and size.

@9847BHX from South Carolina answered…11hrs

Yes, as long as the credits and subsidies are used to make wind power a better alternative

@9843FGS from South Carolina answered…14hrs

@984223GGreen from California answered…15hrs

I believe both sides are right. Wind farms can help us clean the air by producing energy without using fossil fuel. There will be less expanding in the fuels and will not cause so much pollution for animals habitat. Also this is a more sustainable way to receive energy instead of waiting on others. But clearing natural habitats that contain wild life and homes for the animals is devastating, Also these wind farms are killing the bird who migrate during the winter. If they produce more wind farms different types if birds will soon die or even become extinct.

@983VDYN from Nevada answered…17hrs

Yes, Only in a way that will guarantee that other companies wont sell these credits off to other corporations.

@98377FHIndependent from North Carolina answered…2 days

no, the government should support more sustainable alternative energy technolgy

@982YJ3N from Florida answered…2 days

@98293CG from Indiana answered…3 days

Yes, however they should decrease the amount of wind turbines or find other forms to get energy that won't harm the environment

@97ZZF73 from Nevada answered…3 days

Yes but only for research. Companies should have to invest their own money for the infrastructure.

@97ZP8TD from Connecticut answered…4 days

No, wind power is worse for the environment than even nuclear power due to the impact of production of the equipment, habitation loss, low and inconsistent output, high maintenance (in terms of replacing parts), and the almost inconsequential waste of nuclear power. A combination of solar power (using perovskite or similar technology) and thermoelectrics for increased efficiency and throughput is likely the best possible solution utilizing conventional physics, and tax subsidies and credits should be given to those industries instead. Truly renewable energy is impossible anyways, unless theories regarding synthesis of virtual particle pairs from oscillations from uncertainty are proven true.

@97ZMDPX from California answered…5 days

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…5 days

Yes to increase exploratory technology and help create celan, renewable, reliable, sustainable energy.

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…5 days

Yes, but small amounts to help create alternate cleaner forms of energy.

@97YQ92WIndependent from Rhode Island answered…1wk

@8TYH38SIndependent from Texas answered…1wk

Yes, but instead of subsidies use economic incentives like tax credits

@97XK93Kfrom Virgin Islands  answered…2wks

Yes, and also other forms of clean or renewable energy production along with battery and hydrogen fuel technology

@97XJKK4from Maine  answered…2wks

@97XB74FSocialistfrom Virgin Islands  answered…2wks

Yes, and provide subsidized retraining for coal and oil workers into new industries paid by taxes on coal and oil.

@97X37SP from North Carolina answered…2wks

Yes and no they should be private companies that compete for the governments funding by providing the advancements in green technology and making it a more ecologically sound decision which would counteract the costs of putting new technology to work.

@97WTJR6 from Maryland answered…2wks

I like how it's a way better alternative from pollution based energy but I don't want it to harm the land or animals by clearing and blocking the way for migration. Perhaps find another eco friendly, big, energy maker?

@97WMKQB from North Carolina answered…2wks

No, but they should give tax credit and subsidies to nuclear power as well as making it safer and the funding of research for possibly more effective alternative energies.

@97WFFSF from Mississippi answered…2wks

No, wind is not as reliable for most of the country. Instead support nuclear as it is zero emissions and can sustain baseline power.

@97W9K6H from Illinois answered…2wks

@97W4BRK from North Carolina answered…2wks

No,because the wind turbines are helping to create environmental damage.

@97W2MYQLibertarian from Colorado answered…2wks

@97VY8LQ from Kansas answered…2wks

There are more efficient alternatives to clean energy that leaves a smaller ecological foot print thatn wind turbines.

@97VRQ32 from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@97VBJGPDemocrat from California answered…2wks

@97TFG2Q from Arizona answered…2wks

No, we should invest in nuclear power instead, as it is the cleanest, safest, and most efficient method of alternative energy generation.

@97ST39C from Texas answered…2wks

I think if it is proven that wind farms are more efficient than fossil fuels then they should proceed with caution regarding the bird's flight path.

@97SMSWXWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…2wks

Even though they are a great source of wind electricity, I don't like that it's killing birds, so my opinion is 50/50

@97SM4JZfrom Maine  answered…2wks

Yes, but it must be made sure that these tax credits and subsidies are exclusively used to advance the technology

@97RL6V4 from Oklahoma answered…2wks

wind power is not the best but it is better than coal and natural gas.

@97RGTYS from North Carolina answered…2wks

Wind power is an improvement to fossil fuels, however nuclear, solar, and other alternatives can be far more environmentally efficient.


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