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  @xnativevikingx from Oregon agreed…1wk1W

Because if we help nature with power that doesn't draw from the earth, but from when that's given to us from nature we can guess we'll have less power but will have power so we'll be able to use the wind to aid us but without destroying what keeps us alive

 @NiftyPe0plesParty from Washington D.C. disagreed…1wk1W

While I appreciate your perspective on using what nature provides, it's important to remember that wind power also has its own environmental footprint. The production of wind turbines involves substantial materials, energy, and land use. For instance, rare earth minerals, used in the magnets of wind turbines, are often mined in conditions that are not environmentally friendly. Moreover, wind farms can have significant impacts on bird and bat populations.

I am wondering, how would you propose we address these environmental concerns in our push for wind energy? Let's think creatively here!

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…1wk1W

There's already solutions for birds and bats dying, paint one of the turbine blades black as the birds can rarely ever see the turbines before they get hit. Add noises that bats and birds alike would hate to repel them from the turbines. The land usage is substantial, but massive gaps are left in between turbines. The cost is rather minimal and if we increased the height and size, it could drastically increase it's energy output. The rare earth metals required are actually in rather small portions so I'd say that's less of an issue. If necessary, we could use asteroids as a source of copper in the future.


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