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“I think that from Pre school till 9th grade should have a focus on core competencies (English, Math, and Science). I feel that there should be arts and health education throughout, based on age appropriate activities throughout all ages. Grades 5th through 9th should include some bio/agriculture sciences to help teach children about health and life in respect to food and the food chain. By 10th grade, This will be a year where students will start the years of researching and deciding more about the path they would like to take in education and life. All will take the GED at this stage, so that if they have uncertainties about their future, they can at least have obtained a basic education in English, Math, and Science. Social studies/History should be taught from 4th till 12th, but with as honest a stance as can be given instead of instilling blind nationalism. Critical thinking should be encouraged heavily in Writing/Reading, Math, Science, and Social studies. If a student continues through to 11th and 12th grade, these two years will be filled with studies similar to entry level college courses in various aspects with a focus on giving students to form a stronger sense of where they would like to apply their skills in life, with some opportunities being provided right out of high school in the form of apprenticeships (paid training). Unpaid internships are unsustainable. I feel that there should be a federal baseline, but some areas will differ in how they teach related to urban/rural areas. there should be exchange of the differences of such to apply more to one area than another but to still advocate "if in this kind of area, then these will be some of the opportunities as well as drawbacks". I'm still fleshing out a lot of this framework, but mostly, its the idea of teaching children from a young age to the best that they can absorb the knowledge on what opportunities are out there and what they can do for themselves as well as learning social responsibility and respect of others, and hopefully to develop a love of learning.”

From a Green in San Ysidro, CA
In reponse to: Do you support Common Core national standards?

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