Yes, and drastically increase the current amount of programs
No, and minority groups should not receive any favorable treatment

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See how importance of “Affirmative Action” has changed over time for 11.9m America voters.

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 @4SNSSB2from Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, & Canada answered…3yrs3Y

I believe that America needs to start recognizing that there are no minorities anymore. We are all Americans. End of story. If you are in America it is because you are or want to be an American. We are all people and we are all Americans. The color of one's skin, one's gender, one's sexual preference, or one's religion should not make us different enough to cause such a segregated society. We don't have separate facilities, but we are certainly segregated to this day, and it's pathetic.

 @4TRB4RWfrom New York answered…3yrs3Y

No, the Democrats purposely designed affirmative action to produce failure and increase racism. If blacks had followed Malcolm X instead of MLK they would not have remained in the permanent underclass the Democrats created for them

 @52KP5BXfrom Virginia answered…3yrs3Y

No, "the first step to stopping racism is to stop talking about it"~Morgan Freeman

 @5NBYT86from Ohio answered…3yrs3Y

Not when it interferes with the best qualified person through testing, etc. Do we go into a black or Hispanic business and demand that they fire their black or Hispanic workers and replace them with whites.? Fair play?

 @4S6DMZWfrom Wisconsin answered…3yrs3Y

No. The soft bigotry of lowered expectations does not help minority groups.

 @4SNNPBZfrom Kansas answered…3yrs3Y

Regardless, we should create more social programs to address poverty, and also increase the acceptance of different races, forget the "minority" everyone needs to be treated equal, it's not "black lives matter" it's not "minority lives matter" It's every god damn life matters.

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