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 @9RJKNGT from New York answered…14hrs14H

yes, by closing the gun show loop hole, as well as more efficient background checks and psych evaluation, as well cracki…

 @9RJDP93 from Kentucky answered…16hrs16H

No but require further background checks and mandatory training along with increased penalties for gun related crime

 @9RJ9KVD from Nevada answered…17hrs17H

Yes, create gun safety courses that are mandatory to take before purchasing a firearm, similar to automotive/motorcycle…

 @9RJ5WRG from Texas answered…18hrs18H

Something needs to change to prevent gun violence in schools. Mental health background checks or some way to check menta…

 @9RJ2DKW from Arkansas answered…20hrs20H

No, human nature makes this entire argument pointless. Adding more restrictions to guns is only going to make it harder…

 @9RHWGGQ from Maryland answered…21hrs21H

No, only for criminals and the mentally ill, ban assault rifles, and increase penalties for gun related crimes

 @9RHQMRQ from California answered…23hrs23H

No, increase traceability of guns and prevent them from getting into the wrong hands instead of restricting sales to law…