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Yes, and immediately release anyone serving time solely for drug offenses

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Yes, and legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana instead of criminalizing it

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...11yrs

@4QYCV8Hfrom Wisconsin  answered…2yrs

@4RW83Q9from New Jersey  answered…2yrs

The government has no right to control what a free citizen does with their own body.

@4SHG42Dfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

Yes, and flood the market with all the marijuana currently held by the Border Patrol. Increase the penalties for anyone convicted of a crime resulting in injury or death to another person when the perpetrator was under the influence of marijuana.

@4Q82GJQfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

@4VXXD5Yfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Let's do some real scientific studies on the effects of high and chronic (no pun intended) THC exposures (such as are now occurring in Colorado and Washington) before we legalize anything. It's not the harmless herb we've been told.

@4SHTWN3from Maryland  answered…2yrs

@54VJX76from New York  answered…2yrs

Under reasonable exclusions including "moral clauses" for government employees e.g., teachers

@8ZRNDT4Socialist from Virginia commented…6mos

Wait, moral clauses? What would make weed a morality thing? Just don't show up to work high.

@5382ZY9from Missouri  answered…2yrs

No, there is no way to test the levels in your blood system like you can with alcohol. This makes it far more dangerous.

@4RMX7N9from Louisiana  answered…2yrs

Marijuana is a god given medicine. The research shows many medicinal properties with little side effects for major illnesses. Cannabis oil is becoming more and more useful with chronic illness in many. I would rather see Alcohol be banned before Cannabis. As strange as this sounds I don't think it should be legalized for everyday, everybody use. When this government gets it's hands on anything they destroy it. This is a natural plant, by the time they finish with it, it would become useless. No, the government should not have control over this at all.

@4SQQRH8from Minnesota  answered…2yrs

Yes but keep Monsanto's hands out of it so they don't poison it with their GMO's

@4QK765Bfrom Missouri  answered…2yrs

Allow research of potential medical uses and follow standard FDA drug evaluation procedures for those who might benefit from cannabis oil and derivative products. If successful, it would drop to a Class B drug instead of a Class A and reduce penalties for future abusers of the THC content per the medical process and process of law.

@5BM36PPfrom Kansas  answered…2yrs

It is a ridiculous subject to have any controversy about, when our borders & the American people are not safe!!!!

@4YJGTPZfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

Regulated to a point it is only legal at home. Let out drug offenders that are serving sentences for marijuana, thirty five grand in tax payer money for each one? Support medical research independent of the drug companies influence. Finally anyone can grow it, not just a few who pay to play. Hemp should be on the department of Agriculture's important crop list.

@54WX2TSfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

Drug sellers and traffickers, should be punished to the highest extent of the law MINIMUM of 40 years in prison. Those who are addicted and refuse help, give them a choice, of NO DRUGS OR PRISON. After they are helped, THEY pay for their rehab cost.

@4RGLZ3Pfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Yes,but it should be treated the same as alcohol driving under the influence of any substance should be a criminal act and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, there should not be any favoritism for first time offenders do the crime do the time

@4YL7VLZfrom Maryland  answered…2yrs

If weed becomes legal I will set off the nukes in America

@8ZRNDT4Socialist from Virginia commented…6mos

How would it effect you? If you don't smoke, asides from smelling it every once in awhile, I don't think it'd cause you any issue.

@4S47QD8from New York  answered…2yrs

Yes, but only for medical use and release anyone who is serving only for distribution of marijuana or use of it.

@4SM38BLIndependentfrom Tennessee  answered…2yrs

I neither support or do not support this. Some people just use it to get high and many others use it for medical help. Either way it is still a drug that is only killing you softly, as they say.

@4QKB76Vfrom Missouri  answered…2yrs

Marijuana, Cannabis and most recreational drugs must be generally legalized as they are less dangerous than prescription medications. More people are addicted to Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin, Valium and Xanax versus cannabis and cocaine.

@599GRYBfrom Minnesota  answered…2yrs

@4RGTLLGfrom Nevada  answered…2yrs

Decriminalize it, tax and regulate but don't forget all the people that are sitting in prison for a drug offense of having marijuana on them. Wasting their lives away. Busted for a joint. There are too many.

@4RW7ZQ7from Washington  answered…2yrs

Yes, start out legalizing for medical use only. Monitor societal effects. Implement reasonable punishment for offenders.

@4SB3RS3from Texas  answered…2yrs

Yes, but for real medical uses. Such as cancerous diseases. Not something like back pain.

@526Z9PZfrom Oregon  answered…2yrs

Figure out DUI measurements to keep roads safer and then legalize for all 21 years and older

@4SPQGSHfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

NO because I've seen too many people use "harmless" marijuana and become hooked on the harder drugs. I would agree to be able to legally use for medical reasons but only in pill or oil and only with an Rx from the doctor.

@4QPMMS9from California  answered…2yrs

Yes, legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana and restrict recreational use only for those over 25 years old and make it illegal for recreational use for those under 25 years old.

@4QJM47Cfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

I say, study the accident rate in states that have legalized marijuana, and if it has not increased the danger to other people on the road, then legalize it. It could help our state's economy.

@4S44KFGfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

Yes, release those in prison and clear their record so they can make a living. White men should not be the majority of people profiting from legalization after incarcerating black men and women for years!

@4QYDY47from New York  answered…2yrs

Add labels, warning signs, child locks, etc. for anything containing marijuana and legalize.

@4RCTVXDfrom Oklahoma  answered…2yrs

It is a persons right to have medical marijuana. They should not be taxed like it is a cigarette. Edible Marijuana should be legal. Growing you own is not to be taxed or be illegal. Hemp is used for many things, stop cutting down the rain forest and use Stalks of Hemp, it used to be done. Not only does it save the trees and the planet, but it is more durable then tree's..
Release all people who were arrested for Marijuana crimes, not narcotics.\
The Federal Government has Methadone clinics, not just for Vietnam veterans. Close that program down. People are getting free pass for a

@5FKTN3Bfrom Kansas  answered…2yrs

Yes but not allowing anyone to be high while driving or while caring for children

@95TXD5M from Wisconsin answered…10hrs

Yes, but regulate it and organize it properly, unlike the haphazard chaos of state level legalizations

@95T3Z5S from Arizona answered…1 day

Yes. And no longer penalize people for recreational use in any setting.

@95SN7M2Socialist from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

Yes, legalize, tax, and regulate it, and release those who are in prison solely for drug offenses.

@95S877Gfrom Massachusetts  answered…1 day

No, we should decriminalize it. Legalizing it would allow the government to tax dealers.

@Brett-Bagsham from Indiana answered…2 days

@95RGPKXSocialist from New Jersey answered…2 days

No. We do not have sufficient legislation in place to support potential legal issues with use (driving under influence, criminal acts under influence, etc.)


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