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@6BY6T9CDemocratfrom New York  answered…3mos

No!!!!! We have issues in this country that should be addressed!!! We have children who go hungry every day!!! Why do we have charities that raise money to feed hungry children while we are sending billions to foreign countries??? We need to butt out of Middle East issues!!!

@5R67DGPRepublicanfrom Michigan  answered…3mos

We need to fix our country before trying to help everyone else.

@5TLFNRTRepublicanfrom Kentucky  answered…3mos

Absolutely, the only glimmer of light surrounded by the other Middle Eastern cesspool.

@5RJRCWJDemocratfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

No, but we should put effort into negotiating for a peace deal between Palestine and Israel, favoring Palestine as its territory was infringed upon and it has a far greater population.

@5SDNKZMDemocratfrom Tennessee  answered…3mos

Absolutely not. The U.S. should recognize that Zionism and Judaism are not the same. Israel's leaders are invading a sovereign land. Why not the same outrage as over the Ukraine?

@5RJQZ9RDemocratfrom Texas  answered…3mos

How much of our debt do we have to borrow to give them that aid? How much of our debt is owned by other foreign entities? Why can't the Israeli government support themselves yet? How long do we plan to give them aid, while not fully recognizing Palestine as a sovereign entity? How much does our preferential treatment to Israel impact on the continuing violence between them & Palestine? Are we simply borrowing money to give to Israel to fund THEIR war against Palestine? Seems like we need to wean them off the USA's teat!

@6B4DG8MConstitutionfrom New York  answered…3mos

US Law, as in the Symington Amendment, forbids any military assistance to any country with a clandestine nuclear weapons program, All aid to Israel must cease until they come clean on their nukes.

@5TC6GD8Democratfrom New York  answered…3mos

This country is in serious debt. How the hell do we have money to give other countries when we don't have money for our own people? Which countries came to our aid during Hurricane Katrina, for example? America is like the dorky loser kid in school that gives the big kids his lunch money & cookies just so he can have "friends." Stop giving everyone money we don't have to give!!! Care about America for a change!

@5XVN7SQGreenfrom Maine  answered…3mos

It pisses me off that we give Israel full health coverage for its people but we say we can't do that here. Am an active duty military wife with a grown son who cannot afford dental benefits and high priced medication but there's so many who balk at the idea of lowering our country welfare system. How is this acceptable? Wtf is wrong with people? They are clearly ignorant.

@5XVYYGHRepublicanfrom Texas  answered…3mos

@5RQ6V38Constitutionfrom Texas  answered…3mos

Yes, but respect Israel’s sovereignty and do not dictate how it should interact with its neighbors, increase funding in order to move our embassy to Jerusalem, condemn the EU labeling of good from the "West Bank", and condemn the anti-Semitism of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

@5RSV8CSRepublicanfrom Illinois  answered…3mos

In 1946 there were only a handful of "Palestinians" in Palestine. When it looked as though a new nation of Israel would be created, hundreds of Muslims moved there, hoping to prevent Israel from coming into existence. Israel is the only nation in the region which provides its people real self-determination, but she is surrounded and greatly outnumbered by Muslim nations which hope to wipe Israel off the map. She needs our support and our respect for her sovereignty. She is a tiny nation, smaller than Rhode Island. Her antagonist neighbors have at least 1000 times her land area, and much

@5XR4S79Greenfrom Louisiana  answered…3mos

Yes, the level of antisemitism in the world is growing, and is truly terrifying. While I don't agree with all of the political and military decisions of Israel, it has a right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people, and it is our moral duty to help defend them, and prevent another Holocaust from ever occurring.

@5RD2H5VDemocratfrom California  answered…3mos

Yes, but ONLY if they stop encroaching (building settlements) on Palestinian lands.

@698772GGreenfrom Maine  answered…3mos

Israel violates more international laws than any other state on Earth and also breaches more than 70 UNSC resolutions over the last 40 years, with the USA vetoing many more.
It's against International Law, as well as US law, to continue to fund and support Israel.

@5SP5P9TLibertarianfrom Virginia  answered…3mos

We NEED to end all foreign aid to all foreign countries. America should not the World's Policeman nor the World's miracle worker. Nevertheless, we need to recognize that for all her flaws, Israel is the freest, most pro-West, and indeed the most pro- Life country in the Middle East. Israel is perhaps our greatest ally and a steadfast friend. I for one am grateful for such a great ally. Palestinians on the other hand generally are genocidal, anti-West, pro-Jihad. Read the Hamas charter. "In any conflict between barbarians and the civilized man, support the civilized man."- Ayn Rand In this case, Israel is the civilized man.

@5RXGHZVGreenfrom Minnesota  answered…3mos

I believe that we should cease all aid to foreign nations that currently have government officials who are under investigati0n of war crimes, have sponsored terrorists, and have human rights violations - after we have prosecuted all officials in our own government that do the same.

@5RQ6FKTDemocratfrom Florida  answered…3mos

@5T22QVMDemocratfrom Oregon  answered…3mos

We need to protect all human kind but we should start on our door step and stop running to the aid of every other country. We have problems on our soil...let's fix those so we know better how to help other countries.

@6CV53JBGreenfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

No, cut all support and aid as their current Prime Minister famously said to our current POTUS that "we don't need your help...". Take him at his word and do NOT allow any donations to Israel or its agencies/surrogates to be tax deductible. Israel has killed more US servicemen since the Korean War than ANY other nation on the planet. Sharon had prior knowledge of the truck bomb attacks on the Marine barracks and Embassy but did not warn us. He gave his troops detailed descriptions of the vehicles so they could avoid any injury. The reason was that President Reagan put troops into Lebanon to protect it's citizens from Israel's illegal invasion of Lebanon and he refused to back Israel's DEMAND that he guarantee their $2 billion bond issue. He said that these attacks would teach Reagan a lesson in who controls the Near East.

@5R7B5CFRepublicanfrom Florida  answered…3mos

Uh? Aren't Palestinians still living in tent cities? I don't get it

@5SD82YVLibertarianfrom Florida  answered…3mos

All our relationships with other countries should be based on trade, not aid. Israel has a powerful influence on policy-making of the U.S. That "special relationship" is deeply embedded and not in the U.S.'s interest. It plunges us into one war after another. Let us end all wars and make peace in the world. Trade, not aid. Trade, not wars. Our foreign policy should not be set by Telaviv nor any foreign power.

@5RTQSKKDemocratfrom Oregon  answered…3mos

No we need to stop Israel's Holocaust against the Palestinians, call a spade a spade, and force Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians in good faith, or lose all military, financial, and other support until they stop killing Palestinians, and create a real, internationally verifiable, two separate states with their own boundaries. They further must give back all Palestinian territories taken illegally since the 1966 war.

@5R4S4LWConstitutionfrom Maryland  answered…3mos

Yes, and our government SHOULD NEVER treat a nation who is claiming an entire race or religion should not exist with ANY kindness at all. If they are dealing from a position of hate, then we should react in like and kind. Treat them the way they treat others.

@5RGPLC8Democratfrom California  answered…3mos

No, we should cut off all contact with Israel.
Despite us giving them $6-$10 million US tax dollars a day, with military protection, and diplomatic immunity, they clearly hate us.
Firstly they attacked our ship the USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 131 others. Instead of formally apologizing they instead covered it up with the help of our government. They've also killed several US citizens over the years. While spying on us and stealing some of our secrets, not to mention they have sold many of the weapons we've given them to China. It boggles my mind how we

@5WYYR54Constitutionfrom Arkansas  answered…3mos

Absolutely, and this should even be a question. Only the un-American would even suggest otherwise.

@5SZLTZ3Libertarianfrom Hawaii  answered…3mos

in 1796, former president George Washington said, "The nation which indulges towards another a habitual hatred or a habitual
fondness is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its
affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and
its interest."

Re-evaluation is always a noble thought.

@5SN9GJGConstitutionfrom California  answered…3mos

Whether you believe in GOD or that the Bible is the word of GOD, His word says that a nation it does not matter which one that He asks to pray for a nation of Israel! This nation now is surrounded by enemies just as the Word of GOD prophesied in the last days! Turning our backs on Israel would be like committing suicide!

@5S5XHW5Democratfrom Connecticut  answered…3mos

Israel is an ally in a difficult part of the world and they need our support but not as much as we give them. Also they have too much say in our government. Israel should stop the settlements and work with other nations to achieve a lasting peace with the Palestinians.

@5R7SQN9Libertarianfrom Massachusetts  answered…3mos

Yes, but for tactical and strategic reasons, not philosophical ones.

@5XBYTDLConstitutionfrom California  answered…3mos

Move the Jewish Nation to Mexico. It will eliminate radical Islamic groups and stabilize Mexico.

@5SF28WYRepublicanfrom Utah  answered…3mos

Yes. We should arm Israel, but give humanitarian aid to Palestine (no arms).

@5WQYBF2Independentfrom Idaho  answered…3mos

Absolutely not! $3.3 billion could be spent on ending hunger and poverty in the USA. If an individual chooses to support Israel or anyone else for that matter, that is within their rights, but the government should not have the authority to make that decision for us.

@5RYQJGWDemocratfrom Utah  answered…3mos

Yes, but do not give it as much money. One-third of the foreign aid budget is way too much for just one country.

@5R6CDHDDemocratfrom Florida  answered…3mos

UN created "International Religious Zone" A democratic zone administered by the UN which includes what used to be Israel and Palestine.

@5TKGW77Greenfrom Iowa  answered…3mos

Much like America, Israel is a country founded by war, it is important that they fight for what is theirs. It has absolutely nothing to do with America, we helped them get there, they need to do what ever it takes to keep the land or leave.

@5TCF84FGreenfrom New York  answered…3mos

Very qualified support until they end their system of apartheid.

@65LVF7ZGreenfrom Washington  answered…3mos

Force Israel to adopt a secular one-state solution with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs. End discrimination against non-European Jews. Return and restore stolen Palestinian land and property.

@5STYYVWDemocratfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

Support Israelis and Palestinians as they continue to struggle to come to terms. Do NOT condone Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory; do NOT condone Palestinian attacks. Do NOT condone Israeli airstrikes of Palestinian lands. Insist that Palestinians be given access to basic necessities and access to viable jobs, healthcare and education. The conflict will continue until Palestinians have access to these for quite some time.

@5ST45W3Democratfrom Pennsylvania  answered…3mos

We should not support the Christian Right's desire to make Israel the location of Christ's "second coming". They want to exclude all Arabs and Palestinians from what is know as Judea and Sumaria.

@5XN79TFDemocratfrom Maine  answered…3mos

The Jews are trying to take over the US so they can go in control it is time for the U.S government to make their own choices

@5R7BQR9Republicanfrom California  answered…3mos

@9RL56PQDemocrat from Washington answered…3 days

No, the US should only act as a moderator between nations to facilitate peace. Both Israel and Palestine have significant ties to Jerusalem and other holy sites and as such should focus efforts on the preservation and accessibility of these sites for both nations. It is possible for the city of Jerusalem to become a neutral city that is governed by a corporative body brought about by a two-state resolution which is currently supported by the civilian population on both sides. Foreign influence favoring one side sows further distrust amongst the 2 nations that any peace agreement will be honored and upheld.

@9RKY6SMLibertarian from Ohio answered…3 days

Yes, conditional upon them retracting from China, so they are not a security problem

@9RKCVQ8Peace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…4 days

It needs to respect jews, who need a homeland, but it also needs to take care of Palestinians, without making jews a minority- it should not support the current Israeli government either- it should also be an anti-imperialist/interventionist plan

@9RGWV2LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…6 days


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