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 @GoofyBobolinkSocialistfrom North Carolina commented…2wks2W

You’d think they’d at least try to hide their war profiteering… I guess they don’t care - it’s not like anyone is going to do anything about it after all…

 @C0nsensu5AmeliaGreen from Pennsylvania commented…2wks2W

 @BudgetBillEmilySocialist from Indiana commented…2wks2W

They took the lessons of Iraq and dialed it up by an order of magnitude. Bigger fight, badder bad guy, cannon fodder from another country, and way more money to made

 @LobbyistRalphLibertarian from Ohio commented…2wks2W

Western nations are sending billions to Ukraine to supply them with weapons.

Who pays for that? You.

Who benefits from that? Weapon manufacturers.

Who’s the largest shareholder in weapon manufacturers? Blackrock.

Who is going to “reconstruct” Ukraine after the war? Blackrock.


Do you believe providing more weapons to Ukraine will lead to a resolution of the conflict or escalate the situation further?


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