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How do personal experiences and cultural backgrounds influence individual opinions on policies like the border wall, even within communities that might be expected to hold a unified stance on immigration?


Why might some Latino individuals support stronger immigration policies, such as building a border wall, even if they or their families might have been impacted by immigration?

 @9LHM8D3Communist from Washington commented…1mo1MO

undocumented immigrants are just as valuable to this country as anybody else, the solution is to give them amnesty and citizenship and to open our borders

 @9LHKSDT from New Hampshire commented…1mo1MO

If they also want a border wall, then it makes me question why I would be going against what they want, since they were the reason that I thought there should not be a border wall.


What does the increase in support for deporting undocumented immigrants among Latino voters reveal about the complexities of immigration issues?

 @9LHM92Z from Colorado commented…1mo1MO

It is weird to me. It sounds like they are shutting the door after going through it.

 @9LHHYRX from Florida commented…1mo1MO

I think it's unfair how untreated immigrants are treated and how their voices aren't heard

 @D3mocratPonieTranshumanistfrom Vermont commented…1mo1MO

These results run contrary to both the left's claim that recent immigrants and their descendants are lefties and the right's claim that they don't assimilate to American culture norms

 @LionKenRepublicanfrom Colorado disagreed…1mo1MO

It does nothing of the sort.You are doing that thing of not distinguishing between the groups of immigrants. Those that came here legally and waited in line, often many years, hate illegal immigrants more than native born Americans.Illegal immigrants are the ones coming here and not assimilating, throw all of their support behind Democrats who give them free stuff, etc

 @D3mocratPonieTranshumanistfrom Vermont disagreed…1mo1MO

Tell your friends on the far right to distinguish between groups because they have a hard time doing so

 @LionKenRepublicanfrom Colorado disagreed…1mo1MO

I tell anyone who won't distinguish between the two the same exact thing.

Also, just an FYI, I'm not a Republican and could give a **** about the far right. Maybe next time address the actual criticism of your statement as opposed to that sad attempt you made at a retort.

 @D3mocratPonieTranshumanistfrom Vermont disagreed…1mo1MO

I am addressing the far right who hates immigrants and different cultures, not people who object to illegal immigration, if you are confused that is understandable it is Twitter after all

 @LovesickP0l1t1calAmerican Solidarityfrom Illinois commented…1mo1MO

There wasn't much difference culturally between the second generation immigrants I knew in college and the typical native born leftist tech guy.

Working class Latinos assimilating to working class norms doesn't surprise me one bit.

 @FranchiseSwiftNo Labels from Louisiana commented…1mo1MO

People get really mad at me when I say that I think both sides are wrong that mass immigration gurantees a permanent Democrat majority lol

Quite a lot of the descendants of Latino immigrants are just white Americans who happen to have a last name like Gonzales

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington disagreed…1mo1MO

The criminal aliens invading our Southern Border must be shipped back to the doorstep of the Mexican President. Legal immigrants must be required to pass a complex test demonstrating a good understanding of our Constitution and dedication to the principles of liberty, must be good and virtuous people, Christians of one denomination or another, not dual citizens, no criminal record, and they must not go on Welfare of any kind. If any of these requirements are not met, they should not be let into the country until such time as they can check every one of these boxes. If we have filters like thi…  Read more

 @TroubledBl4ckBoxSocialistfrom Maine commented…1mo1MO

This raises the question then, not addressed by this poll, of who Latinos would vote for for president. Latinos, like most Americans, are not single issue voters. Education, healthcare, & other issues are important to them. It would be a mistake to think otherwise.

 @AmnestyFoxPeace and Freedom from Virginia agreed…1mo1MO

And blacks from other countries, say Haiti and Brazil [or for that matter any place in Africa], are far more socially conservative.


Considering varied support among different Latino groups (e.g., Cuban Americans vs. Mexican Americans), what factors might influence differing perspectives on border security and immigration policy within the Latino community?


How does the idea of increasing support among Latino voters for a border wall challenge the typical narrative about immigration attitudes in the Latino community?

 @EuphoricDingoDemocrat from California commented…1mo1MO

So legal immigrants must also be pissed that Republicans rejected the toughest border bill in decades that was ready to pass before Trump killed it for pure politics??? (crickets)

 @PonieTedLibertarian from Michigan commented…1mo1MO

Interesting article.

It also distinguishes the difference of Latino Americans from illegal immigrants.

And why both, the Right & Left, need to understand this.

 @ButterflyBrandonPatriot from Pennsylvania commented…1mo1MO

People who followed the law and jumped through the proper hoops to immigrate legally tend not to believe criminals who came illegally should get special treatment they did not.


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