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If we discover this trend of rising temperatures is an acceleration rather than a natural fluctuation, would it change your view on the urgency of addressing climate change?

 @9LFJC8VPeace and Freedomcommented…1mo1MO

I think we should try to focus on it because after all it is our world and I would not like to see it destroy

 @9LFHXJM from Illinois commented…1mo1MO

 @WeaverBennyGreen from Wisconsin commented…1mo1MO

"Stop giving power to people who don't believe in science or worse than that, pretend they don't believe in climate change for their own self-interest." Harrison Ford

There is no time to wait.

 @MadK3ynesianPeace and Freedom from Georgia commented…1mo1MO

It's crucial to prioritize leaders who support science and climate action. Let's take immediate steps towards a sustainable future. Thank you for the reminder, Harrison Ford.


How would you feel about the future of our planet if we continue to break global heat records every month?

 @9LFPZRSProgressive from Texas answered…1mo1MO

It would be an unbearable climate, the vegetation is increasingly difficult to sprout and we would have to find a way to control the root of what caused it.

 @9LFJCPN from Texas commented…1mo1MO

It shows how not enough is being done by government officials to fix a serious issue that effects millions of citizens .

 @9LFHLTX from Ohio commented…1mo1MO


Knowing that we've temporarily exceeded the 1.5C global warming target set by the Paris climate agreement, how do you think countries should respond?

 @9LFJ65VGreen from Missouri commented…1mo1MO

I think the federal Gov should force businesses and manufacturers to switch to greener and we should try to lower the cost of greener options due to them being detrimental

 @9LFHP29 from Indiana commented…1mo1MO

 @TaxationSmeltSocialist from California commented…1mo1MO

True science is the ability to replicate something over and over getting the same result. Climate ‘science’ isn’t that.

It’s a bunch of predictions based on sketchy models that have never come true. Science is about proof, not belief.. ie people believe the earth is flat.

 @JackalKennedySocialist from Illinois disagreed…1mo1MO

Warmer oceans evaporates more water causing more clouds to cover more water and cooling it, plus eventually the clouds get full enough to rain cool rain from higher cooler elevations which also cools it, so there’s no climate warming. I think that’s more scientific than the other

 @LovesickW3lfareNo Labels from Massachusetts commented…1mo1MO

Global warming is good! Stop spreading propaganda that it is a problem and a crisis!

 @DemocracyDaveSocialist from Massachusetts commented…1mo1MO

The notion of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change has always been a financial grift, political power grab, and cult religion.

 @XfactorInt3grityLibertarian from Georgia commented…1mo1MO

Maybe when the so-called experts stop using their personal private jets, or driving in long lines of limousines, & stop buying up so much oceanfeont property, we might start to listen when they claim “the public” is damaging the environment.

 @PuzzledDuckRepublican from Texas commented…1mo1MO

Is this Mars we're talking about now because the last 6 months have been cold and very, very wet.


Does the idea that we might be experiencing a symptom of 'worse-than-expected planetary health' make you more concerned about climate change?


What personal changes are you willing to make to help combat the trend of rising global temperatures?


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