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 @9LQLG9D from Colorado agreed…4wks4W

Support for Israel does not have to equate to support for Netanyahu, a man who has objectively failed to contain Hamas and subjectively secured his position of leadership through fear mongering and aggression. At the end of the day, he will be remembered poorly i

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 @9LQLG9D from Colorado disagreed…4wks4W

Every time the US has propped up any kind of authoritarian leader it has not ended well. If we are supporting israel the country, we cannot continue to support a leader that is acting out of self preservation and not support for his country. Especially when we tried everything that Netanyahu has done (after 9/11)
Killing terrorists does not solve terrorism. it creates martyrs and maintains the power structures that led to the terrorism in the first place.


US Government should support Israel in protecting itself, but should hold Israel military to rules of engagement under international treaties guiding war.

 @9LDTTKQRepublican from Arizona answered…1mo1MO

Yes and no. I believe that since Hamas started, Israel has the right to defend themselves. However, it's been too much murder from Israel's part. An agreement will only be done when the two leaders decide to meet up and solve problems. The U.S. should focus first on its citizen and then try to help others.

 @tmcgee02 from West Virginia answered…1wk1W

This is an internal decision hat should be made by the Israeli citizenry an would be seen as the US involving itself in foreign elections. It is an assault of foreign sovereignty.

 @9MC5LGWfrom Maine answered…1wk1W

The government should continue to support the elected government of Israel, not Benjamin Netanyahu and his politics in particular.

 @9M9Q8CPLibertarian from North Carolina answered…1wk1W

They do not have to be as involved as they are at the moment but they should not denounce them are show support for the other side away from providing third party humanitarian aid.

 @9M2843X from Texas answered…3wks3W

Our government should respect leaders of other countries but remain neutral towards all. Defend American interests without supporting one country over another.

 @Dry550Independent  from Illinois answered…3wks3W

Not enough information has been made public to make an informed decision

I’m not willing to take a side on this foreign policy issue, as I tend to focus more on domestic policy, although investing in health and security of other nations looks good on us, we still can’t ignore our own problems with corrupt politicians.

 @9LFW7XXDemocrat from New York answered…1mo1MO

The government should continue to support Israeli's right to defend itself against Hamas and other terrorist groups that seek to destroy it.

 @9LFT39H from Iowa answered…1mo1MO

I believe that the government should not fund Israel or palestine both are corrupted sates that only exist because of external funding.

 @9CLR7CL  from Utah answered…1mo1MO

No, Netanyahu's leadership has led to more problems with Israel, not fewer. Furthermore, the US Government should support Israel in protecting itself, but should hold Israel military to rules of engagement under international treaties guiding war.

 @9LFPQ8T from Idaho answered…1mo1MO

no, our continued support for the leader of israel's government has led to the death of thousands of people due to us funding the government. We should be protecting the people in Gaza rather than funding their deaths.

 @9LFJ884 from Texas answered…1mo1MO

They should continue to support the people of Israel, as they want to make things right. Netanyahu is a yahoo, and deserves ZERO respect for the coward he's been.

 @9LFH66J from Indiana answered…1mo1MO

I don't have enough information about the topic or each leaders (israel and palestine) views and history to make and educated point.

 @9LFGWG5 from Florida answered…1mo1MO

Genuinely do not care about Israeli gov we need to focus on ourselves before we focus on anyone else.

 @9LFCLS5Republicanfrom Guam answered…1mo1MO

I think we should be mindful that we are only supporting it we don't have full control of what he does.

 @9M3KVCG from Florida answered…2wks2W

Whether you like Benjamin Netanyahu or not, we must continue to support Israel. Israel has a good government overall. We should not interfere with their politics. ... or any for that matter: unless it is in our best interests.

 @9LLWL3RLibertarian  from Virginia answered…4wks4W


Yes, and No.

Israel has every right to defend itself with fury. But we should sanction them for committing war crimes.

 @9LHYVMG from Arizona answered…1mo1MO

No, the government should prohibit ALL funding to Israel and condemn them for the current genocide/holocaust they are placing upon the Palestinian people.

 @9LGL8BR from California answered…1mo1MO

We should broadly support Netanyahu’s coalition government in Jerusalem however if Benjamin Netanyahu puts Israel through a 20 something year long war then we must consider other options

 @9LG9MF6Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…1mo1MO

The government shouldn't support any form of war and think about the future of its people. We should stay out of war and not have opinions of what other countries do nd keep to ourselves.

 @9LG8GC2from Guam answered…1mo1MO

Yes, but be assertive when the government's actions become too extreme, eg: denial of any 2-state solution.

 @9LG4VKH from Florida answered…1mo1MO

Yes and no Our government should find a peaceful solution to end the hatred on both sides. If violence is necessary, we should only support civilians on each side

 @9LG4D93 from Rhode Island answered…1mo1MO

We need to press Israel for peace efforts. The Israeli in the Palestinian people need to find peace. We need to work towards a two-step solution. In our government, a major.

 @9LF6MVQ from Kansas answered…1mo1MO

Absolutely not, and revoke funding for Israel. America needs to stop the funding of another nations universal healthcare, when we don't even have our own. Especially to stop funding an apartheid state.

 @9LF5H8SIndependent from California answered…1mo1MO

Yes, in terms of continuing our alliance, but staying out of their own conflict with other countries

 @9LF5DS9 from Montana answered…1mo1MO

I believe his recent decision making has been somewhat reckless and more than inconsiderate towards the citizens he leads.

 @9LF2XF4 from Florida answered…1mo1MO

No, but we need the resources and maritime access at basically cost instead of being able to provide a fair profit to Palestine. We are in a corner both economically, trade-wise and global-relations-wise. In order to successfully work ourselves out of this corner, extreme measures are necessary. Since we can not control what other countries do we can only gaurantee our benefiting from our relationship with Isreal and their control over Palestenian resources like gas and maritime acces. so there is no easy answer for this, realistically.

 @9LDY5H8 from Missouri answered…1mo1MO

NO! The Government is funding the genocide of billions of people all across the Middle East, they are using the attack from the Hamas as an excuse to ethnically cleanse anyone they can, they are attacking Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and possibly many many more!
They have been torturing Palestine for years ever since it was established in 1948. Isreal is starving children, killing anyone who talks about it while also killing the people who are older than the state itself. Israel and it's leader is a war criminal and should be charged for it's crimes.

 @igeryuIndependent  from Kansas answered…1mo1MO

No, unless we can know for sure that our aid contributes to only lawful combatant targets being harmed

 @9LG7G92 from Minnesota answered…1mo1MO

the Israeli government have been attacking Palestinian people not hamas. the attacks have been aimed directly toward civilians, which is a war-crime, and countries and people who commit war-crimes should be dealt with.

 @9LDHG25Republican from Oregon answered…1mo1MO

It is not my country that he is leading, so why is it my business if it does not pose a threat to my country?

 @9G84WRFRepublican  from Pennsylvania answered…3wks3W

The United States should continue to support Israel and respect its sovereignty in selecting its own leaders.

 @9LZNMDX  from New York answered…3wks3W

No, it should not. But at the same time, the population of the USA needs to be educated on the realities that Israel faces, not the terrorist propaganda and antisemitic tropes that are currently most of what Americans see.


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