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 @9KZMRCCDemocrat from New Jersey answered…2mos2MO

Yes, it’s is very true, I always try to be nice and respect others because I would not like someone being mean to me or se someone else being mean to others.

 @9L38G6RPeace and Freedom from Texas agreed…2mos2MO

I believe if you treat me like crap then you should probably try and find out how it feels to be in my shoes and find out how bad its hurting me

 @9KZLBZS from New Jersey answered…2mos2MO

The principle of “treating other as you would like to be treated” apples to religious diversity because it is political ideology that advocates for the equal treatment of all individuals.

 @9L2WDKBDemocratfrom Guam disagreed…2mos2MO

Religions advocate for peace, compassion and equal treatment of all people. Politics does the opposite. It tries to polarise and divide people.

 @9KZM26YSocialist from New York answered…2mos2MO

It applies because you should treat other people of different religion with respect either way

 @9L5HNC5 from North Carolina agreed…2mos2MO

I think if you believe in something and not something someone else believes in you should let them do them.

 @9KZP75RIndependent from Kentucky answered…2mos2MO

People should be treated better than you would like to be treated, you don’t have to agree with a religion but you don’t have to attack it

 @9KZLXNK from New Jersey answered…2mos2MO

 @9KZLX73 from Illinois answered…2mos2MO

By being opened minded and not fully judging anyone based on race and religion unless its truly affecting you and no karen them being in the same room as you doesn't count.

 @9KZLXLM from Missouri answered…2mos2MO

because many people have many different opinions on religion and to judge for someone else's religion is unholy and not acceptable

 @9KZLSSL from Pennsylvania answered…2mos2MO

 @9KZM9MVWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…2mos2MO

Everyone Believes what they believe and that's okay. It's only a problem when they push that onto other that don't belive that

 @9KZM6SB from Pennsylvania answered…2mos2MO

I think the principle of treating others as you would like to be treated can apply to treating any religious group with respect and how you would want others to treat you. Don't be disrespectful to others on the basis of solely religion.

 @9KZLR8T from New York answered…2mos2MO

It teaches people o that other with respect and integrity no matter their religion.


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