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 @9KKCM3W from Washington commented…2mos2MO

 @9KJMH35 from Texas commented…3mos3MO

Punitive justice should not be the first resort. Only if reformative justice is not possible, or there is evidence that the convicted has consistent bad behavior, should a punitive approach be taken.

 @9KJHH4W from Oklahoma commented…3mos3MO

Yes because they still put the nation in danger no matter what the what they were trusted and broke the trust so they should be punished.

 @9KHVS3LIndependent from Oklahoma commented…3mos3MO

i do no believe it's fair for a young man get sentenced that long, I do not believe he has any bad intentioned

 @9KJBXP5 from Texas commented…3mos3MO

 @9KJ5M2HIndependent from Missouri commented…3mos3MO

 @9KLWMBC from Washington commented…2mos2MO

They should not have a long time in prison most definitely if they had no harmful intentions

 @9KJJP69 from Texas commented…3mos3MO

I think that if their intent was not to endanger the national security, then a 16 year prison should be reconsidered. I think running a trail and hearing accused’s side would help in forming a precise decision


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