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 @9KFQT5F from Pennsylvania commented…3mos3MO

it would make me mad that some other country can just claim were I live as there own

 @9KFQNYJ from Georgia commented…3mos3MO

A foreign leader with different political views will take over, will be bad if a democracy


I believe it's not right for one country to claim another established country as its own land. My identity would probably strengthen because I wouldn't want to be known as one of the people from the country that wrongfully claimed mine.

 @9KFV96T from Louisiana commented…3mos3MO

If they clam where you live as your property that is fair to us because we do ad should have our own property and space.

 @9KFV38V from Ohio commented…3mos3MO

I don't want other countries claiming the United States as their territory. The United States is an independent country.

 @9KFRVLTRepublican from Illinois commented…3mos3MO

 @9KFR8GQRepublican from Illinois commented…3mos3MO

It depends on what their ideals and opinions were. If they were aligned with mine, I would support them. If not, I wouldn't support them and move out.


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