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 @ContentVoleGreen from Georgia commented…3mos3MO

Didn’t they say heart damage was a possible side effect of the particularly in young men, who were also at lower risk of getting very sick from infection

 @R3dStateJellyfishPatriotfrom Texas disagreed…3mos3MO

Go read the army stats in this to cure your ignorance on this topic. They’re overwhelmingly calling you out

 @M0derateQuailRepublicanfrom Montana agreed…3mos3MO

Was at a local ER last night, paramedics, police and nurses were talking about how they were forced into this. Are pissed off, and how many young people they're seeing come in with serious heart problems after collapsing at work.

 @R3dStateJellyfishPatriotfrom Texas agreed…3mos3MO

Go read how many countries paused or outlawed Moderna and Pfizer for people of a certain age, mostly born in 1991 or after. entire countries health systems are overwhelmingly calling you out.

 @Feder4l1stLlamaMountain from Pennsylvania commented…3mos3MO

Hmm, what could have possibly been given to 80% of the population around 3 years ago?

It boggles the mind.

 @GleefulQuorumTranshumanist from Ohio agreed…3mos3MO


Should individuals be more responsible for managing their health during a pandemic, or is it the government's duty to ensure public health?


Do you believe the impact of COVID-19 on heart disease reflects a failure of society to address underlying health issues?

 @AmazedMonkeyDemocrat from Arizona commented…3mos3MO

For people who don't read - the spike coincides with covid-19, not the vaccines. The rise in rates started occurring before the vaccine was even out.

  @lemans3427Republican from California commented…3mos3MO

But the vaccine itself contains a form of Covid

 @AmazedMonkeyDemocrat from Arizona commented…3mos3MO

none of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized or approved in the United States contain any live virus

 @GiddyRightWingPatriotfrom Illinois disagreed…3mos3MO

Go ahead and get your booster every 3 months for what amounts to a mild cold for the vast majority.

 @AmazedMonkeyDemocrat from Arizona disagreed…3mos3MO

Next tome you’re sick please don’t ever go to a hospital do research on Facebook.

 @PleasedPonieConstitution from Florida commented…3mos3MO

The jabs instruct your cells to become spike protein factories. Apparently of the safe and effective persuasion.


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