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 @9J2ZP5X from Washington answered…4mos4MO

Acknowledging the issues men face will improve equality and understanding between genders.

 @9J3C6ZS from Alaska disagreed…4mos4MO

It won't improve equality because people have their own opinions, and it doesn't mean that one person is different from the other. We need to respect everyone else's opinions.

 @9J39NLN from Texas agreed…4mos4MO

Look at how men are treated now adays in contrast from women. Our country is falling apart. Women have more power in society because of the gender card they can pull.

 @9J2ZR4RRepublican from Florida answered…4mos4MO

It can help people see that everyone no matter their race or gender have problems that they must face.


It can maybe show the side of people's lives that some or most may not see and help build each other up.

 @9J2ZYXX from Indiana answered…4mos4MO

Because the negative effects of the male side of patriarchy effect all genders, races and creeds it is a universal problem which requires a universal solution

 @9J3YRQJ from Virginia agreed…4mos4MO

Patriarchy negatively affects everyone. Men have higher depression and suicide rates because patriarchal values teaches them that emotion is weak and they must suffer in silence. This then affects other groups of people, like women and children, because they can then become victims of men who lash out in unhealthy ways due to these inabilities to maintain and control emotion. I could give multiple other reasons.

 @9J2ZPHG from California answered…4mos4MO

I don’t think men face a lot of gender related issues, though with men’s mental health issues i think that is something that isn’t often talked about so i think fixing this could help i don’t know.

 @9J2ZLN6 from California answered…4mos4MO

 @9J2ZRSC from Tennessee answered…4mos4MO

If men feel like their issues and feelings are taken seriously too I think a lot more men would be open to the idea of everyone being equal and taken as seriously as each other.

 @9J33W5DDemocrat from North Carolina answered…4mos4MO

It can involve men more into gender equality discussions so it feels less like an attack on men and more like a dsicusion for bettter gender equality

 @9J32NRX from Florida answered…4mos4MO

For starters, it would allow men who have been abused, scammed, or otherwise significantly harmed by female-based legislation to get proper help. Divorce courts are hell for men who want to see their kids and sexually abused men are often discredited because they're "privileged." It would also help many men to get out of a toxic masculinity mindset that their fathers and society may have enforced on them.

 @9J2ZKMTCommunist from North Carolina answered…4mos4MO

It should be noted that in issues of domestic abuse, custody, and sexual assault, men are very rarely taken seriously and treated unfairly. Men should be treated equal under these categories and their struggles also matter.

 @9J2ZWVFRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…4mos4MO

They have the same rights as women and shouldn't be belittled because there a man they still have feelings and deserve more support/ help.


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