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 @9H8T5PC from Arkansas answered…6mos6MO

I feel if I worked harder and put more effort into something then I should get more credit than someone who worked less and did not put effort in

 @9H8YFV8 from Kentucky answered…6mos6MO

It wouldn't be fair because they were working less to get the same reward which makes a person think life is easy and you don't have to work as hard as other people.


it would be very frustrating, knowing you put in the dedication and the consistency but that other person did absolutely nothing.

 @9H6SY76 from California answered…6mos6MO

 @9H85RNT from Oregon answered…6mos6MO

 @9H7VDMS from Michigan answered…6mos6MO

That depends on the subject and reward. If they cheat their way there, I would be mad.

 @944N5SDSocialist  from Arkansas answered…6mos6MO

Was the result the same despite the difference in effort? What is easy for me may not be as easy for other people. Are we rewarding the efforts or the results?

 @9H8Z7LV from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

This happens all the time. For example, a teacher who has worked the same amount of years as another teacher is paid the same. Both teachers receive the same salary, yet it is inevitable that one of those teachers works harder and puts more time into the job.

 @9H95CT3Republican from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

I would feel upset since if I work harder someone who’s worked less should earn different level prize.

 @9H8BRSN from California answered…6mos6MO

I think it depends on what we’re working toward, but in general if we all promote the general welfare I think that’s a good thing

 @9H7XV5YVeteran from California answered…6mos6MO

It wouldn’t make sense if someone that works harder gets the same amount as the same person that barley does anything. Your work effort should be viewed by the cooperate or ceo, someone that owns the company, you should work for the raise.

 @9H8QG7N from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

I wouldn't really find that fair because if I'm working harder that someone else I should at least get some profit for the work I'm doing.

 @9H9DM54 from New Hampshire answered…6mos6MO

That would devalue my hard work. Destroying social/financial levels of civilization and economy/industry.

 @9H97Z6L from Arizona answered…6mos6MO

It's difficult to measure how hard different people have worked, some people may be in positions where they do not have the capability to work as "hard" as another but relatively, the amount of work they are doing to themselves may exceed that of another, so as such they should be paid in relation to their own capability of work, not the work of others.

 @9H8ZT75 from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

 @9H7X5KQ from Missouri answered…6mos6MO

People who are more experienced and well fit for a job should get the job. This nation is about fighting for what you want. So if you want that job badly enough strive for it.

 @9H92V48 from Kansas answered…6mos6MO

Taking credit from someone whos put in more effort is a form of inequality to the one who is engraved to hard work

 @9H847TZ from Texas answered…6mos6MO

 @9H7LZ8L from Texas answered…6mos6MO

 @9H5SB8S from Texas answered…6mos6MO

I feel that it is not equal or fair to have someone who worked less hard for the same award as someone who worked hard for their results.

 @9H97YQ4 from Alabama answered…6mos6MO

I wouldn't think it was fair if something is getting handed to them that I worked for

 @Name-IrrelevantConstitution  from West Virginia answered…6mos6MO

Equity is not equality. It is artificial, arbitrary distribution based on the ruling party's whims of who supposedly needs the help most. Science is supposed to be objective, unbiased, and based purely on facts. "Scientific socialism" undermines this, so it is contradictory by definition.


Life is mostly luck. Rarely ever do people get where they are 100% out of their own blood and sweat.

 @9H6PZ7P from Texas answered…6mos6MO

I would be upset that my hard work was being unseen and someone who wasn’t working as hard as me was being seen.

 @9H97TZ3Republican from California answered…6mos6MO

That is bad, I do not like it. If you work hard, you should be compensated for it, if you don’t, you should be compensated differently. Capitalism is important.

 @9H64TS8 from Texas answered…6mos6MO

 @9H6MZPWfrom Maine answered…6mos6MO

That depends entirely on the situation, their and my experience, efficiency and work-life situation

 @9H6JC46 from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

I believe that we should work to alleviate harm but not at the expense of making everyone equal.


 @9H97RXQ from California answered…6mos6MO

i would not feel good equity is important sometimes, but hard work should result in better reward than not, but if you need more support, you should get more support, complicated

 @9H8TXLVDemocrat from Washington answered…6mos6MO

This concept is called the equity theory, which you can use to help your team stay motivated.

 @9H8DMZ7 from Wyoming answered…6mos6MO

I would be mad that someone who does less work gets the same thing, even when I invest my time, energy, and sweat. The other person is just a parasite living off of my hard work.

 @9H656SH from Texas answered…6mos6MO

I would be very mad if someone who worked less than me got rewarded. I think the person who works very hard should be be rewarded.

 @9H97WT8 from Georgia answered…6mos6MO

 @9H9CSKMCommunist from Colorado answered…6mos6MO

I would feel good. You should not work for reward, but for societal benefit. There will be there own rewards if you are truly remarkable.

 @9H8GTSLDemocrat from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

I will not be happy. Rewards should be linked to performance and nothing else.

 @9H6M2PDfrom Guam answered…6mos6MO

Hard to quantify "effort" in this case. But hyper-fixating on your rewards being base don effort would drive the need for more cutthroat practices in the business space which is already notoriously overrun with more problems than it needs to have.

 @9H6SBN5  from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

I'd feel pretty terrible if all of my hard work was abused by a lazy person.

 @9H9D7SM from Iowa answered…6mos6MO

I'm not quite sure how I would feel in this scenario. I'm not familiar with scientific socialism and its effects.

 @9H8Z39C from California answered…6mos6MO

It's a hard thing to say that Scientific Socialism" can lead to the social economic and material phenomena by research and give details for scientific method.


I would not agree with socialism, as I believe that work that is more important for society rather than what was previously needed so that we can have a constantly changing market

 @9H65YZV from California answered…6mos6MO

Obviously I would be upset, but I feel if we had a broader perspective on progressive socialism where we are all given the same amount, but the ones who work harder will be rewarded more

 @9H99LJ7 from Texas answered…6mos6MO

I'd be ok with this as long as I'm both happy with my reward and I wasn't punished in any way for sinking to the levels of my peers.

 @9H6RHMP from Georgia answered…6mos6MO

That would be fantastic I don't see any reason to punish others just because they are not as cool as I am.

 @9H6K4JQ from Virginia answered…6mos6MO

 @9H8H735Republican from Texas answered…6mos6MO

 @9H8CG6K from Idaho answered…6mos6MO

Socialism always becomes communism, no matter what, socialism is bad. if i work hard and my neighbor does nothing im not going to work as hard because thats not fair. if i getn payed as much as elon musk, Elon wont want to do as much to still get payed the same.

 @9HG76YR from South Carolina commented…6mos6MO

I feel that if you do the work you get the money and if you don't work then you don't get the money all business have to do is make the person slacking clock out and leave and the person who does all the work get more pay. if I were to spend my time doing a two-person job and not getting paid more or the other person getting paid too, it would make me upset.

 @9H656DF from Oklahoma answered…6mos6MO

 @9H66V3BSocialist  from Pennsylvania answered…6mos6MO

We should strive to support and foster growth in our communities by strengthening equity and equality in our laws and work places.


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