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While the blow of an explosion can kill many million people in one blow, radiation poisoning is one of the most cruel way to die, as it leads to the body slowly decomposing itself. Most people are not able to properly protect themselves from radiation poisoning.

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No, the U.S. should encourage Iran to disarm through diplomatic channels

 @9F7SL9N from Texas agreed…6mos6MO

I personaly would not like to lose my life in a fight that does not effect me just because i got drafted.

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 @9JDGJQB from Florida disagreed…1mo1MO

We currently have 3 escalations in progress (Israel/Hamas, China/Taiwan, Hothies/US). To add another conflict would stretch our military resources to the limit.

 @9F8MGYB from Mississippi disagreed…6mos6MO

I'd reckon that the last time we went and invaded a random country would be evidence enough to not do it again. The invasion of Iran would be quick, the occupation would be long and drawn out. Do we really want another Iraq or Afghanistan?

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Yes, but only if they develop nuclear weapons

 @Dry550Independent from Illinois commented…3mos3MO

Yes, but only if they develop nuclear weapons

I agree with you, if Iran becomes the 10th country to obtain nuclear weapons, then the balance of power will inevitably shift and we as a country will have to defend itself, fighting back if necessary.

 @9H4HP4Cfrom Virgin Islands disagreed…3mos3MO

Iran having nuclear weapons is a threat to global peace and stability, that´s undeniable. But the US should not seek a war that would likely lead to a third world war. Fighting Iran with nuclear weapons is dangerous and we should try by every means to reach a diplomatic agreement. If that´s not possible than US must put effort in creating an international peace environment, based on nuclear disarmament. Concluding, a war at this point would bring catastrophic consequences to everyone, and therefore it must be avoided at (almost) all costs.

 @9G2KLGM from California disagreed…5mos5MO

No, the U.S shouldn't even get involved with Iran because countless lives will be lost in both countries.

 @9FLRBWF from Pennsylvania disagreed…5mos5MO

I slightly agree with this, if Iran develops nuclear weapons then we should fright try t negotiate and then try using means of force

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 @9C5KXGM from Georgia answered…9mos9MO

 @9JDPKH4Democrat from New York answered…1mo1MO

No, but efforts should be made to destabilize the current authoritarian government there and support a secular democratic republic.

 @99T45NQSocialist from California answered…12mos12MO

 @98WMYYF from Texas answered…1yr1Y

 @8FY4KX4 from Washington answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, but only if they openly attack the US. The US should never strike first.

 @8FR9NT3 from California answered…3yrs3Y

If they continue to disregard the safety of the world with development of certain weapons, strengthening or aiding terrorists organizations, and causing other human attrocities.

 @9BBKWFGIndependent from Ohio answered…11mos11MO

Going to ‘ war’ won’t solve the problem USshould stop JPCOA negotiating with the murders from of the Islamic Republic, freeze more Iranian assets increase sanctions , declare IRI a funder of terrorism condemn the gender apartheid in Iran and do MUCH more to support the Iranians fight for liberty

 @96GLZPQ from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

No, but both the U.S.A. and Iran should come to a mutual agreement of a nuclear phaseout and establish moves towards environmentally friendly technologies.

 @8VPTCRJLibertarian from Colorado answered…2yrs2Y

Only if your attacked and if Saudi Arabia has a problem with Iran because their state support of two different sects they need to use their own army because they have the biggest defense bugget in their region.

 @8VGZP9YRepublican from Texas answered…2yrs2Y

 @8G4HFRL from New York answered…3yrs3Y

Try to avoid war but never allow a country to create or fund violence against the USA

 @9K3HGQV from North Dakota answered…1wk1W

Yes, should hostilities boil over and Iran makes the first move. Continue trying to talk them down though.

 @9JYMRSTForward  from Texas answered…2wks2W

Both Yes and No; No, the U.S should encourage Iran to disarm through diplomatic channels; Yes, but only with missile strikes; Yes, But only if they develop nuclear weapons.

 @9JTJWZ5  from California answered…3wks3W

No, the US should not affiliate with the Middle East anymore. The only thing they need to do is call for a permanent ceasefire. I would rather they BUY Palestinian land from Israel, and EVEN THAT is pushing it.

 @9JP52SZ from Wisconsin answered…3wks3W

Yes, but try to have them give up arms and have them never produce nuclear weapons first, if they don't agree, then go to war.

 @9JCNDZG from Texas answered…1mo1MO

No, because we don't need conflict with other countries when we need to take care of things in our own country.

 @9JC633B from Florida answered…1mo1MO

Iran is complicated, it is a human rights nightmare, and it needs to answer for US deaths and imprisonments. However I don't think a war is a particularly good investment for the US at this point.

 @9J8R29N from California answered…1mo1MO

No, instead encourage ongoing protests against the theocratic regime and allow them to define the country they want to live in.

 @9J4SGHCDemocrat  from Nevada answered…1mo1MO

We should encourage disarm on both sides, and talk out borders, relations, politcal power, societal problems afterward in order to ensure peace.

 @9J2G35G from Oregon answered…2mos2MO

The US should put more money into education, health care, affordable housing, and the communities, not just the military

 @9HZ9KZ8Republican from Ohio answered…2mos2MO

No, but we should match their level of aggression and refuse to be bullied by a less powerful nation.

 @9HZD2H4Independent from New Jersey answered…2mos2MO

Yes but only if there is evidence to support US troops, personnel, or facilities have been attacked.

 @9HYRZ7T from California answered…2mos2MO

The government should first try to resolve the issue peacefully, but if Iran does not disarm itself, then they should start thinking of ways in which they can disarm Iran without much violence or death. If Iran develops nuclear weapons, then we should go to war with them.

 @9HVMKS8 from Tennessee answered…2mos2MO

I don't want us to. But if Iran continues down the road it's on we may not have a choice. Stay out of it as much as possible unless absolutely necessary

 @9HV5QFWfrom British Columbia answered…2mos2MO

No, and restore diplomatic relations with Iran because they are only developing nuclear technology for energy and medicine.

 @9HV5NXX  from Florida answered…2mos2MO

No but we should retaliate in small ways to show strength over the most recent escalation on us in the Red Sea by proxies.

 @mk  from Oregon answered…2mos2MO

No, unless they attack the US homeland or US property or citizens abroad, then a proportionate response is warranted.

 @9HSWCPJ  from New York answered…2mos2MO

The US should do everything they can to have Iran disarm through diplomatic channels but then strike them with missles if they don’t.


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