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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

No, the U.S. should encourage Iran to disarm through diplomatic channels

@98WMYYF from Texas answered…6hrs

@98W76V9 from Michigan answered…1 day

Only if they continue to try to create nuclear warheads but if diplomacy does not work than yes.

@98VGZGWCommunist from Oregon answered…2 days

@98TL2RS from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

@98TGR6L from Iowa answered…4 days

If they attack us or we have evidence of them planning an attack then yes.

@98TDVVL from Texas answered…4 days

Yes, but only if their human rights violations and totalitarianism continue to worsen.

@98TBL2P from Washington answered…4 days

peace should be the first and last option. ignore the angry attack feeling if i can do it the world can do it

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…7 days

@98SC94Jfrom Maine  answered…1wk

@98S3335 from Texas answered…1wk

Encourage them to disarm through diplomatic channels - if not effective, then war should be on the table

@98Q9TXXRepublican from Indiana answered…2wks

No because we have nuclear weapons and we could just threaten them and if they think we're bluffing send one to their capital.

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@98PM283 from Arizona answered…2wks

Yes, to remove the current government for its blatant corruption and extremism.

@98NMC37 from Ohio answered…2wks

@98LTFF6 from Virginia answered…3wks

@98JRYHD from North Carolina answered…3wks

@98JKV77 from North Carolina answered…3wks

@98JBT9V from Ohio answered…3wks

@98J9FQPRepublican from Texas answered…3wks

@98J4N9X from Kentucky answered…3wks

yes and no because i feel like as if they would be ready to go war with Ukraine, but no on the other hand they have nuclear weapons

@98H84JQ from South Carolina answered…4wks

No and instead tried to make allies with most or all of our foreign enemies.

@98GW9MHRepublican from Ohio answered…1mo

@98GG9GX from Kentucky answered…1mo

No, and the U.S. should stop all intervention in Iran as well as all warmongering

@98GFSHW from Alabama answered…1mo

Only if it is instigated, going to war over nothing is pointless.

@98G5VH2Independent from Missouri answered…1mo

No, but we should support internal movements that could overthrow the current government of Iran

@98G5NZT from Georgia answered…1mo

No, but we should continue assisting and funding rebellion in that country.

@98G2WBXConstitution from Texas answered…1mo

Provide an ultimatum to stop terrorizing Israel and others or we will stop them forcefully

@98FVYX3 from Minnesota answered…1mo

No but show them who is the stronger country so they will not try to attack us.

@98FVYCY from Minnesota answered…1mo

I don't really think they have to go but If the USA really needs to go to war with Iran so be It.

@98FC3RJ from Georgia answered…1mo

@98DY9HQ from Illinois answered…1mo

When will the worthless losers in suits stop trying to send us abroad for nonsensical wars?

@98DK462 from Massachusetts answered…1mo

@98CWM3T from Alabama answered…1mo

@98CFQ6G from Michigan answered…2mos

No, the people have already sided with the U.S. and are protesting the government.


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