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@9XGLXNQRepublican from Ohio answered…1wk

Yes, if that becomes the best option and we know that Russia will stay out of it

@9XCL2TKTranshumanist from Maryland answered…2wks

Yes, limited strikes as a last resort to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons.

@9XBQ3PZVeteran from Alabama answered…2wks

@9WYNFY4Working Family from Florida answered…4wks

It's not that easy. If we go to war with Iran, we risk killing innocent civilians.

@9WWZ6X2Republican from New Jersey answered…4wks

@9WTWCP8Republican from Alabama answered…4wks

@Lyle-ShepherdLibertarian from Colorado answered…1mo

Only if your attacked and if Saudi Arabia has a problem with Iran because their state support of two different sects they need to use their own army because they have the biggest defense bugget in their region.

@9WKRFXVVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

@9WJ2QBZRepublican from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, only if Iran poses a serious threat to us or our allies.

@9WD7QNLDemocrat from California answered…1mo

No, instead stage a coup to overthrow the current regime, eliminating the threat of violence

@angel.uGreen from Maryland answered…2mos

No, and the U.S should ends its blockade of Iran and apologize for its role in the 1953 coup against Mossadegh and provide reparations

@9VZMX7CConstitution from New Jersey answered…2mos

NO and ONLY IF they ATTACK US. Negotiations need to be done to END NUCLEAR weapon construction

@nicolevortizPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…12mos

@9K6MNMJVeteran from California answered…1yr

@9JMBLTDLibertarian from South Carolina answered…1yr

@9JFHCJPTranshumanist from Texas answered…1yr

@9JBNWC8Veteran from Missouri answered…1yr

@9JB76R7Libertarian from Georgia answered…1yr

No, unless they strike first or congress passes a bill to go to war.

@9J85D2RVeteran from Colorado answered…1yr

No, they should be contained through economic sanctions by all NATO and Arab League nations.

@9J7W3QNDemocrat from Virginia answered…1yr

No, diplomatic channels should be used first BUT there should always be the possibility of military action of diplomacy does not work. Many factors need to be weighed before the US interjects militarily (to include long term consequences and responsibilities- e.g. troop deployment/presence requirements)

@Christinaavila10Veteran from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes, but only after all diplomatic channels have been exhausted

@9HCMYXMVeteran from Arizona answered…1yr

No they shoot at our guys in afghanistan and we are helping them so we should not go to iran.

@9H86VL4Republicanfrom Maine  answered…1yr

No, isolating Iran by forming alliances with its adversarial neigbours such has been done with Israel, Bahrein and the United Arab Emirates is the best (non-violent) solution.

@9H3NP7FVeteran from Oregon answered…1yr

We should, but only if they keep acting tyrannically towards the US

@9GZ5LY5Women’s Equality from Washington answered…1yr

Yes, but only if they openly attack the US. The US should never strike first.

@9GXWSNQWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…1yr

Only if Iran directly attacks the US on US soil or embassies.

@9GX663QWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…1yr

Unless Iran plans to stage military conquest March by being to destroy us assets.

@9GSBPV4Veteran from California answered…1yr

If they continue to disregard the safety of the world with development of certain weapons, strengthening or aiding terrorists organizations, and causing other human attrocities.

@9GS89LVWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…1yr

I hope not, they should be willing to come to a agreement. They need to sit down and have a long talk. They should come to a treaty .

@9GQPJZZLibertarian from Texas answered…1yr

@9GPNMTDSocialist from Indiana answered…1yr

No. Our conflict with Iran needs to be handled with diplomacy. Subjugation is not peace. We started the conflict, we are the aggressors here. We must take the steps to true peace through diplomacy and trade.

@9GM9Z69Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1yr

only as a last resort. extinguish every other option before we go to war

@9GKDSPYConstitution from Alabama answered…1yr

Use all diplomatic strategies first. If that doesn't work, then war should be declared.


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