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No, the U.S. should encourage Iran to disarm through diplomatic channels

@986BTV5 from Illinois answered…2hrs

No, we should attempt to force Iran into submission via sanctions and intelligence efforts first.

@98628CB from North Carolina answered…1 day

No,because there is absolutely no legitimate reason to go off to war against Iran.

@985GNVT from North Carolina answered…3 days

@97ZMQJQ from Missouri answered…1wk

  Deleted answered…1wk

@97Z8ZTP from Texas answered…1wk

Let’s stay away from war, and Iran has more than enough reasons to pick a fight with the United States.

@97YLKYD from Iowa answered…2wks

no, I don't see the need for war, but we do need to make them see the United States as a threat

@97VB3JS from North Carolina answered…3wks

yes, but only if they create an issue with us first. if there is no conflict that involves us we should stay neutral until it does involve us or if there is a need to help.

@97V64M2 from Missouri answered…3wks

If there is proof that Iran develops nuclear weapons and if they are suspected to use them, then yes but the U.S. should first try to encourage them to disarm through diplomatic channels.

@97TVR8DIndependent from New Jersey answered…3wks

@97TVDMC from New Jersey answered…3wks

@97TCQ8DRepublican from Wyoming answered…3wks

@97SZXBG from Texas answered…3wks

@97SZ2QN from Georgia answered…3wks

The us/un should encourage Iran to disarm through diplomatic channels, but again, diplomacy needs protection. Like police, leniency, but with unapologetic force. We will end this if we need to

@96PPF56Constitution from Iowa answered…3wks

yes and no we try diplomatic 1st and it doesn't work they threaten us than see what they than yes we should

@97QVY5D from Missouri answered…3wks

@97N8PHQ from Missouri answered…3wks

@97Q3CJRRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

@97NM4BX from Texas answered…4wks

yes but we should give them warnings and enchourage them to stop doing whatever we don =t like

@97MJR4P from North Carolina answered…4wks

No, not till its is really need if really need the we should go to war.

@97MJK63 from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

@97LMHBL from New Hampshire answered…4wks

@97L8RCLLibertarian from North Carolina answered…4wks

Yes, but only to protect the rights of women to have the choice to wear a hijab and not for national interests.

@97JR2HX from Iowa answered…4wks

Only if Iran deliberately attacks U.S land/territory or threaten to.

@97GV93L from Florida answered…4wks

No, we should pursue peace even at the expense of our relationship with Saudi Arabia.

@97GFB38 from Texas answered…4wks

@97G4R39 from Michigan answered…4wks

Yes, but the U.S. should encourage Iran to disarm through diplomatic channels first

@97DXF4XIndependent from Maine answered…4wks

Yes, weaken the military with airstrikes to support internal regime change.

@97CF5GT from Wisconsin answered…4wks

@978FFCL from North Carolina answered…1mo


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