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@98MNRRL from Iowa commented…5mos

School shootings happen because of guns. Why would we want to put MORE guns inside a school? Want to know the real **** ing way to solve gun violence inside schools? GIVE CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS BETTER ACCESS TO MENTAL HEALTH HELP! COMMON **** ING SENSE! It's not, "Restrict who can own guns", or, "Ban all firearms", its, give a real **** about children. It's not "Give teachers guns", not, "armed guards all around the school". It should be common sense. Kids get access to firearms in the first place because stupid adults leave them in places where children can get them! JUST LOCK THEM IN…  Read more

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…5mos

Yes, but also what about the adults who commit mass shootings? Shouldn't we also utilize stricter gun control for adults as well, on top of the better access to mental healthcare..?

 @lemans3427Republican from California disagreed…3wks


Interesting point of view. I would like to investigate this further. Can you provide an example of a program that provides better access to mental health help to children and adolescents that has been successful in reducing gun violence in schools? It is important to understand the effectiveness of these programs before deciding they are the only solution. I agree with you that guns are not toys and should be locked up in inaccessible places, but this alone may not prevent gun violence in schools. What are your thoughts on this?

@9887J82 from Indiana commented…6mos

Teachers shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns in schools, accidents with children happen—but ultimately it falls on the parents and faculty for informing kids on gun safety. Unfortunately, as much as gun violence can be avoided it cannot be ended. While having the firearm close by can save lives if gun violence was brought to a school, it can also lead to more danger when there is no threat at all.

@97WMB4W from Connecticut agreed…7mos

it is unsafe for children and it can scare them AND the parents. If a child accidentally finds the gun, they could shoot it without knowing.

@9839XR8Republican from Maryland disagreed…6mos

If the baby shoots itself then the blame goes on the parent or legal guardian. We don't need to take away guns. We can just be responsible for ourselves, and grow the **** up.

@985XRRHSocialist from Indiana commented…6mos

The problem with people being shot in schools is that there are guns in schools. If zero parties were able to bring a gun into a school, nobody could be shot in a school, even by accident. Gun control is vital to protect our children.


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