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@986BGNQ from Colorado answered…1hr

@985XQKC from Washington answered…2 days

Yes as long as they still only use the money they are granted each year (which is already to much) and take no more from the government for the payment of it.

@985XHGJ from Missouri answered…2 days

@985V489 from Michigan answered…2 days

@985QD5K from Ohio answered…2 days

No, but they should decrease the amount of spending in the budget.

@9856CP9 from Maryland answered…3 days

@9853CDF from Minnesota answered…3 days

@984Q94S from California answered…3 days

they shouldn't cancel the production but at least postpone it - too much useful money drowns in military expenses. support your economy and your people before you support war.

@984QNJ6Independent from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

No, but overall military spending and production should be scaled back.

@983KVD8 from Illinois answered…5 days

Yes. When our deficit gets lower, they could pick the project back up. As many of our current military weapons and vehicles are plenty capable of providing the firepower and support we need.

@9838WGD from Minnesota answered…5 days

I think only a certain amount should be built, until we actually see how effective they are in war.

@982SPWVDemocrat from Florida answered…6 days

@982NLD7 from Texas answered…6 days

No, the F-35 not only provides a capable platform for its designed role but the F-35 program also allows for greater cooperation among American allies with the benefit of spreading American influence

@9824HF6 from Wisconsin answered…7 days

@97ZVMJG from North Carolina answered…1wk

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…1wk

Full disclosure, I am still a member of the KY Army National Guard. With that, I know that EVERY military unit is allotted so many items and pieces of equipment with an allowable 10%-20% influx. If every unit that is allotted F-35's has its quota, and we have a 10% reserve somewhere in the united states, then yes, we need to stop production.

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…1wk

They are one of the most used fighters in the sky. If we do not need anymore currently, then yes, cancel production. Every military unit is authorized so many pieces of equipment. If everyone's F-35 numbers are where they should be, and then maybe having a 10% extra on standby, then yes. Stop production.

@97YLKYD from Iowa answered…2wks

@97YJW4D from New Jersey answered…2wks

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…2wks

No, but revise procurement procedures so that future military weapons programs do not go down the same path of fiscal mismanagement

@97XD25N from Georgia answered…2wks

Engineering should be in place to produce it quickly if necessary on an on-needed basis.

@97WPYT6 from North Carolina answered…2wks

@97WJX2Y from Texas answered…2wks

No, but cut finding elsewhere in the military budget to fund this.

@97WFFSF from Mississippi answered…2wks

No, but military funding should be cut and only focus on maintaining the minimum and R&D.

@97VRFFG from New York answered…3wks

@97SZHSQIndependent from North Carolina answered…3wks

No, but moderation and careful spending will lessen the negative economic impact

@97TJM4HIndependentfrom Virgin Islands  answered…3wks

Yes, unless the production cost of the F-35 fighter can be reduced.

@97T56P7 from Texas answered…3wks

@97SXJJ8 from Iowa answered…3wks

I think we should continue to make the f-35 but not make as many so it doesn't cost as much.

@97SW4C2 from Tennessee answered…3wks

No, the United States can do whatever they want with their military spending budget.

@97ST4VQ from California answered…3wks

yes at least for the time being as we are in a financially unstable time

@97S866C from Nevada answered…3wks

Yes, focus more on previously proven models such as the F-22 and F-15/F-16

@96PPF56Constitution from Iowa answered…3wks

@97RD9S4 from North Carolina answered…3wks

@97RD9RV from North Carolina answered…3wks

@97QWCCT from Missouri answered…3wks

Yes, it's too expensive as we have more important issues to focus our money on

@97QQS82 from New York answered…3wks


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