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@7JFGBG4Progressive  from California commented…2yrs

Joe Biden is far from an ideal candidate, but

Biden will listen to health experts, and scientist.

The goal right now would to recover this country.

Vote for America, vote Joe Biden 2020

@8L7DKWN from Maine answered…2yrs

Reluctantly Donald Trump because he has not started any wars and he has been good for the pro-life.

@8N6HCV9  from Oklahoma commented…2yrs

But wouldn't you love to have a president who's better than that? One who does more than "not start wars"? What about climate change, minimum wage, healthcare, education, etc? It is true that Donald Trump hasn't started a war in 4 years, but there are so many more issues to think about. People are dying from the pandemic, for one. We need a strong leader who will take charge of the country and lead it with the people in mind. It's not even about Biden or the democrats or voting a certain way, it's about our country. What do you think about what I said? I'd love to discuss!

@8FCV27FIndependent  from Ohio commented…2yrs

Generally, I view the establishments of both parties as corporatized get-rich-quick schemes for their donors. I do think, however, that there is an obvious choice of the two mainstream candidates. If you look at Joe Biden's career, while he has done poorly in some regards, he is a unifier who is willing to listen to both progressives and conservatives. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a divider with incendiary, rhetoric designed to tap into the veins of xenophobia and us-against-them that brought Joe McCarthy to power.

@8QS6KQGDemocrat from Michigan agreed…2yrs

Yes, Just because Trump has not started a war doesn't mean that all of our other presidents have. Sure there was a few maybe but Obama didn't did he?

@8TS6P76 from Massachusetts commented…1yr

No, Obama started (or at least got the US involved) several wars. That's why Trump is so unique.

@8KC9ZXKLibertarian from Texas answered…2yrs

@8KSKZC6 from Missouri answered…2yrs

Donald Trump is a bad person but a good president.

@8PRVF9R from Georgia disagreed…2yrs

good president

He is the worst president!

@8SLKCY7 from North Carolina commented…1yr

i agree he was a terrible president but there were definitely worse ones (like the ones who owned slaves)

@8N4Y7FK from New York answered…2yrs

I would vote Joe Biden. Trump can go in a dumpster.

@NicoAlex777Republicanfrom PR  commented…1yr

I come from the future, you won, Biden is President, and he turned the USA into a world wide Joke, running with his tail between his legs in the middle east, causing a crisis in the border, increasing inflation and destroying the american market. Enjoy !

@8KQ5L8K from Kansas answered…2yrs

Because third party votes are not considered or counted in the electoral college I would vote Donal Trump, but if third party votes were to be counted in the electoral college I would vote Jo Jorgenson

@8LDC2HP from California answered…2yrs

My strong leaning is away from Trump, but I wish there was a better option than Biden, and also I am not familiar enough with the other options.

@8N5QR5RRepublican from Utah commented…2yrs

Same. I am young but I understand politics really well. I am a republican and I am leaning away from trump. But biden is not the best choice either. I wish we had better candidates for the 2020 election.

@86K29S9Libertarian from North Carolina commented…2yrs

I know that there is a good chance that Larry Hogan, governor of Maryland, might be running for president in 2024. He is very moderate and very unifying. I would highly recommend for you to look in what he has done for the state of Maryland, especially as a republican that is governing a blue state. Let me know what you think of him!

@8QK2L8Yfrom Maine  commented…2yrs

I'm not happy that the Democrat party finally went with Joe Biden, they should have got a person with better morals in my opinion. I am left-wing, but there are no candidates that appealed to me. The closest one was Howie Hawkins from The Green Party and yes I wish he was President. By the way, I'm an Independent. It seemed strange to me how all of a sudden Bernie Sanders got pushed to the side after doing unexpectedly and incredibly well

@PJRoRoDemocrat from Missouri answered…2yrs

Joe Biden

I affiliate more with the Green Party but Howie Hawkins is too far left for me. Joe Biden is also the only one one with a chance besides Trump, so I might as well not throw away a vote on a candidate with zero chance of winning.

@8NNNWY2 from Texas answered…2yrs

Wait why is this list smaller? I guess if I had to choose, the only one I read about was Nikki and I just now read about her. I am reading about some others. Yang looks cool too. Also I looked up Dario Hunter. Why do I never see anything about HIM???

@8NLM5RJ from Arkansas answered…2yrs

Why vote for men who want to rule the land that the lord created.

@8NLBZ3GGreen from Rhode Island answered…2yrs

@8NLBP2Y from South Carolina answered…2yrs

@8NL2B2XPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…2yrs

@8NKK8CT from New Jersey answered…2yrs

@8NKCBRM from California answered…2yrs

@8NK8LKP from Virginia answered…2yrs

@8NK7S3Q from South Dakota answered…2yrs


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