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@9TB8D8GConstitution from West Virginia answered…17hrs

Yes, but only for vaccines that are proven to be 100% safe.

@9T9WB9JConstitution from New York answered…2 days

No, this should be discussed individually between themselves and their doctors.. and the person considering the vaccine should be educated on ALL POTENTIAL side effects. This should not be regulated by any government.

@9T9CGC7Libertarian from Minnesota answered…3 days

No, the government has no constitutional authority to require vaccines.

@9T8VQBZTranshumanist from Arkansas answered…3 days

They should test it on older citizens before giving it to children

@9HLZNMZPeace and Freedom from California answered…6mos

@Smithka111mmCommunist from Washington answered…6mos

Yes, unless the child is allergic to its ingredients, like eggs.

@9HLWHM3American Solidarity from California answered…6mos

The states should be able to decide if the vaccine is required.

@9HLQHN7Working Family from Illinois answered…6mos

Only if the child does not already have a condition which will put them at risk.

@9HLNVS2Women’s Equality from Texas answered…6mos

No, and make it an "opt-in" decision, instead of an "opt-out."

@9HLMPRTDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…6mos

its a good idea if people get vaccines but if they physically cant get vaccines or they die or get majorly sick, then they shouldn't

@9HLG723Republican from Georgia answered…6mos

No, but require vaccination in order to attend public school after complete trials of new vaccines. They should not be mandated for at least 5 years

@Man-Without-FearAmerican from Maryland answered…6mos

I would say it depends on how deadly the disease is and how contagious it may be

@9HKWG3XAmerican from North Carolina answered…6mos

@9HKZ5JFPeace and Freedom from Georgia answered…6mos

Yes yes yes yes yes, your kids could be seriously hurt by those diseases if not vaccinated

@9HKWZ26Democrat from Texas answered…6mos

Yes if the parents agree or the child is in a bad situation.

@9HKWKLHAmerican Solidarity from Virginia answered…6mos

@9HKSJ5GLibertarian from New York answered…6mos

No, inform public about the risks and benefits instead, with vaccine makers made liable againbas well.

@9HKMFFZPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, but make exceptions to those who are allergic or have other health issues preventing them from having them

@9HKJ8MQDemocrat from Nebraska answered…6mos

@9HKGDRVDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…6mos

Yes, but as long as the vaccine is determined completely safe.

@9HKDBWJTranshumanist from Michigan answered…6mos

for everyone who is medically capable. Those that are allergic to vaccination should be exempt.

@9HKDBHBIndependent from Nebraska answered…6mos

@9HKBWP5Peace and Freedom from Washington answered…6mos

i do think getting vaccinated is helpful for you and everyone around you, but i do not have the strongest opinion on it, i think for deadly diseases it should be required but like the yearly vaccinations a lot of people dont even do, . i feel like you should get vaccinated if that is an option for you, exceptions include religion , whether or not your body can handle it, or for a medical reason

@9HK8694Democrat from Texas answered…6mos

I believe it should be an option for those who want to take a vaccine.

@9HK5NB6Democrat from Oregon answered…6mos

I agree with the answer “No, but hold parents criminally liable for transferring deadly diseases to other children.” I also think that people need to be educated on the risks and benefits through non bias credible sources.

@9HK57QKDemocrat from South Dakota answered…6mos

Yes u less there is familial proof of autoimmune disease or other potentially dangerous factors.

@9HK4YXHDemocrat from New Jersey answered…6mos

@9HK4PBZWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6mos

@9HJTS25Socialist from Virginia answered…6mos

The government should get it tested before trying it on children.

@9HJNV63Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…6mos

No the parents should have the choice to get the kids vaccinated or not

@9HJNQ46Peace and Freedom from Michigan answered…6mos

no the government should not require children to get a vaccine. the parents are the ones that have the right to decide if their child should get a vaccine or not.

@9HJLPQ3Republican from North Dakota answered…6mos

No, but I think it would probably be fairest to let the kid chose and if the kid is to little to understand vaccines the parents can choose.

@9HJJRRSPeace and Freedom from New York answered…6mos

I think they should let them choose if they want to vaccinations.

@9HJFK9XPeace and Freedom from Maine answered…6mos

Yes, but for the kids parent(s)/guardian(s) and the kid themself to have a say in the matter and get to decide whether or not they get vaccinated.

@9HJB8BHWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…6mos

I had vaccinations personally I understand why men need to have three hpv shots. We should hold more accountability in the decision to f the children as they are cognitively able to comprehend what they are taking. I do not think covid vac or anything other than what we have now should be pressured on students in public schools.

@9HJ9WC6Women’s Equality from New York answered…6mos

it should be decided by the parents unless the child is in danger

@9HJ9JXRWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…6mos

Yes but only for the deadly one like mmr and polio and such. Still allow people to choose when it comes to chicken pox and flu shots etc. Also religious freedom must still be allowed.

@9HJ52GTSocialist from Washington answered…6mos

Yes, but if a child is proven allergic to the vaccine, or their religion forbids the use of vaccines they may be exempt

@9HJ28GCWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…6mos

it doesn't matter to me weather or not people get vaccines.

@9HHZC3JWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…6mos

depend's on the parent but if it is a serious disease they probably should

@9HHYC49Socialist from Missouri answered…6mos

I think it would violate someone's rights force someone to vaccinate their children. HOWEVER, I do think that parents should be held liable for endangering someone else or their child if they decide not to vaccinate their children. They should only be criminally liable if someone dies due to this decision.

@9HHXNP2Republican from New Hampshire answered…6mos

@9HHXL96Women’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

It should be that persons choice on whether or not they get vaccinated.

@9HHVQFBDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

yes but if for religious reasons you dont have too and it should only be for deadly disease


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