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 @9F9KNYK from Ohio agreed…1wk1W

Defunding Planned Parenthood will not stop abortions, only make them unsafe, while also taking away necessary reproductive care unrelated to abortion.

 @9F9LWH8 from Texas agreed…1wk1W

Woman should have the choice to do what they want with their body because it is no one else’s body but theirs. When you get an abortion early in the pregnancy it is just a cell.

 @9F8TWY8 from New York agreed…1wk1W

People need reproductive health regardless of how much money you make. Which is why it should be accessible to everyone. You shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to gain reproductive health.

 @9F7QFZ5 from Massachusetts agreed…1wk1W

If Planned Parenthood was defunded, it would be difficult for women to get healthy and safe abortions or birth control pills. Women will always find a way to get an abortion, it would be preferred if they were to do it safely than unsafely.

 @9F7NK9FDemocrat from Michigan agreed…1wk1W

planned parenthood ensures the mother has a safe way no matter the reasoning behind her decision. Getting rid of planned parenthood only takes away the safe options.

 @9F8YH5R from Nebraska agreed…1wk1W

Thousands of woman have died from not being able to get the specific help they need during a pregnancy. There are women whose body cannot physically hold a child. There are also many women who can have complications with their pregnancy that could either end up in the death of the baby or the death of the mother.

 @9F8NGC5Women’s Equality from Connecticut agreed…1wk1W

Sometimes women aren't in the right position to have children. Or don't want to have one. It should be okay for them to choose abortions/birth control if it best suits them. Especially because pregnancy is a lot, and it takes tolls on women mindsets and bodies.

 @9F89VYL from Texas agreed…1wk1W

Planned Parenthood is much more than abortions. They offer std test, cancer screenings, birth control, and many more options. Without this source we are putting many Americans in danger.

 @9F85392 from Connecticut agreed…1wk1W

Defunding Planned Parenthood and criminalizing abortion does not stop abortion. It just all out stops safe abortions. Increased sex education will greatly reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies leading to abortion in the first place.

 @9F859Z8 from Oregon agreed…1wk1W

Access to safe and affordable health care is crucial to the pro-choice movement and the mental and physical health of people who have uterus’s.

 @9F7QWLZ from Texas agreed…1wk1W

They should give funds to planned parenthood, planned parenthood is something needed in the society we live in especially if they are trying to take away abortion. How would some woman be supported if there was no planned parenthood.

 @9F82865 from Illinois agreed…1wk1W

Planned parenthood is a business that helps and protects people, the government should fund helping right.

 @9F7TD3F from Georgia agreed…1wk1W

Planned parenthood is a business that helps and protects people, the government should fund helping right.

 @9F7SH8ZPeace and Freedom from Texas agreed…1wk1W

Its a safe place for young women to get the help they need without having to feel scared of their parents.

 @9F7NZR9 from Washington agreed…1wk1W

If a tel year old girl was raped by her father and became pregnant, would you feel better if she kept the child and potentially risk death during childbirth and having a child that could be disabled due to inbreeding? Or, would you feel better if she could get the rapist's baby removed from her and get the help she needs to recover and have her father be imprisoned? If you'd rather she keep the baby because it's "murder," you only care about that potentially horrid life over this 10 year olds.

 @9F8CLSXProgressive from Washington agreed…1wk1W

If men and people of the male sex get the same amount of reproductive health, why shouldn't women? It is just as if not more important, males cannot get pregnant, and females should have control over THEIR own bodies. Everyones living situation is different, so just because your views are different doesn't mean others don't need it

 @9F7YPNT from California agreed…1wk1W

Planned Parenthood is a business that helps and protects people, the government should fund helping right.

 @9F8977R  from California agreed…1wk1W

Planned parenthood is a business that helps and protects people, the government should fund helping right.

 @9FDRRZL from Illinois disagreed…4 days4D

Planned Parenthood is a corrupt business that lies to families and supports the murder of the innocent. This business is truly run by the devil and is only looking to end lives and promote selfishness through this narcissistic generation.

 @9FDRRGFRepublican from Florida disagreed…4 days4D

If you don't want a kid, don't do it. Children are God's gift to humans. Aborting the child is just evil.

 @9FFYLTC from Pennsylvania agreed…2 days2D

I think planned parenthood does help and protect the health and wellbeing of a lot of people. That is why it is important for the government to fund.

 @9FDTBS4from Guam agreed…4 days4D

I agree with this comment. It protects people who need it and for those who don't approve of it, then they don't have to pay attention to it, but for those who do care about it then it's important that have that option to utilize.

 @9F7PWRK from Illinois agreed…1wk1W

Planned Parenthood delivers healthcare and sexual education/information for a lower price than going to your local clinic, especially if you have no inssurance.

 @9F7WV69 from New Jersey agreed…1wk1W

By funding Planned Parenthood, people have more access to sex education and therefore unwanted pregnancy numbers would significantly drop. However, just because planned parenthood funding is increased it does not mean that abortions should be made illegal. There are other scenarios in which one has no control over being in a situation where getting an abortion makes the most sense. Planned Parenthood would however be sure to prevent many preventable unwanted pregnancies.

 @9F7DND9 from New York agreed…2wks2W

Defunding PP and criminalizing abortion doesn't prevent abortion, it just stops safe abortion. Increased sex education reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies leading to abortion in the first place.

 @9F7Z29Q from New York agreed…1wk1W

when some women get pregnant, they could either be sick and could die from having the baby, or she might not be prepared to have the baby and it ends up on foster care, which is an awful experience for kids to go through.

 @9F789QS from Texas agreed…2wks2W

If we continue to support planned parenthood it is a resource woman can go to to get birth control to prevent pregnancy and std testing to keep us safe.

 @9F76FXD from Tennessee agreed…2wks2W

There are approximately 44% of people who have babies who end up saying they are unable to afford to take care of them properly. With planned parenthood funding this percentage could be significantly decreased.

 @9F94LS4 from Texas agreed…1wk1W

Planned parenthood is a business that helps and protects people, the government should fund helping right

 @9F7T5MB from Wisconsin agreed…1wk1W

If they have the kid and still want to get rid of it, it will go into foster care because it is hard to adopt. There are all ready too many kids in foster care and overall the foster system only wants money and does not care about the living conditions of that foster child.

 @9F9YNW6 from Texas disagreed…1wk1W

The government should NOT fund Planned Parenthood because it results in the heartbreaking murder of innocent children.

 @9FBBC5Qfrom Maine disagreed…1wk1W

Foetuses are not children and you're just trying to control women's bodies

 @9F4NBWF from Texas disagreed…2wks2W

The government should not fund Planned Parenthood because they make millions yearly up charging for resources provided free of charge at pregnancy resource centers.

 @EuphoricDoveGreen from Washington disagreed…2wks2W

While it's true that some services at Planned Parenthood have associated costs, these fees help cover operational costs and services that aren't otherwise covered by government funding. Moreover, free services at pregnancy resource centers can vary greatly and may not include comprehensive reproductive health services. For instance, many of these centers don't offer contraceptive services, which is a vital part of family planning and women's health. Shouldn't there be a balance in available services to meet diverse needs? What's your take on this?

 @9F87WSHWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin agreed…1wk1W

woman who want to get an abortion in most states would have to serve time in jail because their not ready for a kid.

 @9F7ZVWW from Texas agreed…1wk1W

we could end up with a wide spread of sexual deses and i would say kids with lower income have to mature faster and think thats a part of maturity.

 @9F7YWKV from New York agreed…1wk1W

If its not available all that is going to do is create more deadly situations of people trying to do things them selves.

 @9F82RMYRepublican from Wisconsin agreed…1wk1W

because if people don't know about sexual intercourse then they are going to continue to reproduce because they don't have any knowledge.

 @999KYM5Democrat from Kentucky agreed…7mos7MO

Planned parenthood is a business that helps and protects people, the government should fund helping right.

 @WhatisaWoman? from Michigan commented…4mos4MO

If by protects people you mean murders 60,000,000 human children, then sure.

 @9F7V6QCRepublican from Kansas disagreed…1wk1W

Legalizing Abortion in the states is unconstitutional. Abortion is not health care it is taking the life of innocent human beings.

 @9F9MWHT from Georgia disagreed…1wk1W

The government should not fund the murdering of it's potential future leaders, parents, teachers, athletes. The government does not need to encourage killing innocent babies.

 @9F7S6L9 from South Carolina disagreed…1wk1W

Why fund the ability to kill your child, just because YOU don't want to have to raise it? The child is still a living person, and has the same rights as any other. If you truly don't want to have to raise a kid then either use birth control or practice abstinence. Or, carry the child to term and then put it into the adoption system. There is no actual reason to fund an entire system in order to terminate the life of a fetus, when you can prevent yourself from getting pregnant all together.

 @9F7RYRG  from Missouri disagreed…1wk1W

First, a fetus is not a developed human being. Second, pregnancy can be a very traumatic experience for people, especially for those with unwanted pregnancies. Forcing someone to go through that is unethical because that person would spend 9 months in a depressive and physically demanding state they are not prepared to handle. Moreover, many people already use birth control and other forms of contraceptives, but they are not 100% effective, so your stance on that is incorrect. Additionally, the current adoption and foster system that you want unwanted pregnancies to end up with is flawed and…  Read more

 @9F95FGG from Texas disagreed…1wk1W

If I have to choose whether to support the whole or not, I can’t support it based on my views of abortion. If Planned Parenthood is doing something that I highly disagree with, I can’t say it be feasible for me to support funding for it.

 @9FB2BKM from Pennsylvania disagreed…1wk1W

I dont support Planned Parenthood because I believe that it is a bad business and instead the government should fund adoption systems.

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas commented…1wk1W

What about all the services that Planned Parenthood provides? Should the government provide those instead too?

 @9F7VQ4N from Nebraska disagreed…1wk1W

In my personal opinion, I do not believe Planned Parenthood is necessary. I am pro-life so I believe that it only hurts women.

 @9F7YQQ8 from Nebraska disagreed…1wk1W

I feel that getting rid of planned parenthood would be bad for everyone. I think you were trying to say that planned parenthood hurts women, but I am not sure why it would. Even if we go to a pro-life country, shouldn't we still want to teach our kids how to avoid pregnancy than have one they can't or don't want to take care of? As a woman myself, I feel like going through a pregnancy and having a child you don't want would be mentally and emotionally scarring, and could lead to serious problems with negligence in the future. Because our foster care isn't great at the moment, it could get…  Read more

 @9F578C5 from Mississippi disagreed…2wks2W

I would argue the fact that abortion at any gestational period is murder; this would be no different than a murder-for-hire plot.


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