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Obama Update on Immigration

Posted 4 years ago by

Obama Update on Immigration

Today President Obama made a major shift on his position on immigration by allowing the children of illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. and obtain work permits. To qualify they must be younger than 30 years old and have arrived in the U.S. before their 16th birthdays. This will not grant this group citizenship and is similar to a proposal in President George W. Bush’s Guest Worker Program. Experts estimate this will affect 800,000 immigrants currently in the U.S. We updated Obama’s position on immigration. Did this change who you SideWith?

America is an Immigration Nation from a Christian Society! But now we are giving to adding in more Spices w/o the thought of The GDP and bringing harm to those that are and do come to America threw earning it not to give Aid to promote it!

Scott Downer

if the children were born here then they are citizens but then what do u do with the children who's parents are deported?

Ricki Ramsey

What people don't realize is that these are children who may not even know that they were brought here illegally until they turned 18 and graduated high school. In many cases, they were brought to the US as infants and grew up believing they were citizens but then face the horror that they are actually undocumented. I was ready to vote for Romney until Obama brought this up, now I'm considering a vote for Obama.

Nelson Nieves

For what? just for the children, how about the tens of thousands of those who lost jobs because of illegal immigrants? I'm an immigrant. My parents came here and stayed illegally. Now we are all legal residents. You know why, because we aren't lazy, because my parents had a plan, and never intended to stay here illegally if the judge decided we were not allowed. The hired a lawyer after years of hard work, paid fees, paid papers. And now the son of that couple is finalizing citizenship papers. The road is there, is just hard, is intended to be to weed out the weak, the whiners and the undesirables. I always have one question. If my family can go through the right channels, why can't every immigrant do the same? the road is already there, so why do they choose not to take it? I am living proof a path to citizenship is already there. The answer is simple if you but think a little about it. venture to a local hotel, restaurant, and find who is working in the back. I've been turned away from job after job because even during peak summer season noone in the tourism industry is hiring. Yet I find those working in the kitchens to be illegal aliens. Why the hell to they get a free ride when my family and I have spent so much money and sweat doing things the right way. WHERE IS MY REWARD, for doing the right thing.

John Shepard

Obama's proposal is the only humane way to tackle the ticklish immigration issueand should be actively supported by all. By this action no body will be affected and the latino community will be suitably compensated for the hard work they countribute to the american economy.

Bhujangarao Inaganti

i have something to say about everything no matter what children are our future they are importent the parent came here to better thier likes what ever happen to the big melding pot

Thomas Hooper

well well i have to say the reason that those dont have a job they did loss that job because of this those that dont have a job arent looking for work or think they have start back at the top dont blame this on them because you wouldnt do those jobs anyway

Thomas Hooper

Illegal means illegal. Not well I guess you can stay because your parents brought you. No it is illegal so send them back to where they come from. Check into some of the other countries punishments for crossing their borders illegally.

James McCann