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About Us was started in March 2012 by two friends with two very different views of politics. Our goal is to save users time by providing an accurate and updated breakdown of which candidates they side with on the issues. We aim to educate voters and to boost voter turnout this election season.

Nick Boutelier and Taylor Peck of

Taylor Peck

Taylor runs the editorial, research, and promotional aspects of the site. He is a marketing consultant and self described politics "crackhead" who needs political news to sustain daily life.

Nick Boutelier

Nick is the web designer and programmer. A lifelong undecided voter, he was searching for an easier way to stay updated on the issues and candidates he sides with.

That’s it! We are not affiliated with any investors, shareholders, political party or interest group.

If you share our passion for this project and would like to support it, share the site with your friends so we can educate more voters about your local and state representatives by Election Day (November 4th, 2014).

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