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Interview with Jill Stein

Posted 3 years ago by

Interview with Jill Stein

Jill Stein is the Green Party’s 2012 nominee for President. Dr Stein is an alumna of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School and currently resides in Lexington, Massachusetts. She ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010.

Ron Paul recently called the economic sanctions against Iran an “Act of War.” Would you agree with his description?

We define cyber attacks as an act of war so by our own definition we have engaged in unilateral warfare with Iran. That approach has been extremely unhelpful and we are not using diplomacy. If there are real threats to U.S. security then sanctions are warranted but I don't see that Iran is threatening U.S. security right now. The issue of Iran is that it has the potential to build nuclear weapons, it does not have nuclear weapons right now. There are already illegal nuclear weapons in the region in Israel and Pakistan. We need a comprehensive and evenhanded policy. There are drastic violations of human rights right now amongst both our friends and our enemies. Creating a nuclear free Middle East is the only way we are going to stop the development of nuclear weapons.

The Green Party platform states that the U.S. must handle disputes with foreign countries through the United Nations. If a humanitarian crisis erupts and the U.N. fails to pass a resolution would you consider bypassing the U.N. and staging an intervention without the assistance of other countries?

I think the priority is that we do not bypass the American people who have been routinely bypassed in most of the interventions in recent decades including Iraq and Libya. This is being done without the explicit permission from Congress and is a critical check and balance that has gotten lost in the shuffle and is a violation of the U.S. Constitution and the war powers act. It is very dangerous when politicians declare war and exhaust economic resources and spill the blood of Americans and civilians overseas. Most of the conflicts of the last decade would not have happened had there been a national conversation and discussion about what the true risks and benefits of our national security were.

If elected president would you eliminate federal farm subsidies?

Our food system should be treated for what it is and not as a tool for agribusiness and market share. Our current subsidies drive the food system towards a very unhealthy industrialized FrankenFood type system. Those subsidies need to be redirected to support small farmers and to support community farms and the institutions that can provide real food in a way that is sustainable for the long haul. That means localized food systems rather than this globalized industrial factory system which is extremely unhealthy for the economy, farmers and for people who eat the food. The planet is being poisoned by the pesticides and the greenhouse gases that are being produced by the current system.

Are you in favor of legalizing all drugs or just marijuana?

We would do something revolutionary. We would actually use science to determine which drugs are dangerous and which ones are not. That means right off the bat marijuana and hemp are removed from the list of dangerous substances because these are not dangerous substances in relative to other unregulated substances including nicotine and alcohol. We would start with the legalization of marijuana and transform the drug system from a criminal system to a public health system. If people have issues of dependency which would apply to legal drugs as well as illegal drugs including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and heavier drugs they need to be treated within the public health system. These are psychological problems not criminal problems. If you don't treat the problem it only aggravates it and compounds it with issues of public safety and criminal violence that are associated with the illegal drug culture.

You have stated your support of the Obama administration’s mandate that insurance companies provide birth control to women free of charge. Would you exempt religious organizations from this mandate?

Religion and healthcare have nothing to do with each other. It should not be the prerogative of an employer to exercise his personal beliefs in determining the healthcare of his employees. Healthcare is a human right and we need to provide it through medicare for all. It needs to be a system that does away with this divide and conquer mentality that pits the religious community against the health of employees. It doesn't make any sense. We have a right to healthcare and there is a way to make it affordable.

In your opinion, was the Obama administration’s 2009 stimulus plan too large or too small?

It was misdirected. It was mostly tax breaks for the wealthy. It made a slight dent in the crisis but it didn't fix it. We would pass a real stimulus package called the Green New Deal. Instead of passing tax breaks for corporations, which is what the 2009 stimulus package did, we would create jobs directly. It will put everyone back to work and will also green the economy which would green our energy and food supply and provide public transportation. It will be the same size as the 2009 stimulus but instead of tax breaks for corporations it would create jobs.

You’ve stated that you would apply a tiny tax to every Wall Street transaction of .03%. Would you tax capital gains as an ordinary income tax and overturn the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005?

We think that fairness is the name of the game which is what we do not have in our tax system. There is no reason why the very wealthy should be paying half as much on their earnings as low income working people. Lets just call capital gains what it is and tax it accordingly

Is your campaign making an effort to spoil this election for Obama and gain national attention for the Green Party by siphoning votes from him in Ohio and Florida?

We think that no state is safe. Under both Republicans and Democrats. We have been accelerating in the wrong direction. Wall Street now runs the show. Obama has expanded our wars and the Wall Street meltdowns have been magnified. We need to change the lethal directory we are on. Being quiet and going into the voting booth and voting for either Wall Street sponsored candidate gives them a mandate for four more years of raking us over the coals. The only real vote is to stand up and vote your values and support our campaign.

How do you side with Jill Stein? Find out by taking our presidential election quiz. Also, see our issues breakdown of Jill Stein vs Barack Obama.

My family and I voted for Jill stein, and many of my friends... I don't vote on "winning horses" I vote based on principles... values... and real leadership. She isn't BOUGHT.

Rodney Dodson

I wish we had greens like Jill I Sweden. I scored 95% green in the test, and I have NEVER voted green or left of center in this country. Until I stumled on this test I had never heard of her, but I´m glad I did. It gives me a a little hope for America, which is a country I care about and don't want to succumb to hatred and stupidity.

Christer Albäck

here are some basic views from The Green Party...

Travis Mc

if for no other reason vote for he, r if you are tired of Dem's and Rep's getting Nothing positive started! alot of people are just devout to what ever party the except , Too busy to see what is going on , and That is maybe 10 years of sinking further , and who's to say we don't end up like Greece ( totally economy Skrewd open your eyes and brains.

K.t. Hanrahan

I would Support her against any one in the 'main stream' two party systems. Which is a Big reason this country is going to hell in a hand basket.

K.t. Hanrahan


Roland Buck

I was pleasantly surprised Jill Stein's candidacy exists. I learned about her from the quiz, then read her interview. Common sense and sharp analysis of possible solutions. I liked Obama but he's been dragged down by the haters. I wouldn't trust Romney to buy a used car from him, much less doing anything positive for our nation.

Gary Harper

If Jill Stein were running on a major ticket, she would have my vote. It's too bad that the US doesn't have a viable third party to keep our polarized two party system in check.

Carol Porter

Thanks for your intellegent comment! spread thr word.

K.t. Hanrahan

Thanks for your comment Barry.

K.t. Hanrahan

Ms. Stein has some great ideas BUT she forgot about term limits for Senators. Also, our country should be run by people who have an IQ of over 110. No more "dull normals" who are incapable of reading and understanding the issues.

Craig Cothren

It's going to be extremely difficult for the Green Party to compete with the old RED and BLUE. I really want to see more Green Party members in the government and I believe she should and her party members should push themselves into challenging slightly lower roles in major cities such as Cleveland or Chicago and such and build from there. Otherwise - they're always going to get shut out by those two obnoxious parties.

Abi Koehler

...oh politics...

Benjamin Wachter

Totally agree. A relief to hear someone say what has been inside my head for the past few years. Very sane, logical, clear opinions. Not something Washington will tolerate. The problem is that voting for Ms Stein would make it even more likely that the Republicans will name the next president...and that would be a disaster. Hope Ms. Stein keeps running and spreading sane, reasonable principles. Would like to vote for her. Just how to do that is my question. Tell us a way to help her gain recognition and followers. How can we help her?

Kate Leader

Never heard of Jill Stein, now that we are left with no choice for pres. lets look into the other actual candidates. It's still not too late.

Perry Joy

I strongly support all of Jill's positions. This is our time. Yes it means transferring government resources, not more government. A government representing the people, not the corporations.

Barry Levine

wow....I'm floored, how come I didn't know about this woman? she's AWESOME

Andrea Lynette Orenduff

After taking the quiz and finding out I agree with this "Jill person" 90% I had to find out more about her. I dunno, she's way too honest, logical and, pragmatic to be a real politician. Not enough screaming about ideology or fear mongering to be a player in our messed up political circus...

Francis San Juan

Eye opening! I am partial to her opinions.

Amanda Little

However I will prob. vote for Jill.

K.t. Hanrahan

Mitt Romney IS NOT The Magical Answer , However He deserves a Chance , He cant be any worse than what we got!

K.t. Hanrahan

Jill Stein has some good ideas, but her support of the UN is not one of them, GET AMERICA OUT OF THE ORGANIZATION, IT IS A THREAT TO U.S. Sovereignty.

Afi Keita James

Jill Stein

Aj Janssen

Without "franken foods" about 1 billion of the world's current population would die of starvation. Corn, by itself, is a franken food. There is no ancient corn. There is no evidence that 'franken foods' are bad for health, and on the contrary, could. Furthermore. people that want to switch over to organics only are just screwed in the head. Because of activists that are really only against the establishment, Africa has forgone safe engineered foods that could survive the harsh environment. If you and yours aren't starving, STFU!

David Lee Moreno

She has WAY too much common sense and logical approach toward addressing the problems of our NATION (notice I didn't say "party" "ideology" or "special interest"?) to become a viable candidate. We are, collectively, a nation of self-absorbed idiots that see solutions only from a perspective of " will I benefit?" --- rather than the nation as a whole. On a basic foundation, we need to rid government of corporate/religious influence and start appealing and tackling our ills with pragmatism, science and the American "people" in mind first. Democrats are too divided and all over the place philosophically, while Republicans are ruthless liars who, in my opinion. should be shot for treason (please bring back the sensible, articulate conservative). In all fairness, while Obama lies about "Hope" -- conservatives lie about what we should be fearful of 365/24/7. It is a polar mindset that has all but silenced the [moderate] middle. I've often thought that our governance should not lie in one particular party at the helm (e.g., the President), but instead have two "presidents" -- one from each side(s) that work out the issues and arrive at a conclusion/compromise based on logic. Sniping, infighting, and party politics is bringing this once great nation down. But WE the PEOPLE need to tune in and arrive at our own solutions rather than depend on a corporate head puppet (from ANY side) to tell them how and what to think.

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