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New Question: Military Spending

Posted 3 years ago by

New Question: Military Spending

Monday’s foreign policy debate between Obama and Romney was perhaps most memorable for the sharp exchanges the candidates traded on military spending. This year the U.S. will spend almost $700 billion on military expenditures (more than the next 13 countries combined). Mr. Romney often cites the statistic that the U.S. Navy now has fewer ships than it did in 1917. President Obama accused Mr. Romney of not understanding the needs of the modern U.S. military by claiming the military budget no longer needs “horses and bayonets.” Three days later Mr. Romney responded with a radio ad claiming “the state of our Navy, the state of our entire U.S. military is crucial for America.”

We took a closer look at each candidate’s position on future military spending:

Barack Obama: His “budget would not reduce military spending but maintain it.”

Mitt Romney: "We're going to cut about 5 percent of the discretionary budget, excluding military."

Gary Johnson: “US military spending is more than that of every other country combined... Defense spending must be subject to the same scrutiny as other areas of the budget.”

Jill Stein: “The numbers don’t add up. We can’t keep spending on this bloated military industrial security complex without paying the price here at home.”

Rocky Anderson: “Corruption of our military industrial complex, tax money that goes to military contractors, who are often little more than bloated pork barrels.”

Virgil Goode: “Part of the cuts have to be in the Department of Defense. We cannot do, as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan suggest, increased military funding by $2 trillion over the next decade.”

Where do you side on military spending?

Cut down on "wasteful" military spending. Keep our military strong by taking the money away from corrupt military contractors and putting it where it belongs. Including support and pay raises for military personnel and benefits for the veterans who have already proven their loyalty for this country. There are too many examples of run-away defense spending for me to site them all. But every single one of you knows that a whole lot of that money is NOT going where it's supposed to.

Lewis Grace

The Dept of Defence spends more money than every nation in Europe, combined. Who are we looking to fight next? I agree we need to be prepared. Why can't we do it intelligently? Think of the education we could give our kids with that money, the universal health care we could all get, and most importantly the upgrading of our ageing infrastructure(That's airports, railways, roads, bridges etc). We need to take that money and invest it into something useful, like life, not death.

Cleveland Davis


Thomas Reeder

We need to right size the military for potential threats. This not necessarily mean we need MORE tools in the tool box, but the best ones, besides we have enough tools in Congress.

Karl Cordova

Obviously the rational voices in the election aren't the ones that are being heard. It seems that all the third party candidates know the score - not only libertarians like Johnson and Ron Paul but the greens as well.

Travis Jones

This is supposed to be the Dept. of DEFENSE. Let's stop waging wars all over the world. Bring the troops (and the dollars spent) home again.

Ernesto Unionista

remember the Soviet Union went bankrupt trying to keep up with us, and now we are committing financial sucicide.

Billy Sams

Cut military spending by 25%. This can easily be done if we stop all the unnecessary wars, and cut wasteful spending

Jordan Schmittou

funding the Military industrial complex is not funding the MILITARY.

Sarge Froehle

it is what IKE warned us about way back in the 1950s.

Sarge Froehle

Current missile technology makes most of the surface navy vulnerable. The U.S. appears to have technology that could shoot down virtually all missiles, even artillery shells, and certainly fighter aircraft. The great threats are computer in nature (internet, hackers etc.) and small unit terrorist operations. Obama is correct. Romney and his "cold war" allies are out of date and wrong. We should remember the warning of General of the Army, Dwight D. Eisenhower as he left office. "Beware of the military/industrial complex." It is this bunch along with their Republicans allies like McCain and Romney et al that want to greatly expand military spending. Their motives, I suspect, have nothing to do with security and everything to do with PROFIT at the expense of the American people and many sectors of the world used to "test" new weapon systems.

Willard W. Olson

We need a smart, agile, streamlined military, based on today's defense needs, combined with the most effective technologies. Additionally we need to ensure that we are developing a strong, knowledgable research and intelligence community that will evolve our capability to deal with the challenges of the future.

Terry Robbins-maushard

There are certain systems and proposals that even the military says we don't need. We need to down size. We spend 15 TIMES MORE on defense than the next 15 highest spending countries COMBINED, and fourteen of them are our ALLIES! What the hell are we doing?

Chuck Johnston

Why is there no mention that Obama wants to reduce our nuclear stockpile?

Tony Orefice

I support our Military. They sacrifice much for each of us. We now support "the Arts" with millions of Dollars, but cut the budget of those who defend thus nation. Our government has become the Tail wagging the dog!

Armina Prescott

Romney appears to be the only candidate that thinks the defense budget should be off the table in terms of cuts. I agree with all the rest of the candidates - defense spending needs to be on the table and looked at very carefully.

Brad Jennings

Okay, we spend way more than anyone else. How about we just keep all the nuclear missiles that make us scary and reduce spending enough to keep us still the scariest people there?

Gibryon Bhojraj

YES, we should cut military spending. We should spend more on peaceful solutions to the world problems. It can be done if we get creative enough.

Sue Ann Overman

We can keep our military strength by cutting out the pork and corruption.

Gib Sudduth

Go Gary J - the only sensible candidate for POTUS.

Julius Alberico

Woodrow Wilson was known for saying that in time of peace prepare for war. We need to spend whatever it takes to keep us safe. Highest priority!

Peter H. Burgess

Gotta love this,"We're not affiliated with any party" site, yet this "Question" is "Explained" by 4 left wing loons. Gee I wonder which side they side with, lmao! If it were a truely unbiased site they would have had an equal number of so called experts from both sides of the debate offer comments on the issue....or no freaking explanation at all. This site is a joke!

Mark Lincoln

Do not increase it but do not cut it either.

James Rockhold

It all started with the war that Bush got us into.He sent troops to the wrong country.Irac when they should have gone to Iran and Aafghanistan.Obama has brought many military back home from Irac.That will help with the savings of money to use elsewhere.Romney will send more.We don't use ships now for Aircraft carriers.Dah.

Rita McDaniel Moore

we need to protect this country, but we don't need to throw money away...look at the military budget and trim out what is not needed and go after contractors if they overcharge the gov.. And bring home troops, that should trim the budget.

Perry Eyler