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“I feel like the insurance companies ARE the problem. Go after them and hold THEM accountable for the inadequacies in the health care system. There is no reason for medical care to cost so much. The FDA position of raising the cost of prescription pain meds and making them MORE difficult for people who really need them to get them to allegedly stop pain pill abuse penalizes the wrong people. Drug abusers already break the law to get them. Most old or handicapped people are accountable for every pill they are prescribed and take. It is bad enough to just bad enough to need them. Now they are unaffordable and more difficult for us who need them to get them, and tho make us feel like dope addicts too. ridiculous. And it isn't about control AT all. It is about money. as always.”

From a Republican in Galt, CA
In reponse to: Do you support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

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