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“Completely restructure taxes: Education should be paid for by income tax only on earned income, and distributed by voucher. Highways should be paid for by fuel taxes, and not by tolls. Fire protection should be paid for by property taxes (with extra fees for tall buildings or highly flammable wares). Police (and National Guard) protection should be paid by taxes on net wealth. Agricultural administration should be paid by taxes on agricultural land. Keeping waterways navigable should be paid for by ship owners. Clearing waterways to prevent flooding should be paid for by the landowners in the flood plain, not by all landowners in the watershed. (If your Grandfather drained the swamp, while my Grandfather stood on high ground and laughed at your Grandfather, I should not have to pay to re-drain your swamp.)”

From a Libertarian in La Porte, IN
In reponse to: Would you favor removing the state income tax and replacing it with a higher sales tax?

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